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Top 5 Best Cordless Circular Saws

Cutting molding and trims on the job site or taking care of a woodworking project in your garage is easier when you have a reliable circular saw. But what if you don’t want to depend on a power cord? Which are the best cordless circular saws in 2019?

In an attempt to answer this question, I’ve roamed the market and found the most promising models. Before revealing them though, here are a few things you should weigh in before buying.

Ryobi P506 One+

Here's a list of Top 5 Best Cordless Circular Saw

How to Choose a Cordless Circular Saw

Investing in the right tool is key to the success of your project. The market is full of cordless saws, but if you want to make sure the one you want meets your needs, you should check it against the following criteria.

1. Motor

The motor determines both speed and torque. When it comes to speed, you’d need at least 5,000 revolutions per minute. Such speed is ideal for most materials, from all types of wood to soft metals.

Remember though that harder materials need torque more than speed. Having a motor capable of outputting sufficient watts is, therefore, crucial.

Regarding the construction of the motor, you can pick between brushed and brushless. The latter is better, as it lives longer and outputs higher power. Brushless motors also need less maintenance, although they are more expensive.

2. Battery

Since you won’t be driving energy from a wall outlet, it is important to check the battery your machine comes with. The least we recommend in an 18-volt battery which can drive the motor at higher performance.

If the unit comes with interchangeable batteries, that’s even better, especially if you already own or plan to buy other compatible tools.

3. Capabilities

Circular saws can come with motors of various sizes that can accommodate various sizes of blades. If you want to cut faster and deeper, pick a model that works with larger blades. Bigger blades spin faster than smaller ones, and you’ll also get the adjustable depth of cut.

Bevel capacities may also be important to you. In this case, know that there are quite a few machines that can tilt, allowing you to make angle cuts of up to 50 degrees.

Tool-less blade change or height adjustments, a laser guide, and electronic brake are other things you might want on your tool.

With this in mind, let’s now have a look at the best cordless circular saws in 2019.

Top 5 Best Cordless Circular Saws

1. Makita XSH03Z

Makita XSH03Z


  • Brushless motor
  • 5,000 revolutions per minute
  • Automatic speed change
  • Lightweight construction
  • Large cutting capacity

Makita Brushless Motor

One of the best cordless circular saws, the Makita XSH03Z comes with a proprietary brushless motor capable of spinning at the astonishing speed of 5,000 revolutions per minute. Fast cutting and spinning are also ensured by the powerful 18-volt lithium-ion battery which is part of an interchangeable series.

Automatic Speed Change Technology

Designed to combine power and runtime with fast cutting and ripping, this cordless circular saw incorporates an automatic speed change technology that adapts speed and torque during operation. This feature ensures optimum performance on all materials, making the saw ideal for cutting all types of wood materials, soft metals, and plastics.

Overall Assessment

Weighing only 7.3 pounds when the battery’s on, the Makita XSH03Z promotes reduced operator fatigue and combines power and runtime for efficient ripping of most materials. Its automatic speed change feature adapts the performance of the tool to the operation, taking the guesswork out of the game for beginners. Its large cutting capacity and 6-1/2 blade are two other things that stand out, making this tool one of the best on the market.

Makita XSH03Z Video Review




  • Tool-free depth of cut adjustments
  • High torque motor
  • 12T carbide blade
  • Bevel adjustments
  • Battery kit included


BLACK+DECKER is renowned for its high-quality yet affordable tools that appeal to contractors and amateurs alike. One of their popular cordless circular saws is the BDCCS20C, an affordable yet high performing tool equipped with a high torque motor and fast cutting blade. It is suitable to use for a variety of cuts either for tough or lighter everyday jobs.

Battery Kit Included

Delivering excellent value for money, this circular saw comes with a valuable battery kit consisting of a 20V MAX battery and a charger. The battery has a real voltage of 18 volts and is interchangeable with all other power tools in the kit. Combined with the 5-1/2-inch high torque motor, it delivers sufficient power to rip through most materials with ease.

