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Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter Review

The Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter is one of the most reliable machines designed to produce power most efficiently.

With the ability to consume fuel economically and produce energy whenever needed for an extended period of time, this portable inverter is perfect to use especially during calamities and power outages, thanks to its output of 4,500 surge power.

Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter

Capable of safely powering delicate devices and workshop tools, the Yamaha EF4500iSE is perfect for home and light industrial use.

Engine & Power

Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter comes with a single four stroke cylinder which allows the generator to supply a running power of 4,000 watts which surges up to 4,500 watts. It is also equipped with a 375cc OHV enabling the engine to adjust to power requirements thanks to the inverter technology that reduces the rates of fuel consumption and noise.

The generator comes fitted with an electric starter as the only option for starting which uses a 12V 18 amp battery; having to ensure the battery is fully charged can be a bit of a nuisance, but at least you’ll be able to start the unit quickly and easily in all weathers.

Also, keep in mind you’ll have to regularly recharge the battery even when the generator is not in use, to make sure it’s in perfect conditions whenever the generator is needed.

Supported Loads

The Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter has the ability to produce sufficient power for supplying most domestic electrical equipment given that the fuel tank is spacious enough to hold enough fuel.

This makes the generator ideal for camping and for domestic use at home.

Due to its higher heft, this inverter is best used to power home appliances like the TV, fridge, and the microwave, to name just a few. Most of the appliances that can be powered by Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter are those using 120V or 240V current. In detail, the machine comes with the following receptacles:

  • 120V outlet
  • 120V/240V outlet

The only challenge, which can also be the downside of the Yamaha EF4500iSE, is that, since it does not have the recoil starter, the battery should have enough power at all times so that the machine can be used wherever a need arises.


Featuring fuel efficiency and performance, the Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter comes with a 4.5 gallons fuel tank which enables it to run for 15 hours on a 25% load. 4

This makes it perfect for camping and other leisure activities, but also for a wide range of domestic and DIY applications.


The Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter has an outstanding external case designed to protect the internal assembly from damage; a four-wheel construction with a dual handle makes it portable and easy to move around.

But despite its compact dimensions, lifting it to your van can be a challenge due to the weight that it comes with; pulling and pushing can also be difficult.

Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter has a weight of 194 lbs and a dimension of 30.7L x 24.3W x  27.2H.

On the top, there is a power meter display that enables the operator to know the rates of power consumption and an hour meter that allows you to see when a service is recommended.


This portable inverter is assembled to meet almost all needs and comes with a variety of features that bring simplicity in its operation, such as an electric starter that enables the user to avoid the inconvenience of the recoil start.

With enough runtime and a fuel tank of functional capacity, it can be relied upon for long hours of work. Some of the unique features of the Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter include:

  • Delivery of clean electricity designed to protect your appliances.
  • CARB compliant.
  • Four wheels
  • Brake stand.
  • Automatic choke.
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Minimal noise

Noise Level

The Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter is a very quiet machine perfect for those looking for a reliable unit to use in a neighborhood with strict noise regulations. The full outer covering act as an insulating layer that reduces the noise level to almost zero on this machine.

If it is stationed at a distance of approximately eight meters, the generator produces a noise between 58 and 60dB when operating at 25% load; on the other hand, when running at 50% load or higher, the machine will only produce between 67 and 69dB.

As compared to the typical day sound, Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter is not a noisy machine, and it is ideal for domestic use.

Consumer Reviews

Most of the users have rated the Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter positively with a general comment rate indicating a favorable service satisfaction.

Most of the consumers who have bought this machine have praised it primarily for its minimal noise and its electric starter which provides a simple way to get it running.

Consumers have also appreciated the unit’s effectiveness in fuel consumption and long-running hours without overheating.

Pros & Cons


The Yamaha EF4500iSE is an outstanding power generator that has the ability to produce an incredible amount of power without disturbing with its noise. An excellent fuel consumption and high-quality construction are two other important features of this machine.

The low engine RPM not only lowers fuel consumption but also prolongs the unit’s lifespan.

Additionally, the Yamaha EF4500iSE has a low oil warning light as well as a power meter and an hour meter.


As much as we have mentioned the best of the Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter, we have to say it is slightly expensive for its size. Compared to similar machines, this may break the bank.

Nonetheless, quality is usually worth paying for, while the compact size and four-wheels portability add to the unit’s positive traits.



Yamaha EF4500iSE 




375 OHV air cooled

Fuel Type




Output Rate

4,000 watts max

Supported Loa​ds

120V / 240V


15 hours at 25% load


194 pounds


30.7L x 24.3W x 27.2H inches




Fully EPA approved


3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Here's where you can buy your Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter

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Yamaha EF4500iSE Gas Powered Portable Inverter Video Review


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