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Best Hybrid Table Saw

hybrid table saw

Looking for a tool of professional quality but still within the price range of a hobbyist? Table saws are a great addition to any woodworker's toolbox. The best hybrid table saws help amateurs work smoothly and are a wonderful backup option for a busy workshop.

Here's a list of Best Hybrid Table Saw

Hybrid Table Saws

The hybrid table saw takes the best of open stand saws and mixes with shop-grade cabinet saws. Usually, you can add features to basic tables as your skill level improves. They tend to have smaller motors but still function well and are useful in many situations.

Common uses for a hybrid table saw include:

  • Cabinet installers
  • Hardwood floor installers
  • Ripping moldings
  • Wainscoting
  • Framing for bookshelves, entertainment centers, etc.
  • Deck building
  • Remodeling with framing lumber
  • Woodworker hobby

So whether you are a professional or taking on a home project, a table saw could be your best tool. The accuracy of table saws allows your jobs to proceed smoothly. A couple of things to look for are the ease of assembly, fence system, and motor. And of course, always consider safety features.

I've reviewed a couple of table saw options so you can decide what fits your needs the best.

Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

1. Grizzly Cabinet Table

Grizzly Cabinet Table

This table saw sits at 34-inches from the floor. You have plenty of room to work as the table is 27-inch by 40-inch at full extension. I found the installation to be time consuming but simple. It runs with a three horsepower Leeson motor and has a triple belt drive. And at 300 RPM, the arbor runs smoothly and efficiently.

This table is made of cast iron, so you can expect it to last a lifetime. I liked the quick-release riving knife that came included. It tilts with the blade and moves up and down. The 4-foot dust collection port keeps things clean.

The power cord for this table saw is only six feet. I feel this length makes it difficult to use as shop layouts vary. Use of extension cord works, but doubling the length of the cord would be beneficial.


  • Quality quick-release riving knife
  • Strong motor
  • Durable
  • Large dust collection
  • CONS

    • Short cord
    • Time consuming to set up

    Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw Video Review

    2. Jet Proshop Tablesaw

    Jet Proshop Tablesaw

    Assembly of this table was one of the easiest. Within 2 hours the table was ready to work. Accessibility on this table was excellent. An arbor lock can be opened from the tabletop to assist in quick blade changes. This product keeps the riving knife close to the blade to decrease kickback.

    A low profile riving knife is also included for any non-through cuts you do. I also liked having the choice of cast iron or stamped steel for the wings. What impressed me was the stability the saw.

    Again, this power cord is also only 6-feet. Probably standard, but I like having room to move. Also, this table saw also only has 1.75 horsepower. While I cut through 2-inch oak with no problem, I wouldn't recommend heavy use on thick pieces. It is ideal for smaller home projects and DIY, but maybe not for a professional shop.


    • Easy assembly
    • Quick blade changes
    • Less kickback
    • Durable


    • Short cord
    • Lower horsepower

    Jet Proshop Table Saw Video Review

    3. Powermatic Table Saw

    Powermatic Table Saw

    This product is nothing if not durable. Cast iron blade tilt and sturdy base with zero vibration. Assembly was relatively simple, only adjusting the riving knife gave me some trouble. Standard 10-inch blade length does great on cutting lumber 2-3 inches thick.

    The fence system was reliable and high quality and came with a 30-inch fence. I found this dust collector to work efficiently. The hand's free power switch was a perk on this table.

    This table saw was in the more expensive range. Nearly double the rest of the tables I reviewed, I had to wonder if the quality outweighed the cost. As we know, you get what you pay for, so it's your call. However, with a horsepower of only 1.75, I would probably go with a cheaper option.


    • Durable
    • Easy to assemble
    • High quality fence system
    • Hand-free power switch


    • Expensive
    • Lower horsepower

    Powermatic Table Saw Video Review

    4. Ship Fox Table Saw

    Ship Fox Table Saw

    The wide-span, easy-glide, T-fence system works with nylon runners. Another three horsepower Leeson motor with triple belt drive lets you know power is not a problem with this machine. I appreciated the safety features of this model. Anti-kickback pawls enable the workpiece to travel in one direction only.

    A clear polycarbonate guard allowed me to view the blade while in operation. The guard even lifts as the wood pushes into the edge to create contact during the entire cut.

    Assembly of this product was a little trickier than the others. Part of that may be due to the weight of the table. The table is on the heavier side, but very sturdy once up and running. I did end up drilling a hole myself when I didn't think the front rail would connect properly. Could be a product mistake but I managed easily enough. The good news is you only need to assemble once.


    • Quality fence system
    • High power motor
    • Safety features
    • Less kickback


    • Difficult to assemble

    Shop Fox Table Saw Review

    5.DeWalt Jobsite Table Saw

    DeWalt Jobsite Table Saw

    This table uses the Rack and Pinion Fence System, so adjustments are quick and accurate. And a simple flip of the ripping fence offers narrow rip cuts.  This table is both portable and stable. It is designed for easy assembly and breakdown and even has wheels for rolling over curbs or job site debris.

    It's perfect for pulling out for the occasional project or having it set up in a shop area. It runs with a 15 Amp motor that cuts with ease. I found it had plenty of power to cut 2-inch thick hardwood. The standard 10-inch blade it comes with is a 24-tooth carbide blade. And it cuts 3-1/8 inch depth at 90 degrees.

    Of all the tables reviewed, this one has the smallest dust collection port. There are only 2.5-inches to collect all your hard work. Though it does connect nicely to a vacuum for extraction, just needs to be emptied more often.


    • Quality Fence System
    • Portable
    • Durable
    • Powerful


    • Small dust collection port

    DeWalt Jobsite Table Saw Video Review


    Ultimately, the best hybrid table saw is a tie in my opinion. I like the DeWalt for its ability to handle wood while still being portable. It's a great beginner table. If you are looking for something with more power, the Ship Fox table saw is the way to go. Once assembled, I had no problems with use.


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