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Top 5 Best Portable Car Jump Starters Review

The best portable jump starter can help you get home safe and sound when car trouble hits. You won’t need another vehicle to recharge your battery in case it runs flat in the middle of nowhere. Just charge up your jump starter and get back on track. All jump starters featured in this list have proved themselves reliable, portable, and dependable. Check them out below.

What are the Best Portable Car Jump Starters?

What to Look For When Buying a Portable Jump Starter

There are many things to consider when buying a portable jump starter. From design to size and specifications, you must check the model you like truly complies with your needs. Nevertheless, checking the following three factors is essential.

Power Output

Portable jump starters come in all shapes and sizes, but what’s important is their power output. Consider that most jump starters serve more than one purpose. Therefore they have to be powerful. Their power also determines how fast they will jump start your vehicle.

While more often than not you could do just fine with a small jump starter able to output around 600 amps, we recommend getting a model that can output of around 1,000 amps. 


The jump starter’s clamps can do more than just transfer current between the device and your vehicle’s battery. Some manufacturers equip their clamps with smart technology that allows them to recognize reversed polarity, overloads, and many other issues that could potentially damage the battery.

These clamps are ideal if you want to increase safety and reduce the risks of damaging your car.


Lastly, consider the jump starter’s functionality. Odds are you won’t use the unit for its stated purpose too often. But you can make the best use of your money by using it as a power bank. In this case, a more powerful jump starter will give you more satisfaction.

Some models can be used to power up small camping appliances, such as mini-fridges and TVs. Most portable jump starters are also great if you want to charge your phone, tablet, or another mobile device via USB ports.

Roadside safety is also important, so getting a jump starter that incorporates a flashlight could be a great idea. Some models come with flashlights that work in normal, strobe, and SOS modes.

Furthermore, some portable jump starters even incorporate other accessories, such as compasses.

With these in mind, let’s now have a look at the best portable jump starters in 2019.

Top 5 Best Portable Jump Starters

1. TACKLIFE T8 Car Jump Starter

TACKLIFE T8 Car Jump Starter


  • Long standby time
  • Compatible with a range of vehicles
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Built-in compass
  • Dual charging ports


The TACKLIFE T8 is a well-designed jump starter. Aggressive aesthetics combine perfectly with the unit’s power. An incorporated On/Off switch allows to slow down the battery’s self-discharge, which translates into a charge held up to twelve months when the jump starter is not in use. Another nice feature is the wrong operation indicator that blinks and buzzes when something’s not right.


This portable jump starter packs ergonomically designed, all-metal clamps that resist long-time use. More than a jump starter though, the unit also serves as an emergency flashlight or red warning light, it incorporates a life-saving strobe, SOS signal lights, and a compass. We also like the big LCD screen which displays electricity clearly.

Overall Assessment

Outputting 800 amps peak current, the TACKLIFE T8 is ideal for jump starting all 12V vehicles including SUVs, vans, trucks, and even boats. You can use it up to 30 times on a full charge, while the included compact power bank with dual USB ports is perfect for charging your phone in emergency situations. Coming with all needed to use straight out of the box and at a price that won’t break the bank, this is undoubtedly one of the best portable jump starters on the market.

Tacklife T8 Video Review




  • All-in-one multi-tool
  • High performance jump starter
  • AC and DC charger adapters
  • Portable power source
  • Battery status indicator

Powerful Jump Starter

POTEK JS88 is much more than a jump starter, but if you have to recharge a flat battery, know that it provides 1,500 peak amps and 750 instant amps. Sturdy all-metal clamps are built for longevity, and the unit is perfect for jump starting your car, van, camper, or even motorcycle.

Portable Multi-Tool

Much more than a jump starter, this unit incorporates a 150 PSI tire inflator with accessories for other inflatables, as well as AC and USB ports you can use to charge your mobile devices. You can also use this power bank to power a mini-fridge, TV, or other 110-volt appliances under 300 watts.

Overall Assessment

The POTEK JS88 has all it takes to satisfy your power needs on the go. It is perfect to use as portable jump starter and even better to have in your trunk for camping and outdoor adventures. A battery status indicator will let you know just when it’s time to recharge, and you can use this unit to jump start a vehicle, power up small appliances, and keep your mobile devices charged while on the go.

3. Audew Car Jump Starter

Audew Car Jump Starter


  • Smart clamps
  • Multifunctional
  • Incorporated power bank
  • 12 months warranty
  • Ultra-compact design

Advance Safety Technology

AUDEW is an innovative brand that knew how to take their jump starter to the next level. This product comes with upgraded clamps and an intelligent mainboard designed to provide reverse polarity protection. At the same time, the unit also protects against overload, over-voltage, over-current, and over-charge.

Compact Design

It is hard to imagine how power is packed in such a compact instrument. Nevertheless, this jump starter boasts 1,000 peak amps and uses a high-rate lithium-ion battery which makes it easy to start most 12V vehicles. You can use it for your car, RV, speedboat, lawnmower or tractor, and more.

Overall Assessment

This reliable multi-function jump starter comes with all needed for easy usage right out of the box. It doubles as a portable charger, LED flashlight, and SOS lighting signal, and it can be handy in multiple situations. With a long warranty, an always available customer service and 180 days of money-back guarantee, this jump starter gives you dependable roadside safety and peace of mind.

4. BASAF Car Jump Starter

BASAF Car Jump Starter


  • Eight intelligent safety functions
  • Fast recharge
  • Multifunctional
  • Powerful jump starter
  • Two-year warranty


BASAF is a jump starter similar to the AUDEW above but more powerful. It boasts a peak current rated at 1,500 amps and can provide up to 40 jump starts on a single charge. It is also compatible with all 12V gas and diesel vehicles, including boats and trucks.

Quick Charge

Perfect to use for much more than jump starting your car, BASAF comes with a 12V/10A output and two USB 3.0 ports. Thanks to its quick charge technology, you can use the jump starter as a power bank too. You can use it to boost your phone’s battery, recharge your camera, GPS, and other electronic devices you would normally plug into a 12V cigarette outlet.

Overall Assessment

Incorporating advanced safety features and serving more than one purpose, the BASAF car jump starter is another great product to consider. It comes with a type-C input and serves as a power bank too. Furthermore, the starter also boasts a flashlight with three LED modes including normal, strobe, and SOS. Perfect for all emergency situations.

5. Besde Car Accessories 600A

Besde Car Accessories 600A


  • Compact design
  • Up to 600 amps of power
  • Long lifespan
  • Viable in extreme conditions
  • USB ports

Long Lifespan

This jump starter might not be the most powerful on the market, but it’s long-lasting. It can jump start your vehicle for up to 1,000 times over the complete life of the battery. Furthermore, it is also compatible with most 12V vehicles, including gas and diesel cars, ATVs, motorcycles, tractors, and speedboats.

Viable in Extreme Conditions

One feature you’ll truly like is the possibility to use this jump starter in extreme conditions including temperatures below -4°F. On the upper threshold, the jump starter works beautifully in temperatures up to 140°F.

Overall Assessment

Like all other jump starters featured in this guide, this model serves more than just jump starting your car. Use it to charge your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Too weak to power small appliances, the 600A is still powerful enough to support a host of devices. Long-lasting and working in extreme temperatures, this jump starter is still a great one to consider.


Driving a vehicle comes with no guarantees that you’ll reach your destination safe and sound. A portable jump starter can certainly help when you’re stuck with a flat battery. Choosing the right one is often hard, but now you know which are some of your best options.


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