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Monument Grill Review – 4-Burner with LED Controls

A grill is no less than a culinary power tool. An item designed to help us cook heavenly meals in our backyards. When it comes to picking the right grill, there are dozens of options on the market. But a brand that caught my attention is Monument. To see if this could be the right grill for you, check out my Monument Grill review.

When referring to the Monument Grill in this article, I’m going to speak about model 17842. This four-burner grill with LED controls incorporates all you can wish from a good grill. Besides exceptional caloric power, it integrates a rotisserie.

If that’s not an essential feature for you though, know that there are five other types of Monument grills.

The differences between the models are minimal. Two of them have clear lids; others boast a black finish. For me, versatility is more important than looks though, so I picked the 17842 model since it features all I’d expect from an outstanding backyard grill.

Monument Grill 17842 Review

Design & Build

If looks is important to you – and it should be since all your friends will see your grill sooner or later – know that Monument 17842 has a flawless design and boasts a quality build.

The grill is placed on a cabinet designed to hide the propane tank and to provide storage space. Even though the propane tank takes up most of the space in the cabinet, you’ll still find a place to store a few utensils.

On top of the cabinet, there is the actual grill and two stainless steel side shelves designed to provide a flawless outdoor cooking experience. You can use the shelves to prepare meat and vegetables before putting them on the grill or to store cooked food before serving.

A nice perk is that the shelves are equipped with hooks where you can store your utensils for easy access.

The lid is also made of 430 stainless steel, a material that resists rust. The entire cabinet is protected by powder coating, while four locking nylon wheels ensure mobility. It is easy to understand the swivel wheels make it easy to take the grill indoors during winter, or to move it from one corner of your yard to another.

I also liked the rear access to a galvanized zinc coated tray with removable catch pan. Grease from meat and burgers gathers in the tray and pan, giving you the possibility to get rid of all waste and clean the grill effortlessly.

Burners and Cooking Capacity

The most important features of a grill are its burners and cooking capacity. And these are the first things I checked before writing this Monument grill review.

This precise model (17842) comes with four stainless steel main burners capable of outputting 48,000 BTU. A complementary side burner, perfect for keeping your food or sauces hot before serving, adds another 12,000 BTU to the unit, for a total of 60,000 BTU.

The main burners are housed in a 29-inch porcelain coated enamel firebox and are covered by a porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grid responsible for distributing the heat evenly across the cooking surface.

Like I already mentioned, the grill comes with included rotisserie and motor.

When it comes to cooking space, there is little to complain about. The Monument Grill 17842 has a total cooking surface of 723 square inches divided between the main cooking area of 513 square inches and a warming rack/side burner area that accounts for another 210 square inches.

This gives you plenty of room to grill meat and vegetables, prepare sauces, or keep food warm until serving.

You can fit 25 hamburger patties on the grill at the same time. Alternatively, you can grill multiple steaks at once, depending on their type and size.

As for the rotisserie, it is large enough to accommodate two whole chickens or an entire turkey at a time.


The Monument Grill 17842 runs on liquid propane, so it makes sense to check its controls too. A feature I like is the pilotless ignition that allows you to turn on the burners in the blink of an eye.

Four knobs with blue LEDs allow for easy control of each burner. Thanks to this feature, you’ll be able to control the temperature in each area of the grill and create different temperature zones.

This is particularly useful if you’re cooking foods with different cooking times or that require different temperatures. 

A central thermometer located in the middle of the lid also helps you monitor the cooking temperature at all times.

The LED feature is a nice addition that enhances the design of the grill, boosting its aesthetic.

  • Convenient dust bag
  • Extension bars to increase cut capacity
  • Table clamp

Consumer Reviews

Monument Grill 17842 enjoys huge popularity among consumers. People like it because it comes complete with a rotisserie. Most users need a grill to cook hamburgers, sausages, and steaks, but almost all appreciate the possibility of roasting a chicken or turkey too.

Judged as high quality by most users, the grill is also described as easy to assemble and fairly easy to use. 

However, some users didn’t exactly like that it comes disassembled, nor that it comes without the tools necessary to put it together – even if “the tools” means just a screwdriver.

Nonetheless, we know it’s hard to please all; without negative comments regarding its performance, this four-burner grill definitely deserves all your attention.


  • This grill comes with so many advantages that it’s hard to decide from where to start. Perhaps its main advantage though is the ample cooking area. The main cooking surface can accommodate up to 25 hamburgers at a time, multiple steaks, sausages, and even entire chickens or turkeys.
  • The rotisserie function lets you take the outdoor party to the next level, by surprising your guests with something different.
  • Coming with four convenient wheels, the grill is easy to move from one place to another.
  • I also like the quality of its built and the power of the burners. Cooking your food will take less time than usual thanks to the excellent heat distribution. The porcelain coated surface also delivers the heat where is needed, sealing the surface of the meat and preserving all its juices.


  • Although it seems perfect, the Monument Grill 17842 has some downsides too. One of the biggest complaints is its poor resistance in harsh weather. Keep it in the rain for a long time, and the surface might start to rust despite the rust-resistant material.
  • The grill also comes disassembled, and even if this is not a major drawback, you’ll still have to spend the time to put it together.
  • Luckily though, the process is quite straightforward, and everyone with a bit of DIY skills will easily pass this test. All in all, this is a great grill I truly recommend.

Final Verdict

The Monument Grill 17842 is one of the best grills out there. It comes with all you need to cook delicious meals. A large cabinet can hide a fairly large propane tank, for hours of carefree grilling. Easy to control and enhanced by the blue LEDs, this grill will certainly make a nice addition to your backyard.

Another great feature is the generous cooking space. A side burner will give you the possibility to prepare sauces or keep food warm, while porcelain coated main cooking area ensures an even distribution of heat for flawless results.

Furthermore, this grill incorporates a convenient rotisserie that can take your cooking skills to the next level.

Easy to move from one place to another, boasting a quality built and highly performing, this is undoubtedly a grill to consider. And if you don’t like it or aim for different features, you can simply pick another Monument grill model.

Here is where you can buy your Monument Grill 17842.

Monument Grill 17842 Video Review


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