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Best Cordless Combo Kit

Whether you’re an avid DIYer or a contractor, getting the best cordless combo kit instead of separate tools is often a more convenient and cost-effective solution. Investing in a kit comes with multiple advantages.

The most important, you’ll have all the tools from the same manufacturer. This means you’ll be able to interchange batteries, the charges, and maybe even some accessories. Owning all tools from the same brand also makes you look professional.

Black & Decker BD4KITCDCRL

Here's a list of Top 5 Best Cordless Combo kit

When it comes to options, there are plenty. But before having a look at the best ones, find out what to consider before buying.

How to Choose a Cordless Combo Kit

Some of the things to consider when choosing a cordless combo kit are subjective. Others regard performance and reliability. Let’s have a look at both.

1. Tools Included

The first thing to check is what tools are actually included in the kit. Which is the best largely depends on your needs. If you need a circular saw but the kit doesn’t have one, it’s definitely not the right kit for you.

The market is full of choices though, and you can find kits with fewer or more components that address all needs and budgets.

2. Overall Quality

It is hard to assess the quality of so many tools at once; that’s why it’s always best to invest in a kit from a popular brand. While this doesn’t necessarily assess quality, it gives you the possibility to change faulty tools or find spare parts easier.

In terms of tool quality, aim for those that come with brushless motors and that are easy to maintain.

3. Accessories

A kit coming with bare tools only is incomplete. Aim to get one that comes with at least one battery and a charger. Many brands offer at least two batteries, and some go even further and include two chargers too.

Other accessories can also make a difference. For instance, you could use blades, driver tips, or nut drivers.

A carry bag is another important accessory that doesn’t come with all kits, but that can really make or break the deal.

With all this in mind, let’s not see which are the best cordless combo kits on the market in 2019.

Top 5 Best Cordless Combo Kits

1. Makita XT612M​

Makita XT612M


  • 6 variable speed tools
  • Efficient brushless motor
  • Electronically controlled optimized battery
  • Storage bag
  • Fast-charging battery


Makita is renowned for its high-quality tools that promise longevity and durability. In this combo kit, the manufacturer included a hammer/driver drill, an impact driver, a circular saw, as well as reciprocating saw, angle grinder, and work light. All tools share a reliable battery kit and come with durable brushless motors.

Battery Kit

This cordless combo kit comes with reliable 18-volt LXT batteries and fast charger. These batteries are not only interchangeable; they are also designed to charge three times faster than normal lithium-ion batteries. You’ll be able to extend the overall runtime and choose from sets with 4.0Ah or 5.0Ah.

Overall Assessment

Undoubtedly one of the best cordless combo kits on the market, this one from Makita addresses professional contractors who’re serious about their game. A variable speed hammer driver-drill and speed impact driver boost versatility, and you’ll also get an array of other useful tools. Coming with a powerful battery kit and recharging in less than an hour, this kit makes a great addition to a pro’s arsenal.

Makita XT612M Video Review

2. Black & Decker BD4KITCDCRL​

Black & Decker BD4KITCDCRL


  • 4 useful tools
  • Accessories
  • 20-volt Max battery system
  • Two batteries
  • High-speed tools


Including four high-quality tools and coming at an unbeatable price, the Black & Decker BD4KITCDCRL is perfect for amateurs and beginners. It comes with a reliable drill/driver and two saws, a reciprocating and a circular one. Another component is a convenient work light that helps you achieve your purpose even in low light conditions. Furthermore, the kit includes an array of accessories.


This combo kit comes with a host of useful accessories designed to make your life easier. It includes two batteries and a battery charger, just what it takes to extend the runtime regardless of the task you’re working on. Other useful accessories include a double ended bit for the drill as well as blades for the circular and reciprocating saws.

Overall Assessment

Part of the 20V Max battery system, the tools included in this combo kit bring true value for money and come at a price that won’t break the bank. Sturdy and reliable, they are designed to provide years of dependable use. A thing the kit misses is a carry bag; but even without it, it’s hard to pass by this unrivaled offer.

Black & Decker BD4KITCDCRL Video Review




  • Four power tools
  • 20V Max battery system
  • Variable speed drivers
  • Work light
  • Carry bag


DEWALT is one of the most popular brands offering an affordable array of mid-range power tools.  Their range includes both contractor and specialty tools, but this kit addresses majorly the former. The four components included are a drill/driver with a two-speed transmission and capable of reaching up to 2,000 revolutions per minute, an impact driver with integrated light, a reciprocating saw and a work light delivering 110 lumens.


When choosing the best cordless combo kit, it’s all in the details. This one impresses with versatile tools designed for ease of use. One of the things we like best is the keyless blade clamp on the reciprocating saw. You’ll be able to change the blades quickly and easily any time you need. Another great feature is the convenient hang hook on the work light, which lets you work hands-free in an illuminated environment.

Overall Assessment

Coming with all a DIYer might need, this quality kit brings versatility. It’s perfect for homeowners but also for professionals looking after a cost-effective solution. The included carry bag increases convenience even more. Not to mention that all is backed by a 3-year limited warranty and a year of the free service contract.

DEWALT DCK420D2 Video Review




  • 8 high-performance tools
  • Ergonomic design
  • 20-volt battery system
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Kit variants


PORTER-CABLE is another popular manufacturer of entry-level and mid-range tools addressing amateurs and contractors shopping on a budget. A kit we truly like is the PCCK6118 which incorporates all you could wish from a best in class. It comprises a drill and impact driver, circular and recap saw, a jigsaw, oscillating tool, flashlight, and orbital sander or grinder, depending on your choice.


Besides the amazing selection of tools, you’ll also like the reliability of each component. All tools in this kit are powered by high-performance motors and impact mechanisms that ensure suitability for most jobs. Part of the 20-volt max system, they even come with reliable, interchangeable batteries.

Overall Assessment

Comprising an array of useful tools, all elegantly packed in a convenient carry bag, the PORTER-CABLE PCCK6118 is one of the best kits for those who don’t want to break the bank. It might not have Makita’s reliability, but it’s surely cheaper. Long-lasting components and high-performance motors also ensure great value for money. All backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Porter Cable PCCK6118 Video Review

5. Milwaukee 2696-24​

Milwaukee 2696-24


  • Two batteries
  • Fast charger
  • Frameless motor
  • Patented gear-protecting clutch
  • High torque tools


Last but not least, the Milwaukee 2696-24 is a kit that promises utmost reliability to users who don’t mind a hefty price. This is one of the most expensive cordless combo kits on the market, but also one of the most dependable. It consists of a hammer drill/driver, hex impact driver, reciprocating saw, and work light.


We like everything in this pack, from the high-torque drill/driver equipped with a frameless motor to the patented gear-protecting clutch of the reciprocating saw. The foldable work light brings further benefits, while the hex impact driver is also equipped with a frameless motor capable of outputting impressive torque.

Overall Assessment

Powered by the reliable M18 batteries, this kit has all you could wish from a best in class. It may only have four tools, but all are superlative. The included carry bag brings further value, while the two batteries can easily extend the runtime. We also like the 1-hour charger that helps you get along with your work quickly and easily.

Milwaukee 2696-24 Video Review


There are many things to consider before buying a cordless combo kit. The most important is the type of tools you need. Some kits come with a handful of options ideal for homeowners. Others address contractors and pack a wide range of tools and accessories. You must also consider the batteries, runtime, and charging time. Regardless of what you need though, you now know which are some of your best options.


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