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Best Electric Water Heater Reviews 2019 for Regular and Inline Hot Water

Getting hot water on demand while saving energy and keeping your household environmentally friendly is easy with the best electric water heater. Nowadays, more and more consumers are turning to electricity, because these systems come with clear advantages over their gas-powered counterparts.

Electric tankless water heaters will still save you a great chunk of money each month due to their energy efficient features.

Here's a list of Best Electric Water Heater Reviews

They also have lower upfront costs and save you the hassle of worrying about proper ventilation.

Electric water heaters are also an option in all areas, even where natural gas is unavailable. They don’t lose efficiency at higher altitudes and don’t need re-calibration, like many natural gas, or propane water heaters do.

Most electric models on the market allow for a no-frills DIY installation, which cuts off upfront costs even more.

With a wealth of models on the market, your only concern is finding the one that truly lives up to the expectations. But you needn’t worry. We have years of experience in the field and to help you in your quest, we’ve asked our experts to roam the market and find the most promising models.

They’ve chosen the top-seller, best-in-class, and best budget picks that are guaranteed not to disappoint. Check them out below, then check out what to consider before buying.

Gas vs. Electric Tankless Water Heater

Gas has been a praised fuel for quite some time, but electricity is slowly gaining its chunk of enthusiasts. With the advancement of technologies, manufacturers are now producing electric appliances that deliver gas-like capabilities and energy efficient features. But with gas still being a better option in some cases, why choose electricity? Here are a few good reasons.

  • Electric water heaters are cheaper. They can cost you even 50% less than an equivalent gas unit.
  • They produce no combustion, which means they need little to no maintenance or ventilation. They are ready to install and use right out of the box.
  • You can cut off electricity costs by connecting your tankless water heater to a solar panel or alternative source of energy.

Best Electric Water Heater Reviews

  • EcoSmart ECO 27 - a smart and cost-effective solution popular among most homeowners.
  • Stiebel Eltron TEMPRA36B - undoubtedly the best in its class.
  • Rheem RTEX-13 - our budget-friendly option versatile enough to provide an endless supply of hot water.

EcoSmart ECO 27

Is one of the most energy efficient electric tankless water heaters on the market, a unit that withstands both residential and commercial units. It is ideal to heat water in the colder northern regions and can deal with incoming water temperatures as low as 37°F.

Suitable for high-demand applications, this water heater comes with a wide output water temperature range.

Choose a lower temperature up to 120°F for domestic applications, or a higher output temperature of 140°F for commercial demands. The water heater allows for a 1° increment from 80°F to 140°F to cover a wider range of demands and applications.

Extremely energy efficient, the system incorporates the self-modulating technology which helps reduce your hot water bills with up to 50%.


  • The EcoSmart ECO 27 is no doubt one of the most powerful models on the market, capable of producing hot water on demand for a large family. It has a flow rate of around 3 gallons per minute in ideal conditions, which means it’s perfectly capable of providing water to multiple fixture and appliances at a time.
  • Perfect to use even in the colder climates; the ECO 27 can run up to four showers simultaneously without running out of hot water.
  • Its stylish look inspired by the slimline design makes it ideal to place anywhere on a wall, and you’ll not be ashamed by its look even if placed in a bathroom or kitchen.
  • Internal copper and stainless steel components ensure durability, efficiency, and easy replacement. Moreover, the unit is easy to install by yourself.
  • Another great advantage is the easy-to-use control digital panel with larger-than-average temperature display.
  • And a further nice perk is that the unit is backed up by a lifetime limited warranty. Just pay attention to install the water heater as instructed and register the product on the manufacturer’s website.


  • Pleasing everyone is never easy, and some consumers complained about the unit’s scarcer performance in cold weather. According to us, it still performed beautifully, as you can’t expect the same water temperature increment in a colder climate as you would in a warmer climate.
  • Despite the lifetime warranty, you must be aware that service times are long, and calling in an unauthorized professional could cease your warranty rights.
  • All in all, this is an exceptional unit for a four-member family, and can even withstand commercial demands in warmer climates.

