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Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower

The best walk behind leaf blower is a great alternative to a backpack style unit. Perfect for elderly homeowners or those who need to clean large areas, this machine promises reliability and maneuverability.

There are even several models to choose from. They come with smaller or bigger engines, comfortable handles, and a series of other features designed to improve your user experience.

Here's a list of Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower

To help you with your pick, I’ve put together this guide that will teach you all you need to know about leaf blowers. Then, don’t forget to check my selection of the best leaf blowers on the market, to find the model that best suits your needs.

Types of Leaf Blowers

The first step before investing money in any unit on the market is deciding which type of leaf blower you need. We can distinguish between three types of machines, handheld, backpack, and walk behind.

  • Handheld leaf blowers: Are the cheapest and easiest to handle. They are lightweight and compact, designed to be held in your hand. A handheld leaf blower consists of a main unit that incorporates the engine, a hose, and a nozzle. The engine is enclosed in a briefcase style frame that has a handle. To use it, hold the engine case in one hand and the nozzle in the other, directing the air jet where needed.
  • Backpack leaf blowers: Are very similar to the handheld ones, but instead of holding the engine unit in your hand, it is provided with shoulder straps, so you can put it on as a backpack. Due to the different design, it can be equipped with a more powerful and heavier engine, which provides a higher airflow. Many backpack blowers also double as garden vacuums, gathering leaves and debris into a collection bag instead of blowing them in piles. More often than not, these models are preferred by professional landscapers.
  • Walk behind leaf blowers: Are mainly preferred by  homeowners who don’t mind spending more money on a more powerful unit. They are undoubtedly the most powerful in the block and come with reliable engines up to 250cc. They output an airflow up to 200 miles per hour and help you clean your property in a breeze. Coming with wheels, they are also easy to handle on most terrains and present a valid alternative to the impaired or elderly homeowners.

Walk Behind Leaf Blower Features

By now you decided a walk behind leaf blower is what you need. Great. All you need now is to know what features to look for.

  • Electric start: Most walk behind leaf blowers come with gas engines, although there are some exceptions. If you want to be able to start your unit easily even on the colder days, invest in a unit with electric start.
  • Anti-vibration handle: Another important feature is the anti-vibration handle that allows you to reduce the level of vibrations and increase comfort and maneuverability. Most models have a soft grip handle or rubber handles designed specifically for this purpose.
  • Low noise: Nothing is more annoying than a lawn care tool that emits an unpleasantly loud noise. To avoid it, and to avoid discussions with your neighbors, get a unit that has a rated noise level at or below normal conversation level.

With all this in mind, it’s now time to see which are the best walk behind leaf blowers on the market. Have a look at our top picks below.

Top 5 Best Walk Behind Leaf Blowers

1. Southland SWB163150E

Southland SWB163150E


  • 1,200 CFM
  • 163cc engine
  • 150 MPH air speed
  • Adjustable chute
  • Balanced steel fan

Powerful Wind Force

Ideal for all gardens and withstanding professional use, the Southland SWB163150E is the best walk behind leaf blower on the market. It comes with a powerful motor capable of outputting an impressive air force. Blowing at 150 miles per hour, this leaf blower can clean your pavements and yard in a breeze.


No doubt, maneuvering this machine is easy. Despite its size and weight, the robust wheels and well-balanced center of gravity make it easy to push, pull, or steer it as needed. furthermore, the robust handles also provide an ergonomic grip.

Overall Assessment

The best walk behind leaf blower on the market, this reliable machine is designed with both the homeowner and landscaper in mind. A swiveling front wheel helps to steer and to change direction, while the two big rear wheels add balance and stability. Impressive engine capabilities and blowing make this machine perfect for frequent and occasional use alike.

