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Top 5 Best Hardwood Floor Mop

Keeping your hard floors clean and shiny undoubtedly requires the best hardwood floor mop. The market is full of choices, but picking the right model can be daunting. There are many things to think of. 

You must decide between a traditional or an electric mop. Some are suitable for households with kids and pets; others are less effective in cleaning big messes.

Here's a list of Top 5 Best Hardwood Floor Mop

To help you with your choice, we’ve roamed the market and identified the most promising models. All mops in the list below are praised for their features and qualities. But before describing each model, let’s have a look at what you should know before buying.

How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Mop

1. Type

The first thing to decide when buying a hardwood floor mop is what tool you need. Your choices are essentially reduced to traditional and electric mop.

  • Traditional mop: Also known as a manual mop, consists of a stick at the end of which there is fixed the actual mop. Most models come with a bucket you will have to fill with water and the floor cleaning product. To clean the floors, soak the mop in the water, spin it to drain excess water, and clean your floors.
  • Electric mop: Uses steam to clean your floors. It is powered by either electricity or a battery and requires less force from your side to achieve great results. There are dozens of models on the market, some of them produced by the biggest names in the vacuum cleaning industry.

2. Supplies

When buying a mop check if replacement parts, such as mop refills, mop pads, or cleaning cloths are easily available on the market. Some brands are compatible with universal supplies, giving you the possibility to buy low-cost supplies.

Other brands are only compatible with replacement parts produced by the same brand. These could be higher quality, but they are more expensive in the long run.

3. Add-ons

Lastly, check any perks and add-ons you mop may come with. Some traditional mops have splash guards installed on their buckets and are compatible with a series of refills and cleaning cloths suitable to use on most surfaces.

Some electric mops may come with detachable car hand vacuums designed to clean furniture and upholstery.

A few brands even include cleaning agents in the package, such as floor cleaners and other cleaning solutions.

The easiest way to get the hardwood floor mop that’s right for you is by analyzing your needs and picking a mop that meets most of them.

With that in mind, let’s now have a look at the best hardwood floor mops in 2019.

Top 5 Best Hardwood Floor Mops in 2019

1. O-Cedar EasyWring​

O-Cedar EasyWring


  • Spin mop and bucket system
  • Deep cleaning microfiber
  • Compatible with EasyWring mop refill
  • Splash guard
  • Easy to control moisture

Exclusive Cleaning System

The O-Cedar EasyWring is an exclusive cleaning system consisting of a unique bucket with built-in wringer. This exceptional design allows for a hands-free wringing and easy moisture control by simply stepping on the convenient foot pedal. The mop is made from deep cleaning microfiber developed to absorb and remove grime and tough dirt from your hardwood floors.

Splash Guard

Nothing is more annoying than filthy splashes dropping on the portion of floor you just cleaned due to an inadequate wringing. To avoid this issue, the O-Cedar comes with a fitted splash guard designed to keep spray and splashes inside the bucket.

Overall Assessment

Coming with all you need for quick and thorough cleaning of your hardwood floors, this convenient system boasts a price that won’t break the bank and brings true value for money. The deep cleaning microfiber will undoubtedly leave your floors brilliant, while the quality pedal and splash guard increase convenience. Compatible with the EasyWring mop refills, this is the best hardwood floor mop on the market.

O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop Video Review

2. Swiffer WetJet

Swiffer WetJet


  • Starter kit
  • Ultra-fine mist spray nozzles
  • Illuminated nozzles
  • Soft texture microfiber cloths
  • The fast drying cleaning solution

Starter Kit

Swiffer is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to hardwood floor cleaning. This starter kit is ideal for homeowners who never used the product before and comprises the WetJet wood device, cleaning cloths, and the WetJet QuickDry wood cleaning solution. Drying two times faster than similar all-purpose cleaners, the solution together with the accessories give you the ideal hardwood floor cleaning option.

