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M18 FUEL Milwaukee String Trimmer Review

If you’re looking after a great residential string trimmer, check out our M18 FUEL Milwaukee string trimmer review. This exceptional tool can meet the needs of most homeowners. It’s powered by batteries, so you will have to worry neither for the carbon footprint nor for mobility.

It has variable speed too and works with standard diameter string. This battery-powered string trimmer is seen by experts as an alternative – or sometimes an addition – to Milwaukee’s gas-fueled pro’s tool.

But will it satisfy your domestic needs? Read this comprehensive review to find out all you need to know about its features, advantages, and flaws, before making a decision.

M18 FUEL Milwaukee String Trimmer

Battery & Speed

The M18 FUEL string trimmer by Milwaukee is a battery-powered outdoor tool equipped with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. At first glance, it may seem the battery voltage is rather low. There are many string trimmers out there that use much more powerful batteries.

However, the M18’s battery comes with an incredible advantage. It produces up to 9 amps per hour, which means you’ll still get sufficient power to remove even the most stubborn grass blades and weeds from your lawn.

Another great feature is the possibility to use the string trimmer with any M18 battery. This means that if you already own another Milwaukee M18 tool, such as a leaf blower or hedge trimmer, you can simply switch the battery between the tools.

At this voltage and amperage, the battery also boasts a decent runtime. You’ll have over an hour of trimming time per charge; at the same time, the battery recharges quite fast.

When it comes to speed, know that M18 FUEL string trimmer is designed for residential use but with professional users in mind. It boasts two speed settings. The lower one reaches a maximum of 4,600 revolutions per minute, whereas the higher setting goes up to 5,800 revolutions per minute.

The variable speed trigger control allows you to switch from low to high and vice versa as needed.

However, changing the speeds is quite a hassle. You will have to let go of the trigger completely, change the speeds, and then resume operation. This isn’t a major drawback if you have a small lawn and plenty of time. Nevertheless, it’s rather annoying.

Apart from that, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the possibility to deal with all types of grass and weeds, including the most stubborn ones.

Trimmer Head

Going forward with our Milwaukee string trimmer review, perhaps you’re curious to know what trimmer head you’ll deal with and what string you’ll have to use.

It is easy to imagine that a dual speed weed eater would accept two types of string trimmer line. This is indeed the case of the M18 FUEL. This whacker accepts either .080-inch or .095 line and comes with preinstalled .080-inches twist line.

Depending on the line used and settings, you can also set the cutting diameter at the desired dimension, either 14 or 16 inches.

Like you would expect, the string trimmer incorporates a bump feed system. However, Milwaukee knew just how to differentiate itself from the mass and added a metal ring to the system, designed to prevent the wearing down of parts during the bump action.

Useless to say this improves the overall durability of your string trimmer which will be much more long-lasting than any of its counterparts made of plastic only.

Another nice feature is the cutter guard easy to adjust inside or out to give you the desired length in all circumstances.


Another thing that stands out is the build quality. Like most Milwaukee tools, this string trimmer is designed to impress. It has an excellent balance, firm grip, and is easy to maneuver and use.

A soft grip near the battery core and a full wrap-around handle on the shaft ensure stability during use. Like you could expect from this brand, the shaft is strong enough to resist heavy use. At the same time, the head is equipped with a large guard that prevents flying debris from hitting you.

The only downside is the rather complicated adjustment of the tool. Changing the line cutter requires you to use a Torx wrench, while the handle adjustment requires the use of a hex wrench. Obviously, the tool has no onboard storage, so make sure you make all necessary adjustments before hitting the green.


Overall, the M18 FUEL has an outstanding performance. When used on a lower speed, this string trimmer can seamlessly remove overgrown grass and small weeds. On the lower speed setting, you’ll obviously get more runtime, and you’ll never feel that power is lacking.

On the higher speed setting, the string trimmer can effectively remove stubborn weeds and large overgrown grass.

You can adjust the performance level by switching from thinner to the thicker cutting line. However, the thin .080-inch line is still strong enough to cut through most types of vegetation.

Noise Level

Given that it’s powered by a battery, the M18 FUEL Milwaukee String Trimmer has a quite decent noise level. This doesn’t mean the unit is silent though; the string trimmer produces around 85 decibels, which is loud enough to produce permanent hearing damage in case of prolonged exposure.

To prevent injuries or even permanent hearing loss, it is recommended to use the trimmer exclusively with ear muffs.

Consumer Reviews

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL string trimmer enjoys overall positive consumer feedback. People praise the trimmer’s capabilities, and most professionals consider it a great back-up alternative to the stronger gas-powered tools.

Highly appreciated is the metal insert on the head that protects the plastic components during the line feeding motion.

However, some users have noticed the thicker line tends to clog the feeding mechanism. This is a rather sporadic experience though, so it’s uncertain whether it is an actual defect of the tool or misuse. 


  • Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of this string trimmer is the variable speed. You can choose between maximum performance and extended runtime, which is fantastic. We also like that it works with two types of strings.
  • Another great feature is the M18 battery. The M18 FUEL battery is compatible with over 125 solutions, which means you can simply prolong the unit’s runtime by using more than one battery pack, or the possibility to reduce purchase costs by buying a bare tool if you already own the battery.
  • Besides all the above, this string trimmer also boasts a high-quality construction and unrivaled power.


  • There isn’t much to say against this string trimmer. The unit has some flaws though. First, it comes with a fixed shaft that doesn’t allow for multi-tool solutions. You won’t be able to carry multiple heads and connect them to the main core. On the contrary, you’ll have to buy all separate tools.
  • If you have a large lawn or want to use this tool for professional purposes, you’ll also lack the presence of a shoulder strap.
  • Regarding runtime, you will have a decent hour of trimming grass, which is great if you’re a homeowner. Professionals will still lack a longer runtime though. Another slight downside is the difficulty to make adjustments on the fly.

Final Verdict

Packing all you could wish from a best in class, the M18 FUEL Milwaukee string trimmer is undoubtedly an excellent choice. This tool won’t let you down regardless of what setting or line you decide to use.

It is lightweight and ergonomic. Retail options propose it with or without a battery kit, and the manufacturer even offers M18 FUEL bundles which associate the string trimmer with other outdoor power tools and a battery pack.

With a decent runtime and fairly fast recharge, you’re not going to wait for ages until you can finish the chore. Furthermore, the unit comes at a decent price considering its quality. No doubt, a string trimmer you should try!

Here is where you can buy your M18 FUEL Milwaukee String Trimmer.

M18 FUEL Milwaukee String Trimmer Video Review


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