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Where Can I Get The Best Portable Solar Power Generator?

It is not unusual to find people asking what the best portable generator is and where to find one. This is because the technology is kind of offering the solution people have long wanted to come their way. There is every good reason why anyone should have an alternative power supply for his home or business.

It saves you lost hours in the event of an outage or a storm. But despite the solar energy buzz spreading like wildfire, not many people want to get along with the use of the solar power.

 Probably the reason could be that they are unaware of the benefits of having one or are scared of the technology since it has to do with the electricity generation. So, what are those people missing in a solar power generator?

What Is A Solar Generator?

Simply put, a solar power generator is a device that generates electricity from the sun. Virtually all homes in America get their electricity from the grid. Similarly, with a solar generator, you can get about the same supply of electricity in your home.

A solar power generator can be compared to regular fuel generators you use in your home. The thing is that they both work by converting a DC into a useful AC.

The difference in the two can be seen from the raw energy source from which each operates. For a fuel power generator, gasoline and natural gas are some of the fuels used to generate electricity. In contrast, a solar power generator uses a single source, the sun as its sole supplier of power.

The Components Of A Solar Generator

When you examine the different parts that make up a solar generator, you’ll discover different pieces are put together to make up the unit, and you can visibly see them apart. The entire composition can be divided into two main components. These are the solar panels and the power generator unit.

The solar panels are the devices responsible for trapping sunlight and converting it into electricity. It does this by merely using the trapped sunlight to knock out electrons from atoms which produce electricity.

The DC power generated by the solar panels is not the type most of the gadgets in our homes use. It has to be converted to a usable AC that is useful to us at home and to run our appliances. This is where the second component of a solar power generator comes in.

The power generator unit comprises two other subunits, the battery, and the inverter.

Here, it is the turn of the inverter to convert the DC produced from the solar panels to a useful AC that our appliances make use of.

The battery component is used as a storage unit for the excess current that is not converted into AC. This can be used later on to generate more usable electricity. The higher the capacity of the battery the better it will be for your unit to be able to generate electricity in the event of an emergency.

You’ll probably not run out of power if you have sufficient storage which is determined by your battery’s storage capacity. This is what happens in a solar power generator.

Is It What You Really Want?

Now, you may want to take a closer look to see if a portable solar power generator will readily meet your needs and if it’s what you’re looking at.

Know that a portable power generator will serve a good purpose to help during a power outage but may not necessarily be a replacement for supply from the national grid. This is because the portable solar power may not be sufficient to power the total capacity of your home appliances. The power output may not add up to what it takes to meet the full capacity of your home. Another is that the solar technology is still a new one. Getting one set up may cost more.

Now, for you to enjoy a solar power generator, there is the need for sufficient sunshine, and this may not be the case during winter. Even when the sunshine is sufficient, it takes some time for the panels to recharge the battery in the unit. You will sometimes experience power fluctuation depending on the strength of the sun. You can see why a total replacement may be feasible here but not a very good one to turn to when there is a power outage.

In addition, if you decide on a solar power generator, expanding and carrying out repairs may not be as easy as you’ll have with your fuel generators.

However, solar power generators come in handy during an emergency. If you’re looking to run some of your appliances when you should, a solar power generator is surely a reliable one to turn if electricity supply is limited in your area. And there are also many good reasons to want to buy a solar power generator to serve your need for electricity.

Why Invest In A Portable Solar Power Generator?

Free Fuel

The good thing about the solar power generator is that you don’t need to pay for fuel before you can enjoy electricity. Since the sun is all you need to make electricity with this system, there should be no shortage of supply to generate electricity.

Safe And Easy To Store Energy

If you’re scared of technology and particularly, electricity, the solar power generator could be the one for you. This is because it is safe and you’ll almost not know if anything strange is running in your home. You won’t get the common sparks and shocks connected with electrical cables if the setup is built not to expose any naked wires.

Noiseless And Environmentally Friendly

One good addition to the safety concerns of the solar power generator is their silent mode of operation and the absence of dangerous exhaust fumes. You won’t hear any disturbing noise around when you’re using one. There is also no release of poisonous fumes like the one you experience while using a gasoline generator. It will just be great if you can find the best portable generator around.

What Makes The Best Portable Solar Power Generator?

How portable you want your solar power generator to be will depend on some of the factors. This can also affect the capacity of your output. The larger the solar panel, the more sunshine it is capable of trapping and converting to electricity.

With a good setup, you can have a portable design on the power generator end. The best portable power generator should provide a good amount of electricity to power most of your appliances and finding one may require you to make some vital moves.

Where you can find one to meet your needs

There are different options to where you can find the best portable solar power generator. First, online shopping sites should be one of your top search locations. Focus on the big players who are reliable, and choose some of the top-rated generators, like the Suaoki Portable Power Station or the Jackery Portable.

Suaoki Portable Power Station
Jackery Portable Power Station Generator

Visiting the manufacturing company’s website directly can also be a good place to find the best solar power generator.

If you already have a brand in mind, this makes it even easier. The official website or the product’s website can be a good place to find the best portable power generator. All you need do is to search the brand name with the words “official website” or “product website” to get to the right website where the various solar power generator series are listed.

Alternatively, you can shop offline in one of the many home appliances stores. In this case, you’ll have the possibility to get a real feel of the model which may help if you’re unsure which unit to buy.


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