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Best Belt Grinders for Knife Making

The best belt grinders for knife making will help you achieve beautifully designed sharp knives. These machines are constructed to help you shape the metal and sharpen it, to achieve the best results.

Despite being called a belt grinder, most models on the market are also praised for their dual belt and disc grinding capability. 

Here's a list of Best Belt Grinders for Knife Making

They are suitable for countless applications and bring the versatility of two tools in one.

With many models on the market, the real question is which one to buy. What features to look for and how to select the best?

A hard question, but not one that is impossible to answer. If you want to know which are the best belt grinders for knife making, check out our top picks below. But first, check out what features to look for before buying.

How to Choose a Belt Grinder for Knife Making

Buying a belt grinder requires careful considerations of the machine’s capabilities compared to your needs. Among a handful of specs, these are the most important to look at.

1. Dual Grinding Capability

Knife making requires a belt grinder, but unless you’re only making knives, having a disc and a belt in one machine is a more versatile solution. Most belt grinders for knife making have a disc too, so finding the right model should be reasonably easy.

2. Speed

It is essential to check the motor’s capabilities and speed of the machine. If you need a belt grinder specifically for knife making, than one that has a lower rate could suffice. Metals, as most hard materials, require more moderate speeds. However, if you want to make a wooden handle, for example, pick a unit that can reach higher speeds too.

3. Table Tilting

Some parts are more comfortable to shape or sharpen in a position different than vertical. Pick a unit that has tilting capability to make sure you have all the freedom you need. Most belt grinders can tilt at least 45 degrees, but for genuinely unlimited versatility, we recommend those machines that can tilt at 90 degrees.

4. Dust Management

Grinding leaves a considerable amount of dust and debris that can not only spoil your work surface but can eventually get into the grinder, altering the capabilities of the motor. To keep everything under control, choose a machine with a dust port, ideally compatible with all vacuum cleaners.

5. Safety

Last but not least, consider safety. The belt grinder you like must be easy to operate and must come with an easily accessible on/off switch. An overload shutoff is another desirable safety feature, and so are the belt and disc guards. Remember that grinding of hardwood and metals is dangerous, so always take all necessary precautions to avoid potential accidents.

Top 5 Best Belt Grinders for Knife Making

1. JET J-4002

JET J-4002


  • Powerful motor
  • Deluxe miter gauge
  • Removable platen
  • Abrasive belt unit
  • Optional flex shaft


Undoubtedly the best belt grinder for knife making on the market, the JET J-4002 is powered by a 1/3-horsepower 115VAC engine. The motor is capable of delivering unrivaled power takeoff which allows for the optional mounting of deburring, drum sanding, and flex shafts for multiple operations.

Abrasive Belt Unit

Perfect for a wide range of applications, this belt grinder comes with an exceptional coarse belt unit designed to act as a jigsaw, coping saw or hand file. In the latter instance, this machine works wonders in shaping and sharpening your knives, removing the material and finishing the piece at the same time.

Overall Assessment

The best belt grinder for knife making, this machine is a versatile unit that allows for multiple operations. It’s great for a workshop in many circumstances, and you can use it to sand and finish workpieces, as well as for rough cutting. Its removable platen allows not only for standard sanding, grinding, and finishing, but also gives you the possibility to finish curved or oddly shaped workpieces.

JET J-4002 Video Review

2. Porter Cable Benchtop Disc Belt Sander

Porter Cable Benchtop Disc Belt Sander


  • Ball bearing induction motor
  • Tilting sanding belt
  • Adjustable dust port
  • Separate aluminum tables
  • Cast iron base

Construction Base

One of the most reliable belt grinders for knife making, the Porter Cable Benchtop Disc Belt Sander boasts a solid and innovative construction that appeals to professionals and amateurs alike. The machine consists of two parts, a disc sander, and a belt grinder. Both parts have their own aluminum tilting table with support for curved workpieces, while a sturdy cast iron base ensures stability, reduces vibrations, and increases comfort during operation.

