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Best Home Office Desk

Working from home is the dream of many. Whether you’re a programmer or designer, a freelance writer, or simply an employee allowed to work from home every now and then, the best home office desk can make the difference between you wanting to sit down and start working or just wanting to lay on the couch and watch Friends reruns.

Luckily for you, there is a myriad of home office desks on the market. But besides the subjective considerations that come into play when choosing a piece of furniture, what should you have in mind before buying?

Here's a list of Best Home Office Desk

There are many factors that determine the choice of a home office desk. You must consider the available space and the overall style of your home. Eventually, preference is also important. While we can’t decide for you which desk is best, we can tell you which are the highest quality. Read this guide and check out our top picks to find the piece most suitable for you.

How to Choose a Home Office Desk

Picking a home office desk goes beyond general considerations. Even the most beautiful desk will look out of place in a room decorated in a different style. Here are a few things you should consider before buying.


Undoubtedly, the first thing to consider is the style of the desk, making sure it matches the overall style of your office. Manufacturers make home office desks in all types of styles, from traditional or rustic to modern or minimalist, so finding one that fits your interior should be easy.


Next, move to the design. Things get more complicated here, as you’ll have to find a specific desk that you’ll like. This step is for the most subjective, but there are also a few objective considerations. Make sure the design incorporates functional features and that the size of the desk fits your room or space.


Moving to functionality, make sure the desk you like has plenty of functional features. You can obviously choose functionality based on your needs. For instance, if you only need a laptop to work, a simple desk with no drawers, trays, or shelves could suffice.

If you run a full business from home, and besides your computer, you also need space to store files and folders, pick a desk with drawers or shelves. Furthermore, a cable tray organizer and a pull-out keyboard tray could be other interesting features to consider.


Home office desks are made from a variety of materials, from metal and engineered wood to solid wood. Regardless of your choice, make sure the materials are sturdy and durable. If you decided to go for a hardwood desk, make sure the wood is weathered and treated properly. Some manufacturers may use wet wood to save on manufacturing costs, but your product won’t last for long.

If the desk is made of metal and engineered wood, pick powder coated metal and at least MDF desktop. The laminate could last longer, but the desk could be more expensive.


Last but not least, consider the size of the desk. Home office desks come in all sizes, from tiny to large. When picking, you must consider your needs but also the size of the room.

A very small room or studio apartment could benefit from a folding desk, perhaps mounted on a wall. If you want or need to share the desk with someone else, an L-shaped corner desk may be smaller than two individual pieces.

If space is none of your concern, just pick the desk you like best, matching its design with the rest of the room.

Top 5 Best Home Office Desks

1. Tangkula Multipurpose Workstation

Tangkula Computer Desk


  • Durable construction
  • Multifunctional
  • Attractive colors
  • Non-slip feet pads
  • Stylish

Sturdy Construction

More than a home office desk, the Tangkula is a multipurpose workstation designed to hold your computer and other work essentials. Beautiful, sleek lines are enhanced by a sturdy construction. A metal frame and durable MDF top and shelves add strength to the assembly and provide a resistant home workstation.

Desk and Shelves

The attractive design of this workstation incorporates a generous worktop and side shelves; the modern, functional lines and the combination of metal and wood intertwine into a stylish piece of furniture that will definitely enhance your space.

Overall Assessment

Combining attractive lines with enhanced functionality, the Tangkula workstation brings multiple benefits and a touch of style to any space. It is compact enough to fit in a smaller office, yet spacious enough to hold all your essentials. It also comes in two color choices, dark brown and black.

2. Signature Design by Ashley

Signature Design by Ashley


  • Contemporary design
  • Sleek lines
  • Compact dimensions
  • Metal and laminated wood
  • Resistant

Stylish Design

Perfect for a modern or minimalist home, the Signature Design desk by Ashley is an impressive work of art that fits into most spaces. The linear geometry of the piece suits most people, while the design incorporates storage spaces without compromising on size. Compact yet spacious, this desk is perfect for smaller rooms.


Built from quality materials, this desk promises to last in time. It has an elegant look given by the sturdy metal frame that also offers stability. On the other hand, the attractive laminate engineered wood top adds the wow factor to the furniture.

Overall Assessment

Clean lines and a minimalist style are just two of the factors that define this desk’s spirit. It suits well a smaller room and finds its place even in a tiny studio apartment. Ideal for students and freelancers alike, this desk will surely stand out.

3. Cross Island small office desk

Cross Island Small Home Office Desk


  • Traditional wood design
  • Brown oak finish
  • Keyboard tray
  • Sturdy construction
  • Matching furniture

Hardwood Finish

The Cross Island small office desk finds its place in a traditional home or countryside cottage. It has a traditional, rustic design that blends well in most spaces. The brown oak hardwood finish adds elegance and style, while the sturdy construction makes this piece ideal for most rooms.


Ideal for an elegant home office, this hardwood desk boasts a traditional design with oak veneer details and a stylish pull-out keyboard tray. If you use a laptop, the tray doubles as an elegant storage space for your other devices or paper notebooks.

Overall Assessment

Robust construction and rustic design blend into this traditional piece of furniture that finds its place in most homes. Elegant lines and functional details make this desk a must-have for all those with a vintage soul. Furthermore, the desk even matches with multiple furniture pieces from the same manufacturer, allowing you to create a complete home office design.

4. The Office Oasis Desk

The Office Oasis Desk


  • Two sizes available
  • Multiple colors
  • Simplistic design
  • Built-in cable tray organizer
  • Large desktop surface


The Office Oasis Desk is a beautiful piece of furniture designed to bring minimalist functionality into a home office. Besides, it also comes in several purchase options. You’ll be able to choose from two sizes and three attractive finishes for the top.


This desk is built with the modern freelancers in mind. It has a larger-than-average desktop surface perfect to hold your laptop or even a gaming PC. Another nice perk is the built-in cable tray organizer that will keep all your cables at bay.

Overall Assessment

This elegant desk is minimalist but stylish enough to fit in all interiors. Built to offer plenty of space and working comfort to the owner, the desk comes in multiple purchase options and benefits from damage-free delivery or your money back.

5. SHW Home Office Corner Desk

SHW Home Office Corner Desk


  • L-shaped desk
  • Modern design
  • Three color options
  • Footrest bar
  • Anti-skid feet

Space Saving

Despite not being one of the tiniest desks on the market, the SHW Home Office corner desk saves plenty of space in a dorm room or in an office used by more than one person. Whether it’s a sibling or your significant other, this desk provides plenty of space for two people while saving floor space in the room.


Sleek and stylish, this attractive desk boasts a powder-coated metal frame that provides stability and an elegant desktop made of environmental particle board. It also comes in three colors. Choose your favorite from walnut, black, or nickel silver.

Overall Assessment

Attractive and functional, this corner desk brings minimalism design to your home. It has nothing but the essentials, yet its beautiful lines and generous desktop make it a great choice for a small office that has to be shared. Undoubtedly, a desk to consider.

SHW L Shaped Home Office Desk Video Review


Finding the best home office desk is often a matter of functionality rather than preference. There are many objective criteria to consider. Nevertheless, there is a bountiful range on the market, and now you even know which are some of your best options. So, all you have to do is match the desk with your needs and the style of your home, and you’ve got a winner!


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