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Best 23 Gauge Pin Nailer

Whether you’re a woodworker, contractor, or enthusiast hobbyist, the best 23 gauge pin nailer is an essential tool in your arsenal. Perfect for fixing trimming, skirts, or molded crowns, such tool is essential for a wide variety of applications.

Like all other power tools, the market is full of choices. But how to choose the best one?

Here's a list of Best 23 Gauge Pin Nailer

We know picking the right tool for your needs is far from easy. That’s why we’ve tested and rated some of your best options. Check them out below, but first, learn what to look for when choosing the right 23 gauge pin nailer.

Types of 23 Gauge Pin Nailers

Based on their operating mode and power source, the 23-gauge pin nailers are either pneumatic, electric, and gas nailers.

Electric Nailers

Like most electric power tools, these nailers are either corded or cordless. The differences are straightforward and clear.

  • Corded 23-gauge pin nailers: Get energy from a standard wall socket and have unlimited operation time; however, their mobility is subject to the cord length.
  • Cordless 23-gauge pin nailers: Are powered by a rechargeable battery which can be either NiCad or Li-Ion. Their mobility is unlimited, but the runtime depends on the capabilities of the battery.

How to Choose a Cordless 23-Gauge Pin Nailer

Cordless nailers are by far the most popular. They are easy to use and portable; while most other nailers are easy to use, they are far less portable, especially if you pick a pneumatic tool. However, you must consider a few things before buying.

  • Battery type: There are essentially two types of batteries to choose from, NiCad and Li-Ion. The main difference between them is the lack of memory effect on the Li-Ion batteries, which gives you the possibility to recharge them at any moment during their cycle without negatively affecting their lifespan and runtime.
  • Charging time: It can vary widely from battery to battery, but even between models belonging to the same battery type. For instance, some Li-Ion batteries may need over 6 hours to recharge, while the latest generation models often recharge in one hour or less.
  • Interchangeable battery: The best 23-gauge pin nailer must come with an interchangeable battery which can be easily replaced with a fully charged one when drained.

Pneumatic 23-gauge Pin Nailers

Like all pneumatic tools, the pneumatic 23-gauge pin nailer is powered by compressed air produced by an air compressor. More powerful than many cordless variants, the pneumatic nailers come with another advantage too, they are easy to operate with just one hand.

Useless to say this gives you the possibility to hold the workpiece with the other hand while maneuvering the tool, guaranteeing a higher precision.

However, to ensure both accuracy and continuity of operation, you will have to check the nailer’s PSI and CFM requirements and only use an air compressor capable of producing sufficient pressure and power for it.

Gas 23-gauge Pin Nailers

Come with a fuel reservoir, usually a cartridge, designed to release a small quantity of gas into a combustion chamber constructed into the tool. Both the gas flow and the ignition are controlled by an electronic mechanism; the explosion inside the combustion chamber drives the pin nails into the workpiece with accurate precision.  

However, these tools are usually expensive and need constant maintenance, a reason why they are quite unpopular.

Which Nailer to Choose?

Picking one tool over another is often a matter of preference. However, if you have high expectations and plan to use your nailer for heavy-duty or low-volume applications, we recommend getting either a pneumatic or cordless machine.

A pneumatic tool will undoubtedly deliver all the driving power you need, while a cordless nailer is more appropriate to use on the go.

That said, check out our selection of 23 gauge pin nailers to pick the one most suitable for your needs.

Top 5 Best 23 Gauge Pin Nailers

1. Hitachi NP35A

Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer


  • Adjustable magazine
  • Dual trigger design
  • Rear exhaust
  • Depth adjustment
  • Reload indicator

Ease of Use

Hitachi NP35A is undoubtedly the best 23 gauge pin nailer on the market. This pneumatic tool is very easy to use and designed to drive nails with unrivaled precision in most materials. Its dual trigger design also ensures a safe and accurate placement of fasteners while reducing the risk of hazards.

Adjustable Magazine

Ideal to use with a variety of 23-gauge nails, this tool comes with an adjustable magazine capacity that accommodates fasteners with lengths between 5/8 and 1-3/8 inches. Furthermore, the unit also has a rear exhaust designed to direct debris away from the working surface.

