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Worx Hydroshot Review

If you own a vehicle, chances are you tried to clean it by yourself at least once. However, if without the right tools, the attempt can transform in disaster. A garden hose is almost never sufficient. You need a power washer, and if you’re trying to clean the car in your backyard, it must also be portable.

One that caught my attention of the Hydroshot from Worx. This portable and battery-operated tool incorporates quality parts and provides real cleaning help.

Read my Worx Hydroshot review to find out how this power washer performs, which are its advantages and flaws.

Worx Hydroshot Review

Build Quality

A quick look at the Hydroshot evidences a quality build with a slight drawback many won’t notice. However, to start with, this tool displays the same overall quality you’d expect from a top range product.

It is made from quality materials, including a strong main body made of plastic. On the upper side of the handle, there is a slot for the battery.

The overall balance of the tool when fully assembled is great. User fatigue is minimized by a comfortable grip. A thing missing is a soft grip padding on the handle. Although unnecessary, this small detail would have improved comfort even more.

Another great thing is the position of the trigger. Placed right above the handle, you won’t have to hold the tool awkwardly to access it. As you can imagine, the trigger is easy to hold and will not cause extreme fatigue during long operation.

The slight drawback mentioned above refers to the battery mount. We all know that water and electricity don’t get along. But for some reason, Worx didn’t provide any type of enclosure for the battery.

Although hard to reach by splashes, the liquid can still come in contact with the battery if you’re not careful. In the best case scenario, this could damage your Hydroshot. In the worst case scenario, it could result in a short which involves certain safety hazards.


Worx Hydroshot is a breeze to control with just one hand. All controls are positioned within easy reach. The handle is built with the right-hand users in mind though. The safety lock, for instance, can be easily engaged with your thumb if you’re holding the tool in your right hand.

If you’re holding it in your left hand, you will have to use your forefingers which is less comfortable.

As explained above, the trigger is easily accessible. So are low pressure and high pressure controls located on the top of the handle.

Switching between the modes is easy, and the pressure washer is truly effective in removing stubborn stains or debris.


If you’re looking for a pressure washer that comes with loads of accessories, then you should perhaps look elsewhere. However, their lack doesn’t mean the Hydroshot is less performing.

As far as I am concerned, it comes with all it takes to achieve outstanding results. The pack includes a 5-in-1 nozzle with different spray and shower settings, long cleaning lance useful for high-pressure washing, a battery, and a charger.

Other purchase options include two batteries and dual chargers, or you could purchase the bare tool.

The nozzle is undoubtedly exceptional. Not only it takes the burden of storing different attachments off of you, but it is very easy to use. Just rotate it in position and enjoy the jet you selected.

Trying to maintain their design as simple as possible, the nozzle also lacks locks. The mechanism just slides when you turn it then slips into the positive stop you selected.

Battery and Runtime

Like most cordless Worx power tools, the Hydroshot is powered by a Power Share battery. This interchangeable battery outputs 20 nominal volts and is compatible with all other tools in the system.

It has a decent runtime, and you’ll usually be able to finish cleaning your car before it drains.

Obviously, if you already own other Worx cordless tools equipped with batteries, you can simply invest in a bare tool and save a big chunk of money. It’s also nice to know you can increase runtime by using two or more batteries in parallel.

Worx sells the Hydrowash either as a bare tool, with a battery pack, or with two batteries and a dual charger.


Getting to the part you’re perhaps most interested in, know that Hydroshot delivers the performance you’d expect from the manufacturer.

The tool has two pressure settings, a lower one dedicated to daily cleaning and the watering of plants and flowers, and a higher one designed for car or furniture washing. Switching between pressure is easy with a simple touch of a button.

However, the tool won’t output high pressure unless you use it with the included lance. In fact, the max pressure you can expect varies between the using modes as follows:

  • Watering mode (used with a short lance) – up to 94 PSI.
  • Cleaning mode (used with a long lance) – up to 320 PSI.

Considering most users will use this pressure washer for cleaning their vehicle, outdoor furniture, or driveway, I tested its performance in all these circumstances.

To begin with car (or bicycle) washing, the Worx Hydroshot works wonders but still lacks the power of a professional car wash instrument. It will get rid of a good amount of dust and dirt, but you’ll need some muscle to remove stubborn mud buildups.

That said, this pressure washer is still impressive for a DIY tool and can clean your car with excellent results. For convenience, it comes with a hose that allows you to reach longer distances despite being a bit stiff.

Moving on to outdoor furniture washing, just make a solution of dish soap and water to clean your goods. Surprisingly, the burst of water even removes any yellow residues that form over time on while rattan pieces.

Lastly, you’ll be pleased to know this pressure washer does an excellent job of keeping your driveways clean. It doesn’t have the power of a patio washer. However, it’s still strong enough to remove moss, mold, and lichens off your pavements.

Consumer Reviews

All in all, I was satisfied by Hydroshot’s features and performance. However, what others say about it also matter, that’s why I dug into the matter to find whether other users have had any issues and their level of satisfaction.

Overall, Worx Hydroshot is praised for its performance. Some users would have liked a slightly higher pressure. However, the amount of pressure output by this tool is still excellent and more than one could expect from a DIY tool.

Another point touched by consumers was the battery life. In broad lines, you can expect about half an hour of continuous operation per charge. This could be little if you run a car wash or want to clean multiple items at once. However, it’s still great for the average user.


  • The biggest advantage of this pressure washer is the 5-in-1 nozzle that gives you the possibility to switch between washer modes without hassle. You can also forget about the burden of storing pressure washer accessories.
  • Another big plus is the possibility to transition from low to high pressure with a simple touch of a button.
  • The presence of two lances is another great thing; moreover, you can even use the tool to water your flowers and plants, which is great.


  • One of the main drawbacks is the rather short battery life. While I believe it’s great, it still represents the major flaw for most users.
  • Another big complaint was the lack of customer support. The product is overall excellent and will satisfy your expectations. However, don’t expect much assistance if you need it or you could be disappointed.
  • Also, know this pressure washer doesn’t have metal fittings. It is built in plastic, which will brittle sooner or later.

Final Verdict

All in all, Worx Hydroshot is an excellent home use pressure washer. It comes at an affordable price; it is easy to use, comfortable to hold and comes with an interchangeable battery that has a decent runtime.

I hope this Worx Hydroshot review can help you decide whether or not this is the right tool for you. Nevertheless, I undoubtedly recommend it!

Here is where you can buy your Worx Hydroshot.

Worx Hydroshot Video Review


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