Ease of Use

The Swiffer is incredibly easy to use. The WetJet device sprays the cleanser directly onto the floor, so you can pass the mop over it. The wood cleaning cloths are made from a soft material developed specifically for wood floors, while the illuminated nozzles will help you clean even in the darker corners with no worries.

Overall Assessment

One of the most popular hardwood floor mops on the market, the Swiffer brings the advantages of a high-quality product. It is reliable, and it will give you a true helping hand when it comes to removing dirt and grime from your floors.

Swiffer Wet Jet Video Review

3. Advenfit Professional Flat Mop

Advenfit Professional Flat Mop


  • Suitable for all floors, including hardwood
  • Stable mop heads
  • Telescopic stainless steel handle
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Microfiber mop pads

Effective Cleaning

Advenfit Professional has no bells and whistles, yet it provides an advanced cleaning of all floors, including hardwood, tile, ceramic, concrete, and laminate. The secret lays in the mop’s flat microfiber pads that can gather all grime and dust from your surfaces.


This mop is ideal for people of all heights thanks to its comfortable telescopic handle. You can use it to reach even the highest corners or get under a sofa or bed without struggling. The heavy-duty swivel mop handles and widen mop frame will also help you cover a larger area in less time, which means less time spent on chores.

Overall Assessment

For homeowners who need an uncomplicated tool able to keep your floors brilliant, the Advenfit can bring all you could wish. A telescopic handle will help you reach all corners in your home, while the microfiber pads can easily gather all dust and grime. Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, this mop is the way to go if you’re after a no-frills product.

Advenfit Microfiber Floor Mop Video Review

4. Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System


  • Touch-free pad disposal technology
  • Dirt grip pads
  • Steam blaster
  • Intelligent steam control
  • Easy to use

Intelligent Steam Control

This electricity-operated hardwood floor mop is developed to meet the needs of most homeowners thanks to its intelligent steam control system with three settings. This system allows you to customize the amount of steam for each task, so you will be able to match the mop’s performance with your needs.

Touch-Free Technology

The Shark Genius comes equipped with washable, dual-sided dirt grip pads developed specifically for hardwood floors. But the manufacturer knew just how nasty it is to touch dirty pads. That’s why Shark equipped its mops with the Touch-Free pad changing technology that allows you to remove the dirty pad without touching it.

Overall Assessment

This electric mop for hardwood floors comes as a great alternative to all manual solutions. You won’t have to use exclusively brute force to remove stains and dirt from your floors. The intelligent stream control also lets you customize the amount of steam produced, while the dual-sided pads attract and remove grime and dust successfully.

Shark genius Mop  Video Review

5. BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop​

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop


  • Corded electric mop
  • Safe to use on sealed floors
  • Water tank for steam cleaning
  • On-demand spray
  • Soft touch pads

Reduced Cleaning Effort

This BISSELL Spinwave has been designed with convenience in mind. It is perfect to use on hardwood floors and developed to reduce cleaning effort thanks to its spin power pads. The mop also includes soft pads developed for a gentle cleaning of your delicate hardwood floors that will remain crystal clear and non-sticky.


There is a huge difference between using a traditional mop and a powered one. If you aim for the latter, know that this mop comes with a host of benefits, including a powerful 0.9-amp motor that can help you remove all dirt and grime from your surfaces in a quick and easy step.

Overall Assessment

This hardwood floor mop is one of the best on the market. It comes with a water tank and produces spray on demand, allowing you to dispense the amount of cleaning solution your floors need. Soft touch pads alongside scrubby pads ensure you can make a thorough cleaning of all surfaces, and we’re sure this tool with never let you down.

BISSELL  Spinwave Mop Video Review


Getting the best hardwood floor mop for your surfaces shouldn’t be daunting. The market is full of choices, and now you even know which are some of your best bets. Whether it’s a traditional model or an electric mop, you can just pick the model you like to make sure your floors are always clean and shiny.


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