Overall Assessment

Built for performance, this pin nailer is perfect for professional user and enthusiast hobbyists who want the best of the best. A depth adjustment features allow quick flush drive into a variety of surfaces, while the reload indicator ensures an easy visual recognition of a low nail quantity. This helps you avoid dry firing, prolonging the lifespan of the tool.

Hitachi NP35A Video Review




  • Belt hook
  • Low profile nose
  • Adjustable height
  • Carrying case
  • Nail selection


Another 23 gauge pin nailer ideal for professional woodworkers and contractors, the BOSTITCH HP118K is compatible with a variety of nails with lengths between ½ and 1-3/16 inches. Bringing ultimate versatility, this wide compatibility ensures suitability for a wide range of applications.


This pneumatic tool is comfortable, ergonomic, and easy to maneuver. It has an over-molded comfort grip and a well-balanced gravitational center, both designed for ergonomic and non-slip maneuvering.

Overall Assessment

Backed by a 7-year limited warranty and with a magazine capacity of 200 pins, this convenient pneumatic tool brings all you could wish from the best value pick. It comes at an affordable price and packs convenience. An ideal choice for woodworking applications and not only, but this is also undoubtedly a great tool to consider.

Bostitch HP118K Video Review




  • Broad compatibility
  • Simple maintenance
  • Nails included
  • Automatic adjustability
  • Carrying case


PORTER-CABLE is a brand renowned for their quality yet low-cost tools. This entry-level pin nailer won’t withstand high volume use but is perfect for amateurs and beginners. Although made of majorly plastic, it boasts a robust construction overall, while the pneumatic drive ensures unrivaled driving power of a wide range of nails.

Nails Included

Perfect for the first-timers, this nail gun comes with as many as 2,000 pin nails from ¾ to ¼ inches plug with the cap. Moreover, the box also includes a wrench and carrying case, two accessories that add further convenience.

Overall Assessment

Perhaps not the most powerful on the market but undoubtedly one of the cheapest, this 23 gauge pin nailer is perfect for beginners and amateurs. It comes with a convenient carry case and other accessories and promises to last for a long time due to the simple maintenance required.

Porter Cable PIN138 Video Review

4. Grex P650L

Grex P650L


  • 2-inch long nails
  • Patented magazine design
  • Prevents dry firing
  • Powerful
  • Narrow nose


Expensive yet undoubtedly one of the most performing 23 gauge pin nailers, this pneumatic tool impresses with its patented construction that incorporates a self-adjusting magazine that can handle fasteners of various lengths without having to adjust it.


A narrow nose designed to reach even in the most constricted spaces and a powerful drive delivers all you could wish from such a tool. Perfect for a wide range of applications, this tool can easily drive nails in all materials, including hardwood.

Overall Assessment

Ergonomic, lightweight, easy to maneuver and extremely powerful, the Grex P650L is one of the best 23 gauge pin nailers on the market. It appeals to professionals, and despite its heftier price, all its benefits make the investment very well worth it.

Grex P650L Video Review

5. Hitachi NP18DSAL

Hitachi NP18DSAL


  • Cordless
  • No-push safety nose
  • Built-in counterweight
  • Depth of drive adjustment
  • LED light

Battery Powered

The only cordless pin nailer in this list, the Hitachi NP18DSAL is powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery interchangeable with other tools in the system. The nailer comes with a battery kit and is also available either as a bare tool or with battery kit and nails. Regarding compatibility, it works with all 23-gauge nails, regarding their length.


This tool is built with safety in mind and comes with a no-push safety nose that reduces marring, a built-in counterweight designed to reduce recoil and a tool-less depth of drive adjustment designed for a flush drive into various materials. Visibility is also enhanced by the high-luminance incorporated LED light.

Overall Assessment

Undoubtedly one of the most performing nailers on the market, this tool brings cordless versatility to your arsenal. It has a decent runtime, fast recharge, and long overall lifespan. It’s also powerful and suits all applications. All you could wish from a best-in-class pick.

Hitachi NP18DSAL Video Review


Finding the right pin nailer is not always easy. There are various models on the market, and there are important differences between one make and another. However, we hope you now have a better understanding of this tool and also know which are some of the best 23 gauge pin nailers on the market.


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