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Pulsar PG10000B Portable Dual Fuel Generator Review

The Pulsar PG10000B is a reliable portable dual fuel generator designed to satisfy even the most demanding power needs. It swanks a simple operation and runs on either gasoline or liquid propane. Switching between modes while the unit is running is made easy by the patented Switch & Go technology that guarantees a continuous operation and an extended runtime. We put together a review for the Pulsar PG10000B Portable Dual Fuel Generator.

This portable power plant is perfect for home and recreational use. It handles an array of household appliances, DIY power tools, and even your RV during that long weekend in the mountains.

The PG10000B is packed with features and comes at a competitive price. Here are a few things to consider before you make a purchase.

Pulsar PG10000B Portable Dual Fuel Generator Review

Engine & Power

The Pulsar PG10000B comes with a dependable 420cc 15-HP OHV Air Cooled engine with dual electric and recoil start. Albeit not the most compelling, the engine is still a little beast capable of delivering up to 10,000 watts peak power on gasoline.

Like with any dual fuel generator, the actual power output is determined by the fuel used. The PG10000B provides up to:

  • 8,000 watts rated AC output and 10,000 watts peak power on gasoline.
  • 7,000 watts rated AC output and 9,000 watts peak power on liquid propane.

Due to this rather negligible difference in capabilities, the generator is perfect for powering your most varied requirements. Whether you need a reliable unit for a small worksite or a portable generator for your camping activities, the PG10000B has what it takes to meet your power needs no matter what fuel you want to use.

Supported Loads

The key feature of a portable power generator is its ability to address the most varied demands. That’s why the first thing I evaluate in a generator is the supported load.

Let me explain why this feature is more important than the unit’s power output.

Suppose you have a portable power generator you use majorly for powering an electric string trimmer, and that comes with a single AC receptacle. You’re satisfied with the unit’s performance, but then a storm strikes, causing a power outage in your neighborhood. You reach out to your power generator only to find you can plug in a single appliance.

That’s the first disappointment right there in having to decide whether to power up your fridge or your television.

Now, portable power generators rarely come with only one receptacle. Most of them have at least two 120V AC sockets along with at least one 240V AC outlet.

Versatile units, such as the Pulsar PG10000B come with multiple outlets for AC and DC devices. This specific model has:

  • Four 120V AC receptacles.
  • One Twist-Lock 120V/240V AC receptacle for dual voltage applications.
  • One 120V/240V 50-Amp receptacle for RVs.
  • One 12V DC receptacle for small devices and batteries.

Each receptacle is protected by a circuit breaker for keeping your devices safe. There is also a switch for the DC circuit breaker.


The Pulsar PG10000B doesn’t have the extended runtime features of other units due to its rather small, 6.5-gallon fuel tank. Yet, it still boasts a whopping 8 hours of operation when running on gasoline and at 50% load.

The number is halved when running at full load, but luckily, you’ll be able to extend the runtime thanks to a simple switch between fuels.

The PG10000B impresses with a Switch & Go technology that allows you to switch from gasoline to propane at any time during operation without turning off the unit. A digital voltage frequency meter is another praised perk as it lets you know just when to refuel.


The Pulsar PG10000B also shines in terms of construction. Its robust body comprises a rigid powder coated steel frame that houses and secures the motor with four point mounts. This detail not only adds safety but helps reduce the unit’s vibrations for a smoother and quieter operation.

On the side of the frame, there is located an intuitive control panel easy to operate even by the novice.

This heavy-duty assembly is supported by two sturdy wheels at the back and two sturdy legs in the front.

It weighs 200 pounds, but you don’t have to be Flex Wheeler to move this beauty around. A foldable handle and an exceptionally well-balanced center of gravity make it easy to handle and drive the generator even if you lack body strength.

The PG10000B is designed for full portability; it’s very easy to maneuver and compact enough to carry around with your RV.


Besides all the above, the Pulsar PG10000B boasts a bountiful range of additional features. Some of the most popular are:

  • Electric start
  • Recoil backup
  • 3-in-1 digital meter
  • 10-inch no-flat tires

Noise Level

If there is something power generators don’t excel at, it has to be their noise level. Modern units tend to get quieter and quieter, but most of them are still loud enough to annoy you and the others around you.

While you might argue that all powerful machines are noisy, the truth is that a loud portable generator will make your camping experience less enjoyable.

Luckily, the PG10000B is one of the quietest power generators in its class. It has a nominal noise level of 65dB which is more or less the equivalent of a vacuum cleaner

However, when running at full load, the noise often exceeds 70dB. With no way to silence this unit unless you stop it, you might want to invest in a reliable pair of muffs to protect your hearing when working nearby.

Consumer Reviews

The users seem to praise the overall features of this unit, which is described as heavy-duty and dependable. Most consumers have chosen the Pulsar PG10000B for domestic and DIY applications, but the generator has also been favorably evaluated for leisure activities.

One of the most appreciated features is the exceptional maneuverability of this rather heavyweight machine. It appears the unit was also judged as easy to transport.

Another acclaimed feature is the competitive price. While only slightly weaker than some similar models, the PG10000B appeals to the homeowner shopping on a budget.

Pros & Cons


Finding a portable power generator that outputs 10,000 watts and comes at an affordable price is a rarity. Finding one with dual fuel capabilities is even rarer. The PG10000B meets both standards. This generator is a reliable investment able to power up your worksite or garden workshop, your electric power tools when there is no wall outlet around, or your appliances in case of power outage.

It comes with an effective Switch & Go lever that helps you sway from gas to propane in a breeze.

Designed for the average homeowner, the Pulsar PG10000B is also easy to operate by inexperienced and versed users alike. It boasts an intuitive panel and comes complete with a comprehensive user manual.


The Pulsar PG10000B doesn’t have many drawbacks, but it does have some. The most annoying is the noise level, especially when run at full load capacity.

Starting the unit on propane is somewhat challenging too. That’s a common issue with most dual fuel motors but if you’ve run out of gas and need to use the generator, keep in mind you’re going to need nerves of steel.



Pulsar PG10000B




420cc 15-HP OHV Air Cooled

Fuel Type

Gasoline / Propane


Electric / Recoil

Output Rate

10,000 watts

Supported Loads

AC: 120V, 240V / DC: 12V


8 hours at ½ capacity


200 pounds




Limited 3-year warranty

Here is where you can buy your Pulsar PG10000B Portable Dual Fuel Generator

Pulsar PG10000B Portable Dual Fuel Generator Video Review


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