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Best Generator under 500

Are you in the market or the Best Generators under the 500 dollar price point in 2019?  As we all know, generators are very important equipment which can be used for both indoor and outdoor needs. Normally, it acts as a power backup in cases of power failure. In fact, the businesses will be harmed significantly by just a few hours of power outage. Thus, there is need of buying the portable generator for emergency backup. in addition to that, the generators are widely used in areas where there is natural emergencies like floods.

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Here is a list of Small Portable Generators under 500 Dollars

Even tough there are various generators which can be purchased at an affordable price; quality is an important factor which should be considered. Over the years, I have been buying a variety of generators and there have been breakdowns. Fortunately, I came to know about the effectiveness of the following best generators under 500:

Top Five Best Generator under 500

1. The Westinghouse-3250 Portable Generator

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

When I bought the Westinghouse-3250 portable generator, I was amazed by its functionality. The generator contains an ergonomic handle and folded ten inch solid wheels. This enabled me to move the generator to whatever place I wanted to. Apart from that, it has a full cast enclosure which assists in the protection of both the electrical components and the engine.

The westing model has the following features: 208cc, OHV engine which is design for durability, quiet operation, and power. Normally, it comes with an oversized catalyst and muffler.

Another benefit of the generator is that it contains tools used to install the handles and wheels. The main reason why I purchased this machine is that I wanted to be a backup for a small solar electric system which is in my house.

I have been running this type of generator for several hours in my house when I have a power failure and I have realized that this type of generator performs flawlessly. Moreover, it has saved my basement from flooding because of a six-hour outage during a rainstorm.

2. The Durostar-DS4400E Gas-Electric Start Generator

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

This is another type of generator which runs on gas with an electric start. The seven horsepower air with cooled OHV engine runs at 3500 and 4400 watts surge. Having used the equipment, I realized that it is not very heavy. Its weight is a total of 125 pounds. Nevertheless, it has a circuit breaker power outlets with 120/240 twist lock and two 120 volts 20 amps outlet.

The low oil warning light alerted me that the machine requires additional oil. This will shut down the engine so as to prevent damages of the engine. Also, the voltmeter prevents the generator from overloads.

The Durostar generator is ideal for home backup during emergency situations. It is also a great way of supplying power when I was on vacation as well as keeping the tools going on a remote job site. With the generator, I have been able to keep my family supplied with all the conveniences which are necessary. With 4.5 star ratings on Amazon, I bought the Durostar DS4400E at a retail price of $460.

3. The Champion Power Equipment 46539-Portable Generator

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

The champion power portable generator is another type of equipment which I bought recently. The small generator comes with a wireless remote control which enables the generator to be turned on and off up to eighty feet away. The cast iron case is designed in such a way the engine runs up to 12.5 hours on a half load. Along with a 3500 watts rating, it has 4000 watts surge. The specification of the engine includes 196 cc stroke OHV which provides plenty of power.

The Champion 46539 generator with a remote is awesome. Hence, it makes the generator be an intelligent homeowner type generator. This type of generator has a relatively quite sound level which runs smoothly with fuel efficiency which is reasonable.

Having a 4.5-star rating, I was able to buy the generator at a price of $405 from Generally, this is the best portable generator which has a remote start.

4. The Briggs and Stratton- 30466 Portable Generator

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

By buying the small portable generator, rest assured that you will save a lot of money which could have been wasted. The machine is comprised of a wheel kit and 8-inch tires which never goes flat. I was also able to realize that the handle can be maneuvered easily. The steel frame is designed in such a way that it protects both the engine and the electrical components. Design with a 250ccc 1150 series, the OHV engine is providing the power which I require. At 50% load, the machine can run up to 8 hours.

It is evident that the Briggs and the Stratton-30466 generator is less than $500. This is because I bought it at $466 from The clients who have bought the device rated it at 4 stars. Therefore, you will get a better generator with a fair price.

5. The DuroMax XP-4400 Gas Powered Generator

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

The DuroMax XP 4400 is a generator which is specifically designed to be a portable power source. It normally comes with both a toolkit and a wheel kit. Having a built-in voltmeter, it has assisted in alerting me if there are an overload or maintenance problems. Also, it contains a handle which can flip down for easier storage.

The powered portable generator has been able to safeguard my family in cases of power failure. Since it has an OHV air cooled engine and a 7.0 horsepower, I have been using the portable generator on the job sites for powering drills and saws as well as any other types of equipment. Apart from that, I normally utilize this type of machine for running appliances reliably, smoothly and without any interruption.


The five generators highlighted are great options especially if you are looking for a generator under $500. Not only do they have free shipping when you buy them online but also provides plenty of options and features which are worth consideration. I have been able to run the generators 2 to 4 hours at a time and I have realized that it is very efficient. As highlighted, the design features of the generator are optimum. Therefore, you need to purchase one of the generators and you will enjoy the benefits which come with it. For additional resources we put together a few guides to assist further: 10000 Watt Generators and home generators.


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