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What Are the Best Options for Portable Solar-Powered Generators?

If you’re wondering which are your possible options for the best portable solar generators, know it shouldn’t take you much time before you find one. The market is full of choices, and most of them come at prices that won’t break the bank.

Then, with the sun readily available in most of the world, the solar option to generate electricity should be a wise move especially if you love the outdoor experience just like I do.

A portable solar generator has also been a reliable ally in not too good situations like power outage and during emergencies. Campers and RVers should also be grateful this technology is around to meet their needs.

But finding the right portable solar powered generator that suits your purpose and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg can be a daunting task. This quick guide should help you out in finding the unit you’ll be happy to spend your money on.

The Simplicity of A Solar Powered Generator 

One good thing about solar generators is their simple set up and structural design. It is easy to understand how it works even if you’re the non-technical person. The design consists of five components which include the sun.

Yes, the sun is all over the place and you don’t need a location before you can tap into the solar energy technology. Other vital parts you’ll find in solar powered generators are the solar panel, the battery, and an inverter to convert the DC into the AC which most devices use. Then, you’ll find the power outlet to connect to your appliances. It is that simple! And by no means should you think of hazards or dangerous designs, unlike the fuel-powered generators.

What to Look Out for in a Solar Generator

It is quite exciting to find a solution like the portable solar powered generator to serve your power needs.

One of the most interesting parts is that you’re literarily going to tap your energy from a free source like the big sun that never fails to burn. And more so, the fact that you’re going off-grid for the time to generate power yourself and probably sell back to the government encourages one to take advantage of the solar technology.

That said, for your portable solar powered generator, a few things count to provide you the unit you dream of having for occasional use.

1. Design

Solar powered generators are available in different designs. It is difficult to relate a particular pattern to them most times. Once the sun shines in your area and you have these components available, the set-up is simple regardless of the model.

However, with most manufacturers producing in commercial quantities, you’ll often find the mid-range solar generator, the commercial solar generator and the most common of them, the home-use portable solar powered generator.

You can find them in different shapes and sizes these days, but they are always more compact than a fuel-powered unit, a thing that boost mobility.

But what really matters when buying a portable solar powered generator is the supported load. Its capacity and adaptability to your frequency of use are some considerations to look into to find the best build and model for you.

2. Controls & Applications

Today’s solar generators come with intuitive control panels with digital features. Many of the best portable solar generators are easy and convenient to use. They come with digital displays that show vital information about the unit and let you monitor performance.

The applications provide vital updates on usages, stored energy levels and recharge rates among other features available in various designs on the market. 

The applications provide vital updates on usages, stored energy levels and recharge rates among other features available in various designs on the market. The best solar powered generator must include the following capabilities:

  • WiFi-based control to use for remote monitoring management via the internet
  • An indicator to show how much carbon dioxide you’ve avoided by using solar energy instead of fossil fuel
  • Some gauges to indicate your monthly and daily usage

With solar generators becoming more and more sophisticated, some of the best solar-powered generators like the Goal Zero Yeti 150 are equipped with controls and displays that are beyond the basics such as highlighted above.

3. Alternative Power Inputs

Some of the best solar powered generators including COOLIS 150Wh, come with alternative power input outlets that allow to charge the generator by connecting it to an AC outlet on the wall. This can serve a great deal when the stored energy is going low, and there is probably no sufficient sunshine to recharge. You may want to do thorough research on models that come with this feature if what you aim for is limitless versatility.

4. Power Outlets

Power outlets are considered some of the most vital features not to ignore when looking for the best portable generators to solve your power needs. Using power is the reason you’re buying one. The purpose is defeated when you’re limited by the unavailability or significantly low number of the receptacles available to connect your appliances.

Many of the best portable solar-powered generators come with three varieties of outlets. You should check this up before you buy.

The 5-volt USB outlet, the 12-volt DC outlet, and the 120-volt AC outlets are often installed on the best solar generators. For your tablets and mobile phones, use the 5-volt USB outlet to charge. The 120-volt outlet is the common one you have in offices and homes. That should do for household gadgets depending on the total load capacity of the generator. Trucks and automobiles are a familiar ground with the 12-volt DC outlet.

The total number of outlets provided on many solar powered generators usually corresponds to the amount of power it can generate. It is not advisable to add more outlets by using power strips. If you intend it for heavy use, solar-powered generators that include an external 30 or 50-amp outlet for powering an RV will be a good one to go for.

5. Other Vital Features

For the best option, ease of use and convenience are strong selling points. Today’s designs are built to make this a reality. Durability, including rain resistance, is an important feature to look for as well when you’re searching for the best options out there.

If you want a portable solar generator that you can use anywhere, you can’t overlook the importance of carrying handles that are solidly built to enhance mobility. Attached wheels should not be left out either. You should find yourself enjoying your new power source with little or no difficulty in its operation for your maximum benefit.

If you’re not sure what a design should look like, here is a typical portable solar powered generator’s major features you’ll find helpful.

Desirable Features 

Whether you’re a camper, emergency preparation or a hiker, investing in a solar powered generator that can serve your need is crucial; during a long time of powering my campsite with portable generators, I identified the following features as essential on a portable solar powered unit:

  • 500Wh lithium battery at a large capacity of at least 139.2Ah
  • 300-watt inverter with min 500 watts surge power
  • Compact, lightweight and simple design
  • Inbuilt LED flashlight for the outdoor convenience
  • A 120V AC socket, two 12V DC outlets, two USB ports, and car cigarette lighter
  • A compact size generator. The ideal size is around 12.2 x 6.5 x 10.2 inches

There is every good reason why you should go for the best options for a portable solar generator just like I’ve done. Solar powered generators are environmentally friendly, provide excellent and efficient power source, are very reliable and serve you on the go.

With sun shining most of the time in the hot season, you’ll also be able to stay chill when it comes to alternative power supplied in case of outage.

With a host of brands and options on the market, you can even be picky and search for the design that meets your specific requirements. You’ll undoubtedly find the best one for you!


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