Tilting Capability

Perfect for most workpieces, this unit has a 90-degrees vertical tilting capability and an unsupported side for sanding of curved or intricate pieces. The belt with miter gauge and the separate disc sanding table add further value for money.

Overall Assessment

Complete with all needed for knife making, this belt grinder withstands high-volume industrial use and suits multiple applications. It incorporates disc and belt grinders and has a reliable dust collection system with an adjustable port designed to keep your work area clean for the whole time. What else could you wish for?

Porter Cable Disc Video Review

3. WEN 6500

WEN 6500


  • Two-in-one machine
  • 90° tilt capability
  • 3.2-amp motor
  • Tension release lever
  • Easy to change sandpaper


WEN is renowned for their reliable power tools, and the WEN 6500 belt grinder is no exception. Ideal for amateurs but also suitable for professionals, this machine features an open-style frame design constructed in heavy-duty steel. Equipped with a powerful 3.2-amp motor, this machine is reliable and up to whatever the workshop is throwing at it.

Easy of Use

WEN is renowned for their reliable power tools, and the WEN 6500 belt grinder is no exception. Ideal for amateurs but also suitable for professionals, this machine features an open-style frame design constructed in heavy-duty steel. Equipped with a powerful 3.2-amp motor, this machine is reliable and up to whatever the workshop is throwing at it.

Overall Assessment

Another machine made to withstand all operations; the WEN 6500 is perfect for knife making and not only. The unit comes with an easy to use tension release lever for a quick and effortless change of the sandpaper grit. The two-in-one design and tilting capability are two other desired features which truly boost the overall value of this machine.

WEN 5600 Video Review

4. Grizzly H6070

Grizzly H6070


  • Single-phase motor
  • Disc and belt sander
  • Removable belt platen
  • Idler roller guard
  • Tilting capability


Grizzly H6070 is another promising belt grinder for knife making. Equipped with a powerful motor, this machine is perfect for grinding, shaping, and sharpening of the tool either with the disc or with the belt. The unit comes with a 1/3-horsepower 110-volt single-phase motor capable of spinning at 3,450 revolutions per minute.

Easy to Adjust

Like the units above, the Grizzly comes with tilting capability. However, it can only tilt to 45 degrees. This doesn’t mean the machine isn’t worth it though. The removable belt platen and idler roller guard balance the downside, adding value to the design.

Overall Assessment

Great for beginners and hobbyists, the Grizzly is capable of spinning at high speeds but lacks the versatility of a 90-degree tilting machine. Nevertheless, the unit is powerful, easy to use, and can accommodate large, curved, and intricate workpieces. A great alternative of all other units at a price that won’t break the bank.

Grizzly H6070 Video Review

5. RIKON Power Tools 50-151

RIKON Power Tools 50-151


  • Dust port
  • Safety switch
  • Tracking knob
  • Tracking knob
  • Dual disc and belt design


Last but not least, the 50-151 model by RIKON Power Tools puts the safety on the first place and incorporates a convenient on/off power switch. Stopping the moving parts instantly, the switch comes as a great addition, especially for amateurs and beginners.

Dust Management

Sanding metals or wood pieces is often a hassle. Dust is hard to clean, and the operation can leave your workshop in a mess. Luckily, this machine comes with a large dust port with vacuum cleaner attachment, allowing you to maintain your workspace clean without hassle.

Overall Assessment

Another exceptional tool to consider for knife making and not only, but the belt grinder from RIKON Power Tools also comes with all you need to get started. Dual grinding options, an intuitive control panel, and convenient safety features. Undoubtedly, a great alternative to all the units above.

Rikon Power Tools Video Review


Knife making is an art which requires only the best tools. Finding the best belt grinders for knife making before getting started is, therefore, essential. There are many machines on the market, but not all live up to the expectations. Nevertheless, you now know which are some of your best options. All you have to do is decide which is the right one for you.


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