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Best Cordless Drill Reviews of 2019 (Top Rated 18v -20v Drivers)

Whether you want to mount a shelf on the wall or drill some holes in a workpiece, the best cordless drill 2018 can help you achieve your goals. This tool comes with great advantages, allowing you to use it anywhere as long as you have a full battery.

But when it comes to choices, things can easily get confusing. There are dozens of brands, multiple types of batteries, and a host of other things to consider before buying.

Here's a list of Best Cordless Drill in 2019

How to Choose a Cordless Drill

1. Power

The power of a cordless drill is measured in battery voltage - the bigger the battery, the better. The range of models includes battery models from 6V to 20V, with the more modern lithium-ion batteries coming as part of an interchangeable battery system.

This typically allows switching the battery between the tools, and the thing is beneficial above all when you buy a tool kit with multiple tools and batteries, as this will allow you to extend the runtime.

But not all cordless drills come with lithium-ion batteries. Some units are equipped with old-fashion NiCad batteries. In terms of runtime, the two types of batteries are similar. But when it comes to recharging the battery, the NiCad will take forever to recharge.

These batteries also have a shorter lifespan.

2. Speed

Cordless drills come as single and variable speed units. The fixed speed models typically spin at around 2,000 revolutions per minute whereas many of the variable speed machines allow you to choose infinite speed options between 0 and a preset upper limit, typically more than 500 revolutions per minute.

This is particularly beneficial if you want to work with more than one material because various materials require different speeds.

In broad terms, the thicker or tougher the material, the lower the speed required. This explains why you can drill at 10,000 revolutions per minute through the wood but at no more than 1,500 revolutions per minute through high carbon steel.

For safety purposes, I recommend using the lower threshold indications for a specific material when setting the speed on your tool. As such, a unit with a variable speed between 0 and 2,000 is just what you need.

3. Chuck

Cordless impact drivers are simple machines that have a fixed chuck. Cordless drills, on the other hand, may have either a 3/8-inch or a ½-inch chuck. The former is ideal for light duty applications and amateur use. The latter is designed for heavy duty applications.

The chuck ultimately determines the size of the shank of the drill bit you can use with your tool, so picking the right one between the two is essential.

Another important thing to consider about the chuck is its type. There are key and keyless chucks which may or may not require a chuck wrench to change the bits. I recommend going for a keyless machine.

These are more expensive, but the investment is well worth the money, as you’ll be able to change the drill  bits in a breeze.

4. Additional Functions

Sometimes, a cordless drill can serve additional purposes. Some machines come with a hammer functions that allow you to use them to drill through masonry. Others may have a screwdriver function which spins the chuck in reverse mode too, allowing you to drive the screws and unscrew them as needed.

Top 5 Best Cordless Drill Reviewed


DEWALT DCD996B Bare Tool


  • Drill and hammer functions
  • 3-mode LED light
  • Lightweight
  • 20V Max battery
  • 820-watt output power

Drill and Hammer Modes

The DEWALT DCD996B is an exceptional hammer drill suitable to use for a wide range of purposes. The hammer function is easy to engage and disengage, and the tool spins at the astonishing speed of 2,250 revolutions per minute. The tool is ideal for drilling through masonry, wood, metals, and other hard materials.


This hammer drill features a high-efficiency brushless motor which enhances the runtime with up to 75%. Furthermore, the high performance transmission ensures high speeds for all applications and up to 38,250 beats per minute hammer efficiency.

Overall Assessment

Compatible with the 20V Max battery systems and outputting 820 units watts out for faster application, this cordless drill and hammer suits all needs. It is most ideal for contractors, but amateurs and homeowners will also find good use in this tool.

DEWALT DCD996B Video Review




  • Drill and driver
  • 20V Max system
  • 11-position clutch
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic


The BLACK+DECKER LDX120C is one of the most reliable cordless drills and drivers on the market and boasts innovative technologies that transform mere drilling into pleasure. This unit is powered by a 20V Max lithium-ion battery and boasts a variable speed configuration for maximum efficiency.


Ideal for the beginners, this cordless drill comes at a very affordable price point. It is also perfect for the homeowner shopping on a budget who still wants to invest in a tool manufactured by a brand renowned for its reliability.

Overall Assessment

The BLACK+DECKER LDX120C is a tool that demands attention despite not being the most powerful on the market. A reliable battery system and durable technology delivered at a great price can definitely catch the attention.

3. Bosch DDB181-02

Bosch DDB181-02


  • Ergonomic design
  • High torque
  • 1,300 RPM max speed
  • Variable speed
  • Two batteries


Bosch is synonymous with high quality, and the DDB181-02 model doesn’t disappoint. This dependable tool delivers high speed just where is needed thanks to the optimized torque of 350 lbs. and revolutions per minute which go up to 1,300.

Battery Kit

Ideal for most projects and designed for extended runtime, this cordless drill driver comes with two batteries and a charger. Furthermore, the fast recharge ensures you’ll always have sufficient power for uninterrupted operation.

Overall Assessment

Ideal for most projects and designed for extended runtime, this cordless drill driver comes with two batteries and a charger. Furthermore, the fast recharge ensures you’ll always have sufficient power for uninterrupted operation.

Bosch DDB1181-02 Video Review




  • 21-position clutch
  • Precise drilling control
  • 20V Max batteries
  • Drill bit assortment
  • Carrying case


With a maximum torque of 25Nm, the CARTMAN 20V is perfect for the homeowner shopping on a budget and for the budget-savvy contractor. The tool can drill through wood, plastic, and metal, and has a driver function that adds versatility.

Drill Bits

Besides the great power, the tool also comes as part of a kit which includes the battery and a selection of drill bits for wood and metal, and extension rod, and six screwdriver bits for versatile applications.

Overall Assessment

Powered by a reliable 20V Max battery and coming in multiple purchase options, the CARTMAN 20V is a lightweight, compact, and ergonomic cordless drill that is very easy to maneuver even in the tighter spaces. A great price point and fast recharge time add further value for money.

5. Makita XFD061

Makita XFD061


  • 2-speed transmission
  • Drilling and fastening
  • Efficient brushless motor
  • 530 lbs. max torque
  • Electronic control

2 Speed Transmission

Designed for industrial applications, the Makita XFD061 boasts a mechanical 2-speed transmission which allows choosing from two speed intervals. The lower interval goes from 0 to 400 revolutions per minute for light-duty jobs while the higher interval delivers speeds between 0 and 1,550 revolutions per minute for commercial use.

Brushless Motor

Like most Makita power tools, the XFD061 model comes with a high-end brushless motor which increases efficiency and energy usage to deliver maximum torque and speed. Ideal for drilling and fastening applications, this tool can’t miss from your workshop.

Overall Assessment

Boasting best-in-class qualities and ideal for amateur and professional use, the Makita XFD061 is perhaps the best cordless drill 2018. This tool has multiple qualities and is ideal to use for a wide range of applications. As for the purchase options, you can choose between a bare tool or a complete kit with battery and charger.

Makita XFD061 Video Review


A cordless drill is undoubtedly an essential workshop tool that also finds its place in a homeowner’s arsenal. Better than a screwdriver or a manual drill and typically blending both functions, this tool makes drilling and fastening easy.

Picking the right one is often tricky. But from the most affordable options to the expensive best-in-class, you now know which are some of your most valid choices.


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