Overall Assessment

Designed for utilitarian everyday use, the BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20C is one of the most affordable cordless circular saws, but the manufacturer doesn’t compromise on quality. A compact design and fast cutting blade deliver all you could wish from a performing tool. Bevel adjustments at 45 and 90 degrees and a tool-free depth of cut adjustment boost versatility, even more, packing sufficient features to satisfy even a demanding contractor.

Black+Decker BDCCS20C Video Review

3. Milwaukee M18 2630-20

Milwaukee M18 2630-20


  • Electronic brakes
  • Soft grip handle
  • Easy depth adjustment
  • 18-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Magnesium guards

Cut Capability

Milwaukee is known for the unrivaled quality of their tools. A cordless circular saw that stands out is the M18 2630-20, a machine built for performance and coming with an interchangeable M18 lithium-ion battery. Its easy bevel and cut adjustments alongside the powerful motor will allow you to cut through most materials, including wood, soft metals, and plastic.

Electronic Brakes

Good safety features must never be neglected when it comes to circular saws. Milwaukee impresses with electronic brakes developed to stop the blade quickly when you stop cutting. Not only you won’t have to wait for the blade to stop spinning, but hazards are also reduced considerably.

Overall Assessment

Compatible with an interchangeable battery kit and coming either as a bare or complete tool, the M18 2630-20 by Milwaukee can easily satisfy all your cutting needs. The tool is fairly lightweight and easy to handle and boasts a cut capacity of up to 1-1/2-inch deep. Magnesium guards on top and bottom protect the unit from bumps and drops, allowing you to work in all safety.

Milwaukee M18 2630-20 Video Review

4. SKIL CR540602

SKIL CR540602


  • Deep cut capacity
  • Easy grip handle
  • Carbide-tipped blade
  • PWRCore battery
  • Ideal for wood

Go-To Wood-Cutting Tool

The SKIL CR540602 might not be powerful enough for professional use, but it can easily satisfy most DIYers who’re on the market for a reliable and affordable cordless circular saw. This tool is designed to cut through wood with ease, providing accurate cuts thanks to the included 24-tooth carbide blade.

Powerful Battery

Ideal for most woodcutting projects, the SKIL CR540602 comes with a powerful PWRCore 20-volt lithium battery. Innovative temperature management designed to keep the battery cool ensures you’ll get sufficient power through the project. Unrivaled power combined with an adjustable depth of cut at 90 degrees makes this unit suitable even for challenging woodworking projects.

Overall Assessment

If you’re looking for a no-frills cordless circular saw that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, the SKIL CR540602 might be it. Designed for ergonomic two-hand operation, this tool is comfortable to maneuver. A balanced grip, adjustable settings, and a powerful battery complete the design of this tool designed to satisfy all amateur woodworkers.

5. Ryobi P506 One+​

Ryobi P506 One+


  • Easy grip rubber overmold
  • Laser guide
  • Easy depth of cut adjustment
  • Blade and wrench included
  • One+ interchangeable battery

Attractive Price Point

The Ryobi P506 is one of the most affordable cordless circular saws on the market. It’s perfect for amateurs but also finds its place in a contractor’s arsenal. Despite being cheap, the tool brings a host of benefits and boasts valuable features.


Perhaps the best feature of this circular saw is the laser guide that makes it easy to use by professionals and amateurs who have to achieve accurate results. Easy knob adjustments of the cut depth and beveling angle increase the value even more, while the battery is compatible with an array of power tools in the system.

Overall Assessment

Addressing DIYers but also professional users, the P506 One+ by Ryobi comes as an alternative to all models above. A reliable interchangeable battery and a host of features make this tool a trustworthy choice for your personal or professional projects. With an included blade and blade wrench, this tool brings all worthy for a best in class title.

Ryobi P506 One+ Video Review


A cordless circular saw comes as a great alternative to traditional ones when the need for mobility outweighs power. From high-end models costing you hundreds to more affordable units designed for amateurs, there is a host of products you can choose from. Regardless of what you need, you now know which are some of your best options.


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