Southland Blower SWB163150B Video Review

2. Troy-Bilt TB672 Jet Sweep

Troy-Bilt TB672 Jet Sweep


  • 1,000 CFM
  • 150 mph airstream
  • 208cc OHV engine
  • Rubberized grip
  • Front discharge chute


A reliable yet compact walk behind snow blower designed for hassle-free maneuverability on all terrains. It’s great from blowing leaves off your walkways, driveways, and yard, but you can also use it in the garden or on other unpaved surfaces.


The 208cc engine provides sufficient torque; this machine is capable of blowing air at a speed of 150 miles per hour, more than a strong wind. It cleans leaves and debris in a breeze, while the compact dimension makes it easy to store and transport.

Overall Assessment

One of the most powerful walk behind leaf blowers on the market, the Troy-Built comes with a reliable engine and is capable of cleaning your outdoor spaces effortlessly. It has a compact design and is easy to maneuver thanks to the relatively low weight and great balance. The wheels add further value, and overall, this product delivers excellent value for money.

M-D Building Products Video Review

3. Little Wonder 99170-03-01 C5

Little Wonder 99170


  • Subaru SP170 engine
  • Electric start
  • 200 mph airflow
  • 1,150 CFM
  • Adjustable discharge nozzle


One of the most powerful walk behind leaf blowers on the market, the Little Wonder C5 comes with a reliable Subaru engine outputting 170cc of power. Starting electrically, the motor is powerful enough to ensure an airflow of 200 miles per hour and a CFM rating of 1,150.


Easy to handle and maneuver, this unit also boasts an ergonomic grip and reliable wheels that make it easy to push, pull, or turn the unit on all terrains. Ideal for homeowners and dependable enough to withstand high volume demands, this leaf blower will undoubtedly stay by your side for the years to come.

Overall Assessment

Ideal for those who don’t mind spending a little more on quality, the Little Wonder C5 is a dependable leaf blower that will help you sweep away dead leaves and debris in a quick, easy step. Resistant and equipped with a reliable motor, this unit will not disappoint.

Little Wonder C5 Video Review

4. Merry Mac LB1100EZM

Merry Mac LB1100EZM


  • Height adjustable front wheel
  • Stable frame
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 1,850 CFM
  • Powerful engine


Merry Mac may not be the most popular brand out there, yet their walk behind leaf blower promises to blow your mind with its reliability. It comes with a powerful 250cc engine capable of producing an airflow of 185 miles per hour and 1,850 CFM. Just what it takes to remove stubborn debris off your property.

Adjustable Handle

As any homeowner knows, comfort is everything when maneuvering lawn care tools. Merry Mac knew it, that’s why their product comes with an ergonomic handle. The handle is height adjustable and provided with a cushioned anti-vibe grip designed to improve overall comfort.

Overall Assessment

No doubt a reliable walk behind leaf blower, this lawn care tool brings multiple advantages. It comes at a great price and provides a high-speed airflow capable of sweeping away all debris from your property.

5. Little Wonder Optimax

Little Wonder Optimax 9160


  • 160cc Honda engine
  • Anti-vibration grip
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 153 mph airflow
  • 1,397 CFM

Split Stream Deflector

Similar in many ways with the other Little Wonder model in this list, the Optimax is ideal for smaller homes and occasional use. It comes with a split stream deflector designed to blow leaves faster and further, and a low discharge chute that increases power.

Ergonomic Handle

Perfect for inexperienced homeowners and experienced landscapers alike, this walk behind leaf blower boasts an ergonomic handle provided with a comfortable anti-vibration grip. Besides all this, the unit also boasts a convenient 5-year consumer warranty.

Overall Assessment

Ideal for most homeowners but more expensive than other similar units, the Little Wonder Optimax promises unrivaled reliability. It has an optimal handle, sturdy wheels and a swivel front wheel, an ergonomic handle and anti-vibration grip. A low discharge chute and split stream deflector are only other highlights of this unit.

Little Wonder Optimax Video Review


A walk behind leaf blower comes as an excellent alternative to the more popular backpack style units. They are more powerful and undoubtedly more indicated for heavy-duty applications. Finding the perfect unit is not always easy, but now you know which are some of your best options.


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