EcoSmart ECO 27 Video Review

Stiebel Eltron TEMPRA36B

With a heftier price point but best-in-class capabilities, the Stiebel Eltron TEMPRA36B is for the homeowner who wants to settle for nothing less than the best electric tankless water heater.

Ridiculously easy to install, this unit boasts the German know-how and technology and qualifies as the best electric water heater of the moment. Just like our top seller, it incorporates advanced self-modulating technology which allows the water heater to modulate the energy consumption based on the input water temperature and selected temperature rise, lowering your hot water costs with up to 60%.

This exceptional unit can provide a temperature rise with up to 88°F, depending on the selected flow rate and input water temperature.


  • Perfect to use in all areas, including the colder climate zones; this unit is capable of producing sufficient hot water on demand to sustain a small industrial kitchen or a very large family.  In warmer climate areas, the water heater outputs a flow rate up to 7.5 gallons per minute, sufficient to supply four standard showers and a sink faucet at a time.
  • In colder climates, you can expect a drop in performance, but the output capabilities are still impressing. In the harshest conditions, the TEMPRA36B delivers a maximum flow rate of 3.9 gallons per minute and is capable of producing a temperature rise of 44°F.
  • On average, you can expect an increment of 58°F in the water temperature and a flow rate from 4.6 to 5.7 gallons per minute, sufficient for up to three showers and a sink running in the same time.
  • A great feature is the intuitive analog knob that allows homeowners and commercial users to select the right water temperature without hassle. The knob has clear indications on the right temperature to select for hand washing, residential, or commercial use.


  • There isn’t much to say against this unit expect for its price. This tankless water heater is one of the most expensive electric options on the market, but its performance is worth the investment.
  • Except for this, some users complained about the performance drop in colder climates. However, it’s hard to say anything negative on this, because the manufacturer is more than straightforward about its product’s capabilities and discloses the unit’s performance in all types of climates.
  • Besides a clear chart showing highlighting the temperature rise and maximum flow rate in various areas in the States, you can also find multiple performance graphs on the manufacturer’s website.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 36B Video Review

3. Rheem RTEX-13

Rheem RTEX-13

The market offers the best electric tankless water heater even for the homeowners living on a restricted budget. The RTEX-13 by Rheem won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and you’ll be able to benefit from hot water on demand for a maximum flow rate of 4 gallons per minute.

Expect this rate to drop down in the colder climates, but this unit is still a great option for the smaller families, no matter where you live.

Besides numerous features, we were impressed by the design. This water heater is tiny but powerful enough to meet your demands. Like both units above, this one comes with self-modulating power control and also has a dual heating element which ensures both performance and efficiency.


  • No doubt, the main advantage of this electric water heater is its price point. Compared with the two units above, this water heater is cheap. A great solution for the budget-savvy consumers, this doesn’t have the power to supply hot water to a commercial kitchen but is ideal for a small family.
  • Compact and visually attractive, this unit can also be easily installed in any available space.
  • A slimline design allows you to mount it even in a small bathroom or kitchen wall, and in detail, the unit measures 4x9x13 inches. 
  • The RTEX-13 is easy to control thanks to the adjustable digital thermostatic control that offers multiple water temperature increment points. The thermostat, together with the self-modulating system makes this system about 99.8% more energy efficient than other units in its class.
  • A simple installation doesn’t require a professional plumber, and thanks to the generous 3-foot power cord you’ll be able to place the water heater anywhere you like.


