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Best Bandsaws for Resawing – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A bandsaw is an essential tool to have in your workshop. It’s usually used to cut wood, but the tool serves a bunch of different purposes. Most bandsaws can cut through plastic, non-ferrous metals, composite materials, and an array of other materials. Furthermore, high-end units can even cut through hard metals.

Here's a list of Top 5 Best Bandsaw for Resawing

But choosing a bandsaw for resawing is far from easy. That’s why we selected some of the most promising models on the market. Check them out below, but first, let’s see what you should consider before buying

How to Choose a Bandsaw for Resawing

The first step towards buying the best bandsaw for resawing starts with the type you need. Then, you must also weigh in the blades and the power. Here’s what to consider in detail.

Bandsaw Type

Based on their construction, bandsaws can be divided into two categories:

  • Benchtop bandsaws: Are characterized by the small, compact size. These tools are designed to be mounted on your worktop, but due to their smaller size, they  can only accommodate shorter blades. The main advantage of these tools is their reasonable price. These saws are often preferred by amateurs and beginners.
  • Cabinet bandsaws: Usually used by professionals and also preferred by the crafters who take their passion seriously, these bandsaws are built on a stand that allows for freestanding installation. Due to their larger size, these saws can accommodate longer blades and cut through harder and thicker materials.


The length and width of the blades will determine what type of materials you can cut through. When choosing the blade, therefore, there are a few important things to consider.

  • Length: Figuring out the length is easy; all you have to do is check the bandsaw’s specifications. Entry-level bandsaws can accommodate blades of approximately 60 inches long whereas the best bandsaws for resawing have blades of over 100 inches long.
  • Width: How wide the blade is  another important thing to consider, as the width determines the performance and durability of the blade. Most bandsaws accept various widths, and our advice is always to use the widest possible blade as it will withstand higher pressures without breaking. Blades can vary from 1/8 to 1/2 inches, but you will have to check the specific bandsaw manual to know what blade widths your tool accepts.
  • Teeth per inch: An important number that tells you how many teeth there are in a blade. The TPI value is different between ripping and cutting blades. Ripping blades usually have fewer TPI and work faster but provide rugged results. Cutting blades have higher TPI and provide cleaner and more precise cuts, but they cut slower.


Another important component of a bandsaw is its power, given by the motor. These tools come with weaker or stronger motors suitable for everything from light-duty applications to professional use.

Amateur bandsaws come with smaller motors rated between 0.33 and 1 horsepower. They are typically capable of handling light-duty resawing projects. Mid- and heavy-duty resawing projects require more powerful motors, usually rated between 1.5 and 3 horsepower.

When choosing the motor, consider the power source too. Small motors can be plugged into a wall outlet, but bigger ones may require separate 220V circuits.

With this in mind, let’s now have a look at the best bandsaws for resawing in 2019.

Top 5 Best Bandsaw for Resawing

1. Grizzly G0513ANV

Grizzly G0513ANV


  • 17-foot capacity
  • 2-hp motor
  • Deluxe fence
  • Heavy-duty miter gauge
  • Dust port


The Grizzly G0513ANV is the best bandsaw for resawing on the market and boast capabilities its competition can only dream of. This tool is a special limited edition and comes equipped with a 2-horsepower motor that helps you cut through most materials in a breeze.


Following a European design, this bandsaw comes with a deluxe fence and heavy-duty miter gauge. Dual dust ports will help you keep your work area clean, while the micro-adjusting geared table provides excellent support.

Overall Assessment

The Grizzly G0513ANV is a beast designed to assist you with all resawing projects you may have. It’s compatible with a host of blades and can slice through a variety of materials. Its strong motor is key to its performance, but we also like the anniversary colors of this limited edition. Ready to cut whatever you’re throwing at it, this machine is undoubtedly one of the best you can find.

Grizzly G0513ANV Video Review




  • 12-inch resaw capacity
  • Two-speed design
  • Cast iron frame
  • Blade tracking window
  • Blade guide post


A bit weaker than our top pick, the JET JWBS-14DXPRO still has a great capacity and is designed to tackle whatever you’re throwing at it. It has a 12-inch built-in cutting capacity, a feature that makes it ideal for resawing larger pieces of wood. At the same time, the upper and lower cast iron frame provides increased strength and rigidity throughout your project.


