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Best Dewalt Heated Jackets Review: A Complete Buyers Guide

man dewalt jacket

A good heated jacket is an absolute necessity during the cold winters if you spend most of your day outside. Having a good heated jacket will help you survive the cold weather comfortably by maintaining your body temperature and keeping you warm.  

Here’s a list of 5 Best Dewalt Heated Jackets

After researching a wide range of heating jackets from a lot of popular brands, I now consider myself eligible to help you with finding your best jacket heating jacket so that you can stay warm and comfortable without compromising with style.   

You might be probably wondering: Why Do You Need a Heated Jacket?  

Unlike the regular jackets that keep you warm from your own body heat, a heated jacket provides you warmth and comfort even when your body is not producing heat.  

 I was initially skeptical about buying a heating jacket because I found them relatively expensive as compared to regular jacket. However, for a person like me who has to stay outside in the chilling weather all day long, this turned out to be one of the best investments I have ever made. The heating jacket has been able to keep me warm and comfortable with very few layers and is nowhere close to a regular jacket in performance.  

These heated jackets are usually lightweight, use batteries to function and allow you with additional features that allow you to charge your electronic gadgets. Isn’t that fancy? Also, these heated jackets prove to be ideal for people who like outdoor activities such as skiing, cycling, or any other sport due to the added mobility and enhanced performance.  

What are the Best Dewalt Heated Jackets?  

With a wide range of heating jackets available in the market, it becomes quite a task to pick the one that suits your needs best. This best Dewalt heated jacket review will take you through all the features that could help your selection process become smoother.  

5 best Dewalt Heated Jackets Review

1. Dewalt DCHJ060C1

Dewalt DCHJ060C1

This fancy jacket from Dewalt consists of two pairs of heating zones on the front, back, and collar along with triple-settings on the temperature controller and a pre-heat setting that allows you to stay all warm and cozy throughout the winters. The jacket features a long-running battery that goes up to approximately 8 hours.   Made out of waterproof polyester, the jacket features five pockets including charging pockets for electronic gadgets. My favorite feature of this jacket is how it allows you to adjust its cuffs and waistline to fit your body type. 

DeWalt Heated Jacket Video Review

2. Dewalt DCHJ068B

Dewalt DCHJ068B

This gray hooded jacket could be an ideal choice for people who prefer to carry a sporty look all day long. This supremely light weighted jacket from Dewalt features a total of three heating zones over the chest and back to give you maximum warmth. The jacket has a wind guard along with hood which has a drawstring. This could be great because this lets you cover up your head on a cold windy day so that you don’t end up catching cold. The jacket runs two sets of batteries (12V and 20V), has a USB port to charge your mobile devices, and offers a triple setting temperature controller with pre-heat features. However, it doesn’t come with a battery or a charger and also doesn’t have a heating zone at the collar.  

Dewalt DCHJ068B​ Video Review

3. Dewalt DCHJ066C1

Dewalt DCHJ066C1

Made out of cotton, this long-lasting water, and the windproof heated jacket is specially designed to keep you all warm and cozy in style. The jacket boasts four pockets along with two sets of heating zones located in the chest, back, and collar for additional warmth. The best part of this jacket for me is its detachable and adjustable hood that makes it really convenient to use it as per the needs. With triple controlled temperature settings and pre-heat function, compatibility with both 12V and 20V batteries, portable power source, and enough room to fit all your stuff, this heating jacket could be a perfect fit for the ones who want to buy jackets for both men and women. 

Dewalt DCHJ066C1​ Video Review

4. Dewalt DCHJ062C1  

Dewalt DCHJ062C1

Featuring four heating zones, this Dewalt DCHJ062C1 heating jacket is designed to provide you with additional comfort and warmth while you are outside doing some outdoor activities. The super soft and waterproof camo outer body makes this jacket one of a kind and most suitable for hunting purposes. The jacket makes use of an LED controller to control the heat (triple setting) and offers more than 7 hours of battery life with both 12V and 20V batteries. The part that grabbed my attention was the number of pockets. This jacket consists of a total of seven pockets that help you fit a lot of stuff with ease. 

Dewalt DCHJ062C1​ Video Review

5. Dewalt DCHJ063C1 

Dewalt DCHJ063C1

This flamboyant camo designed heating jacket by Dewalt could be a good choice for people who are bored of donning usual colors. Coming in a bright orange color, this heated jacket consists of heating zones on mid-back, chest, and collar with triple heat control (pre-heat included) to keep you warm all day long. The jacket offers a long battery life with both 12V and 20V batteries.

The jacket consists of a portable USB port that lets you charge your electronic gadgets anytime and anywhere. It offers you a great body fit and the vibrant color could make you stand out from others. 

What are the Factors That You Need to Consider before buying a Heated Jacket?

Before making a purchase, you should factor in certain factors so that you end up buying the best product that suits your requirements perfectly.

These factors include:  

  • The material of the jacket

You should definitely take into consideration which material is the jacket made to make sure that it’s durable and gives you a comfortable feel while you wear it.  

  • The inner lining of the jacket

The inner lining will determine the number of layers that you may have to carry to insulate the warmth on a cold day. Go for a lining that’s softer and smoother for advanced comfort levels.  

  • Body fit and looks

Most of the heated jacket brands offer you with multiple styled jackets that you can choose from depending upon your preferences. Choose a jacket that just fits over the body and doesn’t restrict your body movements along with making you feel all light and at ease.  

  • Heating features

You should look for the level of heating with a good temperature controller that fits your body requirements.  

  • Space

You really need to check for the storage space in the heating jacket before buying it to correctly reckon the exact number of items you would be able to fit in. You can also look for additional features such as charging options, voltage, and batteries when you buy a heated jacket. 

 Final Thought 

Heated jackets have become a necessity more than a luxury because of the unparallel features that they offer. Dewalt has proven results of producing exceptionally lightweight jackets that help you stay comfortable outside on a cold winter day. If you are the kind of person who loves to ride a bike or go skiing on a cold winter morning, wearing a heating jacket can multiply your fun by providing you additional warmth, comfort, and mobility.

Go for the jacket that best suits your body and style and helps you spend your winters cozily! Happy Shopping!


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