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Best Cordless Power Tool Brand

Whether you’re a contractor or DIYer, cordless power tools come with many more advantages than their corded or gas counterparts. The vast number of brands and models on the market, however, can often overwhelm and make you wonder which is the best cordless power tool brand.

best cordless power tool brand

Because different brands make different types of tools, assessing which is the best must begin with determining your needs.

In this article, we’re going to show you which are the best high-end, mid-range, and entry-level power tool brands so that you can pick your favorite based on your real needs.

Best High-End Cordless Power Tool Brand


Bosch is one of the biggest and most reliable cordless power tool brands in Europe, and it’s slowly gaining popularity in the US too. If you have ever heard of German precision, you know why to invest in this brand. 


Bosch caters to professionals, and its range of tools includes everything, from standard to high-specialty ones.

The most popular cordless platforms include 12V and 18V MAX systems, dedicated to contractors, but also a range of high-precision 36V tools designed for tradesmen and industrial use.

It is easy to imagine you can find all you need in this range; you’ll also get the utmost quality and durability, but expect to pay a hefty price for it.

Best for: Contractors, tradesmen, construction workers


Perhaps most popular than Bosch on the North American continent, Milwaukee is another of those excellent cordless power tool brands. They also cater to the frequent user including tradesmen, contractors, and construction workers.

Their lines include 12V and 18V systems that come with durable and interchangeable batteries. Although expensive, Milwaukee tools seem to be a tad more affordable than the Bosch.

The star of Milwaukee’s series is the M18 FUEL line which provides unique features and benefits to the end user. Undoubtedly, this is a brand to consider if you’re valuing connectivity and innovation.

Best for: Contractors, tradesmen, construction workers


Makita comes from Japan and is another brand dedicated to professional tradesmen and construction workers. Just like Milwaukee, the brand’s line includes majorly 12V and 18V platforms that cover almost all possible tools.

One of the greatest things of the brand is that most of its tools can combine two 18V batteries to double the power. The brand is also renowned in terms of reliability, and whether you need a circular saw or impact driver, it’s very likely to be satisfied by the performance.

Best for: DIYers, tradesmen, construction workers

Best Mid-Range Cordless Power Tool Brand


DEWALT is often advertised as a premium brand for professionals in constructions. But even if its tools are reliable, they are not as reliable nor as resistant as the ones mentioned above. Their greatest strength is the value for money though. 

The brand produces all imaginable cordless power tools at relatively affordable prices.

Most of its tools are part of either 18V or 20V MAX systems, and a smaller range of specialized tools come with 60/120V batteries.

DEWALT power tools can be a great choice for contractors and amateurs; however, most of them will not withstand industrial high-volume use. While the brand’s specialty tools, such as the cordless saws, tend to be more resistant than the others, these also come at a heftier price.

Best for: DIYers, contractors, woodworkers


Hitachi is often defined as the best cordless power tool brand in the mid-range level. It caters to DIYers and handymen, although some of its tools may also do justice to a contractor. 

Most of its tools are part of either 12V or 18V platforms, and they all deliver decent performance.

These tools also have a good durability, but the brand only produces a limited range. Hitachi cordless tools also tend to be a bit more expensive than other mid-range tools on the market.

Best for: Handymen, contractors, DIYers


Another decent power tools brand worth considering if you’re looking for a mid-range tool is Ryobi. The brand impresses with its line of 18V tools and ONE+ system that comprises pretty much everything you might need as an amateur or contractor.

The tools in this line are of decent quality and boast innovative design. They are not as durable as the above DEWALT though, let alone comparing it with the high-end brands like Milwaukee or Makita.

Nevertheless, if you want decent quality at an affordable price, the Ryobi is undoubtedly the way to go.

Best for: DIYers, handymen, contractors

Best Entry-Level Cordless Power Tool Brand


PORTER-CABLE is one of those brands decided to compete against more efficient tools in an attempt to climb up the quality ladder. It didn’t quite get into the mid-range, but it’s on the right track. Their platforms include 12V, 18V, and 20V MAX power tools, and if the company keeps it up, it may soon overcome Ryobi in terms of quality.

Like most entry-level brands, PORTER-CABLE impresses with low prices. If you want a decent tool that costs very little, one from them could be it.

The main downside is the variety of tools. PORTER-CABLE serves well homeowners and occasional handymen, but they don’t have all the cordless power tools other brands have. If you do find the tool you need in their range though, the investment is undoubtedly well worth it.

Best for: homeowners, handymen, DIYers


RIDGID  is one of those brands that’s slowly emerging from darkness. Many people believed it’s an in-house Home Depot brand, but the truth is it’s owned by Emerson Electric. It advertises itself as a mid-range, but can only cater to beginners and homeowners.

It mainly uses the 18V platform and offers a decent value for money. The range of tools is incomplete though, and in terms of durability, they are just not there.

If you only need a few cordless tools though and can find all you want in their range, then this brand is definitely worth considering.

Best for: DIYers, homeowners, handymen


BLACK+DECKER is perhaps the biggest consumer power tool brand in the world. It has long been renowned for its quality, but in recent times, the brand dedicated itself to building reliable entry-level tools at very low prices.

They are undoubtedly among the cheapest on the market, and even if they are not popular for their durability, they are reliable and do what they say they do.

The platforms range from 12V to 20V, and this is one of the very few brands who’re upfront about the nominal voltage of their battery. These tools will unlikely last forever, but they are perfect for beginners, homeowners, and handymen shopping on a budget.

Best for: homeowners, handymen, beginners

Which is the Best Cordless Power Tool Brand for You?

A quick look at the list above reveals an array of manufacturers. Which is the best cordless power tool brand for you ultimately depends on your needs. If you’re a handyman looking for a no-frills, inexpensive tool, any entry-level will do.

DIYers and contractors who need a tool for moderate use will likely benefit from getting any of the mid-range models.

If you need a tool for high-volume, industrial use, the high-end brands have a lot to offer. In the end, the important thing to keep in mind is the value for money. Getting the most expensive brand just to keep it in a drawer isn’t the wisest idea. Nor it is getting a low-end model if you’re planning heavy-duty use.

Regardless of the type of user, you are and your intentions, you now know which is the best cordless power tool brand for you.


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