This machine comes equipped with a 1-1/4 horsepower motor capable of moving the blade at variable speeds between 1,500 and 3,000 strokes per minute. At this power and speed, the bandsaw can handle most applications and heavy-duty resawing without problems.

Overall Assessment

A tad weaker than Grizzly, the JET JWBS-14DXPRO is one of the most versatile bandsaws you can find. It incorporates a highly effective dust management system, it comes with a blade tracking window for easy viewing, and it even has two speeds and a Poly-V belt drive system. The only drawback is that compared with the Grizzly, it’s rather expensive.

JET JWBS-14DXPRO Video Review

3. Delta 28-400

Delta 28-400


  • 1-horsepower engine
  • Aluminum trunnion table
  • Two-speed pulley
  • Rubber-coated upper
  • T-slot miter capability

Heavy Duty Construction

One of the sturdiest bandsaws for resawing on the market, the Delta 28-400 boasts a heavy-duty steel frame design and a superior finish. It can support heavier workpieces and is made for cutting wood and non-ferrous metals. It is a great choice for a professional workshop, and it even suits well an avid amateur.


Designed to handle most woodcutting tasks, this machine comes with a powerful 1-horsepower motor with two speeds. Either the low and the high speeds are astonishing, boasting 1,620 and 3,340 frames per minute. Switching between them is easy thanks to the two-speed pulley and tensioning system.

Overall Assessment

Capable of providing adequate support to your workpieces and designed for handling wood and non-ferrous metal, this bandsaw for resawing is perfect to place in either your home or professional workshop. The oversized ground cast iron table and T-slot miter capability allow you to tilt the blade either 3 degrees to the left or 45 degrees to the right, with a 90-degree positive stop. All you could wish from a best in the class pick.

Delta 28-400 Video Review

4. Grizzly G0555LX

Grizzly G0555LX


  • Ball bearing construction
  • CSA certified
  • Ball bearing guides
  • Computer balanced wheels
  • Precision-ground cast iron table


Another entry from Grizzly, the G0555LX is a sturdy machine suitable for both amateur and professional use. It comes with an all ball bearing construction and cast iron frame, two features that enhance performance and stability. The computer-balanced cast iron wheels with rubber tires will also help you achieve accurate results, by providing adequate support to your workpieces.


This machine is powered by a 1-horsepower engine capable of running on both 110V and 220V AC. Besides excellent torque and cutting capacity, the motor can also handle dual blade speeds. The lower one is perfect for tougher workpieces, such as metals and tougher plastics; the other reaches 3,100 frames per minute and is ideal for wood and soft metals.

Overall Assessment

Not as powerful as our top pick but still incredibly performing, this unit can tackle any job in a breeze. It’s powerful and boasts sturdy construction, just what you need to handle heavier workpieces.

Surebonder 9600 Video Review

5. Shop Fox W1706​

Shop Fox W1706


  • 1-horsepower motor
  • 13-1/2 inches cut capacity
  • Table tilt capacity
  • Dual speeds
  • Cast iron upper and lower wheels

Cut Capacity

The Shop Fox W1706 is the last on our list of the best bandsaws for resawing.  We like it because of its generous cutting capacity. This saw comes with a 14 x 14-inch table and can handle workpieces up to 13-1/2 inches wide. Regarding the maximum cutting height, this tool can accommodate up to 6 inches on its own, or you can double the capacity with an optional extension kit.

Power Motor

This bandsaw comes with a powerful 1-horsepower engine that operates at 1,725 revolutions per minute. At this speed, it can easily drive the blade at a lower and higher speed which vary from 1,500 to 3,200 frames per minute.

Overall Assessment

Boasting dual speeds, a sturdy construction, generous cutting capacity, and even a tilt table, this is an excellent tool to get your hands on. It even comes at a price that won’t break the bank, although it is more expensive than the lower-end units. Performing and durable, this is another bandsaw for resawing we really recommend.

Shop Fox W1706 Video Review


Finding the best bandsaw for resawing is often daunting. These machines are not only expensive, but they are also quite hard to find. Regardless of what material want to cut though, and of what performance means to you, at least you now know which are some of the top-rated options.


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