  • The RTEX-13 is a great option for a small household but is incapable of delivering water to more than two low-flow showers at a time. Since it is recommended to calculate the desired water flow rate per excess, the stated 4 gallons per minute will probably suffice for two low-flow showers, or a faucet and a hot water-consuming appliance.
  • We also wouldn’t recommend this unit for someone living up north. The small capacity just won’t be able to supply sufficient hot water during the colder months.
  • Nevertheless, if you live in a mild climate region and need something reliable for a small home, this tankless water heater is probably your best bet.

Rheem RTEX-13 Video Review

Electric Tankless Water Heater Buying Guide

Whether you’re a domestic or commercial user, you now know which are some of your best options. But what exactly should you look for to decide whether or not the unit you like is the best electric water heater for you? Read our guide to find it out.

Power Requirements and Output

Electric tankless water heaters are different from the gas-powered ones, in that their efficiency is determined by their electric requirements. To produce hot water on demand, the electric units require a high surge load, that’s why most units require a dedicated single phase circuit supplying either 208V or 240V alternating current.

Each of these voltages also requires sufficient amperage, as the two values together determine the output wattage - or power - of your unit.

240V water heaters are much more popular, as this voltage will unlikely require you to bring alterations to your home’s electric circuit. Depending on the size of the unit, look for the following amperage:

Required Amperes

Flow Rate

50 amps

2.5 gallons per minute

100 amps

5 gallons per minute

150 amps

7.5 gallons per minute

At these specifications, a small electric water heater will produce a power output of 12 kW, while a large one the equivalent of 36 kW.

Water Heater Size

Sizing your electric water heater is a matter of demand. Most units on the market can output a water flow rate between 1.5 and 9 gallons per minute, but the highest the water flow, the highest the energy consumption.

The easiest way to size your water heater is by calculating your household’s peak water demands. Modern fixtures consume less water than old ones, but in broad lines, you can expect a shower to consume up to 3.5 gallons per minute, a washing machine up to two gallons per minute, while a kitchen or bathroom sink can demand up to 2.5 gallons per minute.

Once you’ve summed up your peak demands, determine the temperature rise you need. Most residential applications require the water to be between 105 and 120°F, and you can calculate the temperature rise based on the temperature of the incoming water.

Considering an incoming temperature of 50°F, you might need an electric tankless water heater capable of producing a temperature rise of at least 55°F at the desired flow rate.

Self-Modulating Technology

The best electric tankless water heaters incorporate the self-modulating technology, which is developed to improve the energy efficiency of the machine.

This technology works in two ways. On the one hand, it allows your water heater to activate itself at low flow rates. Most self-modulating units start producing hot water at flow rates of only 0.25 gallons per minute, which means you won’t have to run water at a high rate to get it warm.

Thank to this technology, you’ll be able to save water and lower your water bill.

On the other hand, the self-modulating technology also enables the water heater to adjust its energy consumption based on the temperature of the input water and the selected output temperature.

In warmer climates, this means a reduction of your hot water bills with up to 60%, which typically has an impact of over 20% of the overall electricity bill.


Whether you’re looking for an average - yet exceptional - electric tankless water heater, for a best-in-class or budget solutions, the units above will undoubtedly satisfy all demands. But only you can decide which is the best electric water heater for you based on your requirements.

The EcoSmart ECO 27 is perhaps the best unit for all households. It is ideal for a family of four and can typically supply hot water to two low-flow showers and a faucet at the same time. Not only this, but the unit can also provide hot water to a commercial kitchen in a warmer climate area.

The Stiebel Eltron TEMPRA36B is no doubt the best on the market. The German craftsmanship shows off, and this water heater is perfect for a large family or a big industrial kitchen, being able to output up to 7.5 gallons per minute. In colder climate areas, it can even offer a water temperature increment of up to 80°F, with a subsequent reduction in the flow rate, obviously.

Lastly, the Rheem RTEX-13 is an excellent budget option. It is compact enough to fit in all spaces and produces sufficient hot water for a small family. It is also the least expensive option we found that provides a reliable hot water output.

All you have to do now is analyze your real demands and choose the best electric water heater for you!


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