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Generac 5778 Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

Generac 5778 is an outstanding gas-powered generator designed to give the best alternative to power emergencies in both residential and commercial environments. It has the potential to produce up to 3,600 watts running power with a maximum surge output of 4,500 watts.

The unique feature of Generac 5778 is the fact that it can be relied upon for long hours of the power supply without overheating, with the potential to last two to three times longer as compared to most generators on the market.

Generac 5778 Gas Powered Portable Generator

Conveniently portable, the generator can also be used to power a small site during emergency periods in the event of calamities or during power outages. Another advantage of the Generac 5778 is its low weight.

In fact, the generator is lighter than many similar models, making it easier to carry around as needed. With all these advantages, the Generac 5778 is a great mid-range unit, but there are a few features to consider before buying.

Engine and Power

The engine is characterized by an advanced heat reducing technology cylinder that reduces the break-in time. The plasma moly rings also help keep the oil away from the cylinder. Generac 5778 is a compelling generator and a long-lasting one because of its granite-insert that reduces friction between components and guarantees a longer lifespan.

The Generac 5778 is powered by a reliable 220cc 6HP OHVI engine with a maximum production capacity of 4,500 watts.

One of the best features of the engine is that it can be fitted with a larger spin-on auto style filter which is very effective in maintaining the oil clean for a longer period of time, reducing maintenance costs.

The Generac 5778 is perfect for power outages since the average output with an AC voltage of 120/240 is sufficient to run domestic devices such as the security systems, home appliances, and small site equipment.

Supported Loads

The Generac 5778 is an excellent generator that can supply power to all electrical appliances in the home and medium-sized workshops.

The unit features an inbuilt circuit breaker which allows the operator to regulate the power and protect the devices from fluctuations. Generac 5778 can supply current to devices that run on both 120V and 240V simultaneously and comes with the following receptacles:

  • An 120V 20-Amp Duplex outlet for 120V devices;
  • An 120V/240V 20-Amp outlet that can supply power to both 120V and 240V devices.


The Generac 5778 comes with a 4.5 gallons steel tank that holds sufficient gasoline for up to 14 hours runtime on a 50% load. A built-in gauge provides frequent updates on the gas levels and also indicated the output.

The generator has a 120V outlet circuit breaker that protects the appliances from power overloads. The 7 hours runtime on full tank capacity is based on the 100% loads of connected appliances, but if connected to 50% load, this doubles the runtime of the generator.


Generac 5778 presents a compact design with a strong frame that guarantees longevity. The frame is attached to the wheel bars for easier transportation from one place to another. Furthermore, its lockable and adjustable handles make it easier for the operator to push or pull the unit around workshops or sites.

The cast iron construction protects the motor from shocks and reckless handling.

A mobility kit consisting of two all-terrain wheels and an adjustable and foldable handle makes it easy to transport the unit from one place to another. However, considering the generous heft of 250lbs, the generator is not the most portable on the market.

Nevertheless, an intuitive control panel positioned on the lateral of the machine enables even the inexperienced operators to power up and make use of the generator.


Apart from all the above, the Generac 5778 comes with an array of other unique features, including:

  • Circuit breakers
  • Illuminated control panel for improved visibility
  • Wattage consumption monitor

Noise Level

It is important to make sure that the machine you are buying will not be a nuisance to you and the neighborhood as far as its service is concerned. This is because noise can stop you from using the generator during the odd hours.

Most of the generators are locked in sheds or placed where their noise cannot be a disturbance, but most importantly, they should produce little to no noise if you want to comply to the noise regulations in your area.

The Generac 5778 is not the quietest generator on the market but comes with a rather insignificant noise level.

Built for domestic use, the unit complies with most noise level regulations and operates at estimated noise levels in the 78dB range.

Customer Reviews

Most customers have used Generac 5778 for domestic purposes and have praised its operation simplicity and portability. The runtime was another appreciated feature and the generator has been described as reliable for light to medium-duty use.

Coming with few receptacles and quite heavy to wander with it around, the Generac 5778 wasn’t the most appreciated for its leisure suitability.

Pros and Cons


The Generac 5778 is ideal for domestic use and has the capacity to produce 3,600 watts running power to 4,500 surge watts for over 13 hours in a connection of 50% loads; this makes it a reliable and trustable machine for emergency purpose.

The unit also comes into view to be built to last and compact to store; it’s easy to move if needed and relatively silent to operate. Its extra air filter for improved performance is a feature encountered on very few generators. Lastly, it has a built-in power meter and a GFI breaker.


This generator impresses with its performance, but you have to be extra careful when changing the oil if you are a first timer as it may overflow.  The noise may also increase when loaded at full capacity, which can be a challenge for use in the neighborhood. But if you are a farmer, for instance, then this could be the best generator for you.



Generac 5778 XG4000 




220cc OHVI

Fuel Type




Output Rate

4,000 watts maximum

Supported Loa​ds

120V AC / 240V AC


14 hours at 50% load capacity


250 pounds


28.25L x 24.00W x 21.50H inches


78 dBA


Fully EPA approved


Two years residential and One year commercial

Here is where you can buy your Generac 5778 Gas Powered Portable Generator.

Generac 5778 Gas Powered Portable Generator Video Review


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