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Hitachi C10RJ Review

If you’re after a dependable, portable, and professional table saw, the Hitachi C10RJ could be just the right tool for you. This saw is a true workhorse delivered together with a reliable stand. Powerful and easy to maneuver, it incorporates all you could wish from a top end tool.

Designed for the professional user but suitable for the amateur too, this outstanding table saw brags with a wide cutting area, a powerful 10-inch blade, and a powerful motor. It lives up to all expectations, from coarse rip cutting to the fine cutting of your framing or wood pieces.

If by now you’re curious to know whether this is the right tool for you, read my Hitachi C10RJ to discover all its perks, qualities, and flaws.

Hitachi C10RJ Review

Build Quality

Coming from one of the biggest brands in the power tools market, the C10RJ from Hitachi impresses with an imposing stance and high-quality components. There is no doubt that this tool addresses professionals, a thing that shows off in its build quality.

Besides the high-quality parts involved in the design of this tool, the Hitachi is also renowned for its longevity and reliability.

This table saw incorporates a rugged caster platform and comes with a stand that brings more value for money. Just like the saw, the stand impresses with the quality of its construction. It has collapsible legs which are very easy to set up and breakdown.

However, you can expect unrivaled balance and stability. In other words, you’ll be able to use this table saw anywhere as long as you’ll have access to a standard wall outlet to power up this beast.

Great is also the durable wheels which are fixed on the stand. They ensure easy maneuvering on all terrains, providing sufficient support.

The incorporated onboard storage is another feature that drives up the value of this tool. This table saw can store multiple accessories, such as anti-kickback pawls, blade guards, push sticks, and other items you might need during operation.

Besides, an ample table surface ensures suitability for projects of all sizes. Last but not least, you’ll like the easy-reach on/off button and the incorporated circuit breaker designed to boost your safety.

Power Quality

The Hitachi C10RJ is described as second to none by the manufacturer, and it comes with a high-power 15-amp motor that generates speeds up to 4,500 revolutions per minute.

You’ll find it is slower than many similar models, including a specific table saw manufactured by DEWALT. Nevertheless, the Hitachi is undoubtedly calibrated for working with all types of wood, including softwood varieties as well as plywood and engineered wood.

This is possible thanks to the tool’s impressive torque capable of driving the blade through hard materials like a knife through melted butter. At the same time, we’re sure you’ll never lack the speed to drive the blade through softwood.

Cutting Capacity

One of the most praised features of this table saw is undoubtedly its ample cutting capacity. The Hitachi C10RJ comes with a generous table of 22 x 28-3/4 inches with an extendable top that enhances the cutting capacity with as many as 13 inches to the right, up to a total cutting capacity of 35 inches. Although the cutting capacity to the left remains the same, this is much more than you could expect from such a compact tool.

All this is possible thanks to a signature rack and pinion system that allows the table to extend itself. At the same time, the tool also boasts a rotating fence mechanism that is similar to that used by DEWALT.

Besides the table extension, the C10RJ also boasts an outstanding outfeed extension, nonetheless a generous cutting depth. In fact, you’ll be able to cut most lumber boards with a thickness of up to 3-1/8 inches at 90° and up to 2-1/4 inches if you’re planning to make miter cuts.

Dust Management

It is very well known that what most portable table saws lack to provide is compelling dust management. Luckily, that’s not the C10RJ’s case. This table saw has a convenient and reliable dust management system consisting of a large port that connects to either a collection bag or a vacuum cleaner.

Managing dust and shavings has never been so easy, and you’ll be able to keep your work in quite good order thanks to this reliable system.


In terms of safety, the Hitachi C10RJ leaves nothing to be desired. The main safety feature is the soft start. In fact, the blade starts spinning at very low speed when you turn on the unit and gradually increases it until it reaches full speed.

Thanks to this particular, you’ll be able to set your workpiece properly and prevent mistakes or injuries.

An electric brake is another important safety feature alongside circuit breakers. All are designed to stop the unit instantly in case of power shortage or danger, increasing your safety.

To further increase the safety of your tool, you can invest in blade guards which are not included in the box.

Consumer Reviews

Consumers praise the C10RJ’s reliability and dependability. This table saw is described as perfect for professional use. Perhaps the most popular feature is the possibility to use it with or without the stand.

In fact, the machine can be easily bolted to a workbench in case the stand is not needed.

Another popular feature is the presence of the folding stand. Experts also like that it comes with an extendable table, while the 10-inch blade satisfies the needs of contractors and amateurs alike. 


  • No doubt, the biggest pro of this table saw is its professional design that incorporates only high-quality components praised for their longevity. The tool will undoubtedly stay by your side for a long time.
  • The presence of a stable folding stand does nothing but driving the tool’s value up. Despite its compact size, this table saw is also powerful and ridiculously easy to handle.
  • This saw comes with a 10-inch blade strong enough to cut through most materials, while the tool itself boasts multiple features and fine adjustment settings that ensure suitability for big and small woodworking projects alike.


  • Although outstanding as far as quality and performance are concerned, the Hitachi C10RJ boasts a rather complex design. This tool is perfect for experts and versed amateurs, but it’s definitely not the right tool for the novice.
  • Besides the complexity of the design, the tool also comes with a rather incomprehensive user manual that does nothing but brings further confusion.
  • While operation ease is just not there, another complaint regards the price. This table saw is rather expensive compared to its competition. While it’s true that it pays to buy top quality, it’s also true that you could find similar table saws at lower prices.

Final Verdict

The Hitachi C10RJ is one of the best table saws out there. This tool brings with it unrivaled versatility and can easily satisfy the most demanding professional. Incorporating a wealth of features and high-end components, this tool promises longevity and reliability.

You can use it with or without its stand; moreover, you’ll even have plenty of room to store your essentials onboard.

Another nice thing is the possibility to extend the cutting capacity, not to mention the high-quality universal blade included in the pack.

Of course, the C10RJ is not perfect. The dust management could be slightly improved. The tool could come with a better user manual or a simpler interface. Nevertheless, we’re certain that the Hitachi C10RJ table saw will impress you, and this tool will dependably serve all your job site or workshop needs.

Here is where you can buy your Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw.

Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw Video Review


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