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Chicago Electric 10-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review

If you’re struggling to achieve perfect 90° crosscuts into wood boards or lumber, then you’re probably looking for the best miter saw. While there are dozens of options on the market, one that could satisfy your needs is the Chicago Electric 10-inch. Read our Chicago Electric 10-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw review and see if this is the tool you were looking after.

Chicago Electric is not the first brand to come to mind when talking about power tools. Its biggest advantage is the price.

If you’re a beginner or even an avid amateur looking to spend as little as possible on a decent quality product, then Chicago Electric could be your choice.

Returning to our sliding compound miter saw, this tool is built for precision and incorporates long-lasting components.

Are you wondering if this is the right tool for you? Then check out its main features, pros, and cons in the review below.

Chicago Electric 10-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Build & Design

The Chicago Electric 10-inch sliding compound miter saw boasts a smart design that allows performing a host of cutting tasks. The miter saw was born to perform accurate crosscuts in most types of wood, but the compound design also allows performing miter and bevel cuts in both directions and on workpieces of different sizes.

Ideal for framers and not only, but this miter saw is also perfect for trim work. It has a compact and rather portable dimension. Furthermore, its compact footprint allows you to find a place for it even on a small workbench.

However, perhaps the greatest advantage of this compact miter saw is the outstanding quality of its built.

The machine has a sturdy metal base with pre-drilled bench holes. This base ensures outstanding balance and stability while keeping the unit’s arm and blade firmly in position. The design reduces hazards to a minimum.

Another great feature is the dual linear slide rail that eliminates the need for rear clearance. The ball-bearing rails also provide a smooth slide action that reduces user fatigue.

Talking about comfort, you’ll be pleased to know that Chicago Electric projected this tool with convenience in mind. The soft vertical handle impresses with a vibration-reduction grip that not only boosts comfort but also improves control over the tool.

A small downside is the tool’s heft. This sliding compound miter saw is not excessively heavy, yet it’s heavy enough to be a burden if you want to move it. Nevertheless, its heft ensures stability and reduces most hazards associated with lighter saws.

Cutting Capacity

Designed for working with 10-inch blades, the Chicago Electric sliding compound miter saw has an ample cutting capacity enhanced by the compact slide system. This not only ensures comfort during use, but it also increases the accuracy.

Despite its small dimension, the tool impresses with an excellent cutting capacity that makes it perfect for more woodworking projects.

If your primary purpose is to make 90° crosscuts – and it probably is given that you’re looking for a miter saw – then know that this tool provides a generous cutting depth and can deal with pieces of up to 2-3/4 inches by 13-3/16 inches.

As you can expect, the unit is capable of performing miter cuts at 45°. The max cutting depth is slightly reduced in this configuration, but you’ll be pleased to know the machine can tilt to both left and right.

Like all compound miter saws, the Chicago Electric machine also performs compound miter cuts to both left and right.

Blade & Accessories

Like most miter saws on the market, Chicago Electric sells its sliding compound miter saw with an all-purpose carbide tipped blade. The name of the tool suggests the size of the blade. In fact, we’re talking about a 10-inch blade with 60 carbide teeth.

The strong construction of the blade nonetheless its high number of teeth makes it perfect for coarse and finer cuts in a variety of materials.

This compound miter saw can deal with softwood as well as hardwood, plywood, MDF, laminate, and other types of engineered wood materials.

Besides the blade, the tool comes with other important accessories including:

  • Convenient dust bag
  • Extension bars to increase cut capacity
  • Table clamp

Speed & Performance

Like most miter saws out there, the Chicago Electric 10-inch comes equipped with a dependable 15-amp motor. Designed to tackle even the most demanding jobs, the motor is capable of outputting 1,520 watts.

The astonishing power spins the blade up to 5,000 revolutions per minute at no load. At this speed, the blade can easily slice through most materials. 

Finer cuts or coarse cuts in harder materials are also easy to make thanks to the unit’s excellent torque.

Regarding performance, we’re sure this miter saw will not disappoint. Certainly, it’s not designed for heavy duty use. Nonetheless, it’s compatible with a wide range of blades and can perform coarse or precision cuts in wood, metals, and even plastic.

Consumer Reviews

Overall, this compound miter saw is judge positively by its users. The most praised feature is the compactness of the tool that can be easily mounted on a small workbench. Most users with realistic expectations also felt satisfied with the unit’s performance.

The tool is described as reliable and easy to use. It is ideal for beginners as well as avid amateurs who need a reliable tool.

Some complaints regard the dust collection, which could undoubtedly be improved. The blade guard is also judged as pretty much useless. Other than this, the miter saw enjoys a positive judgment and is rated among the best entry-level compound miter saws on the market.


  • This sliding compound miter saw by Chicago Electric counts multiple benefits. Among the most praised features is the ease of use. The miter saw is solid but compact, it has straightforward controls and is perfect for the novice.
  • Users also appreciate the relatively low price of this tool. Compared with other miter saws in its class, this model is cheaper. At the same time, it boasts a level of performance similar to or better than the one output by its competition.
  • The ample cutting capacity, outstanding speed, and the possibility to perform miter cuts in both directions is another praised feature.
  • We also like the quality of the accessories the miter saw comes with. Perfect to use on most types of wood; this miter saw is powerful enough to deal with lumber as well as engineered wood.


  • The poor dust management is perhaps the biggest downside of this miter saw. Don’t expect to have a clean workshop while using this tool. Although it comes with a bag, the dust collection is just not what it should be.
  • Another slight downside is the blade guard which doesn’t do its job properly. Most people decide to ditch it altogether, but this draws back protection.
  • All in all, this tool is exceptional for its price. As long as you’re aware of its limitations, it performs exactly as expected and produces great results. However, you should keep in mind that this is an entry-level tool.

Final Verdict

Chicago Electric 10-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a great tool for the money that delivers excellent value. Perhaps it won’t produce the most precise cuts. But as long as you’re planning to use it for rough woodworking, such as deck making and the like, you’ll be just fine with this workhorse.

Certainly, if precision is important to you, then perhaps you should think of investing in a top-level unit.

All in all, this miter saw is performing, it comes with a bunch of accessories, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Could it be improved? Without a doubt. But in the end, all tools on the market have their flaws. What is sure is that if you’re looking after a reliable and affordable sliding compound miter saw, then this might be it.

Chicago Electric Sliding Miter Saw Video Review


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