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Top 5 Best Contractor Table Saw Reviews

When you’re a contractor working in multiple job sites at a time, carrying with you only the most reliable power tools is a must. One of these is the best contractor table saw. Whether it’s trim work, skirting, molding, or framing, there are many circumstances in which a table saw is employed.

 You can even use this tool to cut pipes, and sometimes even tiles.

Here's a list of Top 5 Best Contractor Table Saw

Finding the right contractor table saw is not easy though. That’s why we’ve roamed the market and found the most promising models. Check them out below but before, learn what you should know before buying.

What is a Contractor Table Saw

If you’re a novice, finding the difference between a regular table saw, and a contractor one is often confusing. Rest assured, however, that both tools serve the same purpose. The main difference is the size, with the latter being smaller than the former.

You could be wondering why a professional contractor tool should be smaller than a regular table saw. The explanation is simple. Contractors often have to perform their work on the go. Having a portable tool with you is, therefore, essential.

Another perk some contractors table saws have is the wheeled stand that allows for easier transport around the job site. With that in mind, let’s see what features to look for before buying.

What Features to Look For In a Contractor Table Saw

Contractor table saws come in different styles and sizes, but when choosing one, you should have a look at the following features.

  • Performance: There is little doubt that the most important thing to check is the performance of your table saw. Most units use 10-inch blades, and they are usually compatible with all kinds of blades, including dado style variants. However, make sure the unit you want can perform the tasks you need it to.
  • Power: The power of a table saw is expressed in watts, and usually the higher the number, the more powerful the machine.
  • Speed: Check the revolutions per minute of the unit you like and see if it complies with your needs. A speed of around 5,000 RPM is ideal for most woodworking projects. Harder materials including metal may benefit more from a lower speed and higher torque though.
  • Portability: If you don’t work from a fixed location, make sure the unit you like is portable. Perhaps the best solution is to invest in a table saw with a stand; alternatively, you can buy the saw alone if you already have a stand.
  • Cost: Contractor table saws can cost you anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand bucks. If you only use the tool occasionally, the former could satisfy all your needs. Otherwise, it could be a better idea to invest in a higher end unit.

With this in mind, let’s not see which is the best contractor table saw on the market.

Top 5 Best Contractor Table Saw




  • High torque motor
  • 4,800 revolutions per minute
  • Rolling stand
  • High rip capacity
  • 10-inch blade


DEWALT is renowned for the reliability of their power tools, and the DWE7491RS model doesn’t disappoint. This unit features a 15-amp high-torque motor and is able to cut through most types of wood including treated lumber and hardwoods. Spinning at 4,800 revolutions per minute at no load, the saw can handle almost all materials.


Impressing with a 32-1/2-inch rip cut capacity, the DEWALT DWE7491RS is a versatile machine your team will envy. A rack and pinion fence system allows for quick adjustments so that you can achieve perfect cuts every time. Ideal for 90° and 45° cuts, the unit is ideal for framing jobs and not only.

Overall Assessment

This table saw is perhaps the best contractor table saw on the market. It comes with a convenient rolling stand, and it can also be fixed to the worktop if needed. It has a rather low heft and is perfect for carpenters, installers, deck builders, and remodelers. Undoubtedly, a unit to consider if you aim for performance.

Dewalt DWE7491RS Video Review

SawStop CNS175-TGP36


  • Portable
  • Unrivaled fit and finish
  • 1.75 horsepower motor
  • 36-inch T-glide fence
  • Sure lockdown

Professional Grade

If precision is important to you, then you should consider the SawStop CNS175-TGP36. This professional contractor table saw boasts a large 36-inch T-glide fence that allows cutting larger workpieces. The system ensures smooth operation and precision measurement, allowing you to cut perfect pieces over and over again.

Mobility Options

Ideal to use on job sites, this contractor table saw comes with a job site cart and a mobile base that allow for easy transport. Pair this with an unmatched fit and finish, and you’ve got a high-end tool to impress your team with.

