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Best Solar Generator Kit Reviews – Guide & Chart

Is your household going green? There are numerous ways that every home can proactively limit carbon emissions that harm the environment but nothing is more beneficial or exciting as using the solar generation kit. A power generator can be immensely useful and can be used effectively in emergency and non-emergency situations. When you make the right choice you may be able to be plugged in always and also stay off the grid and save on your energy bills.

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With the right setup, you home can go completely off the grid, as you will be using the sun’s power for all your energy requirements. The best solar generator kit reviews can help you find the perfect generator that suits your specific requirements and budget.

Here is a list of the Best Solar Generator Kit

Choosing the right Solar Generation Kit depends on many things and these include:

  • Accessories - When looking at different kits, it is advisable to check how power is stored. If you want to charge electronic devices using the solar power system you may need to purchase separate accessories such as USB plugs. Some of the systems may be so basic that you may have to save power using external batteries.
  • Wattage - How much power do you need? What are the things that need to be charged? The wattage of the solar power system may be as low as 4 watts and as high as 1,500 watts. Avoid buying lower wattage systems as they may not be of much use. When you buy lower wattage, it may take longer to charge.
  • Weight and Compactness - Pay close attention to the weight of the kit. If you want a large system to stay completely off the grid you do not need to pay attention to weight and compactness.

Top Five Reviews of Solar Generator Kit

1. Goal Zero Yeti 400

Goal Zero 23000 Yeti 400

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

It is a quiet and portable solar generator that is ideal for homes, cabins, and base camps. The power kit allows you to go off the grid without fumes and noise that are common with traditional backup generators. It can be charged in three different ways. These include the:

  • Sun
  • ​Regular Wall Outlet
  • 12-volt battery


  • It is portable and weighs just 30 pounds. It can store 400 watts on a full charge and comes with many power options. It is quite easy to connect a solar panel to the device. The small panels may charge the system in 40 – 80 hours whereas the large ones may do the same in 9 hours. It is a good option for emergency situations at home.


  • It cannot generate solar power unless your purchase solar panels separately. This can lead to additional cost.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Video Review

2. Go Power 80W Solar Kit (GP) PSK 80

Go Power 80W Solar Kit (GP) PSK 80

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0

This kit has been specifically made to charge 12-volt batteries using the power of the sun. It is foldable and compact and you can easily store it in the backseat or trunk when traveling.


  • The portable system is designed in a smart way and needs just a couple of minutes to get it started. The entire weight of the unit is just 20 pounds and this makes it easy to carry wherever you go. It can store up to 80 watts and can run all day in the sun as the battery charges.


  • The standard 15-foot cord maybe a bit short depending on where you had parked your vehicle. An extension cord may be required if you want to keep the solar panel under direct sunlight.

3. Instapark Mercury27

Instapark Mercury27

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

The solar power generator kit consists of 4 panels and when folded they can easily fit into a backpack. It does not require a separate battery pack for storage.


  • It can store 27 watts of power when fully charged. It is made of scratch and weather resistant fabric and is an ideal choice for outdoors. It comes with two USB ports and this ensures that you can charge multiple devices at the same time.


  • A switch is not available to stop powering the device and this means that you need to monitor whether the battery is fully charged.

4. Renogy Solar Suitcase RNG F 2X50D

Renogy Solar Suitcase RNG F 2X50D

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

This power generator weighs just 20 pounds and can be used for storing power in batteries that are large when you want to get off the grid.


  • The charge controller tells much energy has been stored. The controller can be used to adjust the voltage and for overcurrent protection. It is a good option to have at home in case of an emergency. It is easy to setup and does not require special instructions to hook it to a battery.


  • The output is aggressive and is not ideal for charging laptops and cell phones. If you want to charge smaller devices, you may have to first buy a battery, charge it and then use it for any purpose.

Renogy Solar Suitcase RNG F 2X50D Video Review


The only disadvantage of a solar generator kit is that you may have to purchase the solar panels as the generator alone may not be enough to get power for your various appliances. Depending on how you plan to use the solar generator kit, you need to make the choice of the power system.

It is advisable to read the reviews carefully so that you are able to make an informed choice. If you choose carefully you will be pleased with the results and you may be able to bring down your energy bills too. You are not just saving money but contributing to the preservation of the environment.


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