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Best Power Tool Brand Combo Kit – Reviews

Are you in the market for the Best Power Tool Combo Set Brands? Whether you’re a passionate hobbyist looking for a reliable power tool to add to your arsenal or a homeowner in need of great tools for home repair or garden care, you might be wondering which is the best power tool brand.

I’ve asked myself the same question many times. Choosing the best power tool brand is more complicated than it seems.

Here's a list of Best Power Tool Sets

Perhaps the first question to ask is, what power tools do you need? A lawn mower or hedge trimmer? A hammer drill? Maybe a woodworking tool?

Various brands tend to address multiple needs. Nevertheless, there are a few names that appeal to professionals, amateurs, and homeowners alike. Here are the most popular five.

So What are the Best Power Tool Brands? 

1. DeWalt 

DeWalt was officially founded in 1927 in Pennsylvania, although their history goes back to 1922. The founder and owner Raymond DeWalt launched his company with a radial arm saw designed for the woodworkers.

Along the years, the company expanded and enlarged its product range with a focus on woodworking and DIY.


Today, DeWalt is operated by the Stanley Black & Decker and attracts buyers with a complete range of reliable and affordable power tools and accessories. Despite having a shorter lifespan than many other power tools manufactured by the competition, the DeWalt products are appreciated by both pros and amateurs.

Like most power tool brands, DeWalt comprises corded and cordless products including best cordless drills and a line of 40V Max outdoor power equipment.

One of their most popular products is the 9-Tool Combo Kit consisting of a drill driver and impact driver, reciprocating saw, circular saw, oscillating tool, grinder, and other DIY and woodworking essentials.

DeWalt 9 Tool Combo Kit Video Review

2. Makita

Contractors and home users also praise Makita for its reliability. Established in 1915 in Japan, the company initially dealt with electric motors before becoming a power tool giant throughout the world.

Nevertheless, Makita is still a rather unpopular name in the US.


Today, Makita is mostly known for its cordless power tools and outdoor equipment powered by reliable battery systems between 7.2 and 36 volts. More expensive than DeWalt, Makita products are renowned for their durability and mostly chosen by professionals.

In terms of power, the brand is probably unmatched. Another appreciated point is the ergonomic design and easy maneuvering of each of the brand’s tools.

Efficiency and smart control are two other things that differentiate Makita from the mass. And what’s even more helpful, is that most power tools come with interchangeable batteries.

If you’re after versatility and excellent value for money, the 7-Tool LXT Cordless Combo Kit is perhaps your best bet.

Makita XT706 Video Review

3. Bosch

Bosch, or Robert Bosch GmbH on its full name, is another established name in the power tools industry. Although less established in the US than in Europe, the manufacturer is growing its popularity among DIY enthusiasts, contractors, and woodworkers.

Bosch power tools and outdoor equipment are renowned for their quality and reliability; from airless paint sprays to gardening tools. 


Bosch covers the full spectrum of products homeowners or professionals could need.

The company has a centenary history and was founded in 1886 in Stuttgart, Germany. Now operating globally, the group encompasses different business sectors and has a wide range of corded, cordless, and gas-operated tools.

Well-made and built for performance, the Bosch tools are recognized for their quality and precision.

An excellent choice for any workshop owner is the 4-Tool Combo Kit ideal for woodworking, home repair, and DIY purposes.

Bosch 4-Tool Combo Kit Video Review

4. Milwaukee 

Among the best power tool brands today, Milwaukee is a company that stands out. The brand founded in 1924 has almost a centenary history and is one of the favorite manufacturers among DIYers both in the US and abroad.

Now operated by Techtronic Industries, Milwaukee impresses with a range of powerful and reliable tools, either corded or cordless.


All their cordless machines are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, and the best-sold models are the V24 line.

The company produces dozens of different power tools categorized into four main battery systems and dedicated to both contractors and amateurs. From drills and saws to other DIY essentials, the brand covers an extensive range appealing to most users.

If you’re looking for the greatest value for money, the 6-Tool M18 Combo Kit comprising a variety of woodworking and home repair tools could be the one you were looking for.

Milwaukee Combo Kit Video Review

5. Black + Decker

The Black + Decker brand has always been synonymous with high-quality tools from traditional screwdrivers and hammers to power tools and outdoor equipment. The company was founded in 1910, and exactly 100 years after its launch it merged with Stanley Works.

This company comprises multiple other brands including Craftsman, Porter Cable, and the popular DeWalt mentioned above.  

Black + Decker

Known for its innovative spirit, the Black + Decker impresses with an array of tools and accessories powered by either electricity or gas. Their cordless options are powered by reliable Lithium-Ion batteries, and most of these tools are characterized by extended runtimes and long lifespans.

Appealing to pros and amateurs alike, the brand also boasts two separate power tool lines, one for residential and another for commercial use, and two interchangeable battery systems, the 20V MAX and the 40V MAX.

Although their products are considered less potent than DeWalt, the lower price matched with the decent quality explain the popularity of the brand.

A great tool kit to consider for your arsenal is the 6-Tool Combo Kit with Case which comprises a drill, sander, jig saw, and other woodworking, DIY, and home repair essentials.

Black + DeckerVideo Review

How to Choose the Best Power Tool Brand? 

You now know which are the best power tool brands, but how to pick the best one for you? Here are a few essential tips and tricks.

1. Decide what power tools you need

All power tool brands manufacture essentials like saws and drills, but if you’re looking for a specialty tool, it would be a great idea to check if the brand you like produces the specific power tool. For instance, all brands make circular saws, but not all of them manufacture wood lathes.

2. Establish the purpose

Do you need a power tool for professional or for DIY purposes? Some brands impress with powerful amateur tools ideal to use by contractors, while others may have commercial-grade products that simply lack the power. For example, Makita is an excellent choice for industrial use while Black + Decker is more appropriate for the amateur and homeowner.

3. Establish your budget

It’s hard to say which is the best power tool brand for a specific consumer without analyzing the budget. Established names, such as the Black + Decker, focus on delivering reliable performance to the homeowner and come at competitive price points. Others, like Bosch, focus on utmost quality and the technologies involved are often costlier. What is certain is that regardless of what you need, finding the best power tool brand for you should be easy.

Bottom Line

So what is best tool brand? Finding the best power tools takes time and dedication. Some brands manufacture only top-notch products, but their price could be hard to justify by the occasional home user or DIYer. Likewise, a pro could find a low-cost tool is too weak for their needs.

 My advice is to find the power tool brand that blends quality and price in a formula that fits you and your needs. Above, there are five the most popular brands to choose from, so you can definitely make the right pick.

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