Overall Assessment

Despite its high price, the SawStop CNS175-TGP36 is worth every dime. Highly portable and coming with an unrivaled 1.75 horsepower engine, this table saw can slice through wood like a knife through melted butter. It also has a dust collection system and is perfect to use for precision woodworking.

SawStop CNS175-TGP36 T50 Video Review

3. Makita 2705

Makita 2705


  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • Up to 4,800 revolutions per minute
  • Tool-less modular blade guard system
  • Adjustable side guards
  • Anti-kickback pawls

Guard Design

Makita is another brand synonymous with quality, a thing that shows off in the quality of the design. This table saw comes with a modular and tool-less guard design with an adjustable riving knife that allows for easy installation and removal. The guard design allows you to view the blade. Furthermore, adjustable dual side guards ensure ease of measurement.


The Makita 2705 is a highly performing contractor table saw powered by a 15-amp motor. It spins the blade up to 4,800 revolutions per minute, making this tool ideal for cutting all types of wood, softer metals, and plastic.

Overall Assessment

Coming with or without a stand, this 10-inch contractor table saw brings all you could wish from a versatile and affordable tool. Buying it won’t require you to break the bank, although this model isn’t the cheapest either. Multiple perks and add-ons make it a worthy investment though. Compatible with all blades including dado blades, this table saw is perfect for most contractors.

Makita 2705 Video Review

4. Delta Power Tools 36-5100

Delta Power Tools 36-5100


  • Heavy-duty rail system
  • Precision cuts
  • Blade brake
  • Biesemeyer style fence
  • Dual rip windows

Heavy Duty Assembly

The Delta Power Tools 36-5100 contractor table saw is another professional-grade unit boasting a 36-inch work surface. This heavy-duty tool satisfies the needs of most contractors and is easy to assemble. It consists of a convenient stand with the table saw fixed on top, and is easy to transport around the job site.


Delta Power Tools built its table saw with user safety in mind. The tool comes with a large on/off switch and a convenient blade brake designed to stop the blade in seconds after you turn off the power. As you can expect, these features increase the safety factor exponentially.

Overall Assessment

The Delta Power Tools 36-5100 is a great professional table saw to consider if you want a high-end contractor table saw but don’t have a large sum to invest. It’s less expensive than our SawStop above and comes with similar characteristics. Undoubtedly, a great tool for all those who want to save a little without compromising on quality.

Delta Table Saw 36-5100 Video Review

5. Bosch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031​

Bosch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031


  • Versatile 10-inch table saw
  • Square lock rip fence
  • Self-aligning design
  • Ultimate portability
  • All-steel base design


The Bosch GTS1031 boasts a high-quality construction that can withstand even the harshest job site environment. This contractor table saw boasts an all-steel base capable of withstanding heavy impact while providing long-lasting performance. A square lock rip fence design also allows for self-aligning, ensuring cutting consistency and performance.


From all contractor table saws on the market, this one is among the most portable. It has an impressive balance that allows for one-hand carry. The compact design allows you to carry the unit even without a stand. However, know you can choose to buy the tool with a stand if you want to.

Overall Assessment

Equipped with a 10-inch blade and boasting unrivaled performance, this contractor table saw brings versatility at a price that won’t break the bank. Affordable yet of the highest quality, this tool even boasts complete on-tool storage. You can hold the rip fence, wrenches, smart guard, and miter gauge on the tool, to have them at hand whenever needed.

Bosch GTS1031 Video Review


Picking the best contractor table saw is not the easiest thing. You must consider your needs and work around the available tools. High-end tools are often expensive, leaving you with little room for mistakes. Regardless of what you’re after though, you now know which are some of your best options. From cheap, budget contractor table saws to highly performing top units, you can simply pick the tool that best suits your needs and start enjoying its benefits.


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