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Sportsman GEN10K Portable Generator Review

The Sportsman GEN10K portable generator is a machine designed with convenience in mind. It’s perfect for powering up your home workshop or small worksite, and it transforms into a trustworthy ally when calamities strike.

Easy to operate even by the novice, the GEN10K appeals with its 10,000 watts surge power that can seamlessly handle demanding domestic tasks and light industrial chores.

Built with mobility in mind, this power plant also comes with a wheel kit designed for easy transport.

At first glance, the generator may lack the bells and whistles present on similar units, but this one is all about reliability. It’s perfect for the homeowners looking for a no-frills and easy to operate machine that comes at an attractive price point. Here are a few things you should know before buying.

Engine & Power

The Sportsman GEN10K is a generator designed for the skilled homeowner looking for a reliable power plant. It’s powered by a heavy-duty 420cc 15HP 4-stroke air cooled OHV engine capable of producing up to 10,000 watts surge power and 7,000 running watts.

This is somewhat lower than similar units, but it’s still sufficient for powering your tools, domestic appliances, and workshop devices.

Another slight drawback is the operation mode. The GEN10K runs on gasoline alone, which could result in a higher operating cost. Yet, gasoline is more powerful than liquid propane or natural gas, which is perhaps the reason behind this choice.

Moreover, there is also available a conversion kit which allows you to turn this generator into a dual fuel unit running on gasoline and either liquid propane or natural gas.

The engine features an electric start and recoil backup, giving you the possibility to start the unit even when the battery is drained.

Supported Loads

Thanks to its 7,000 continuous watts and 10,000 watts of peak power, the GEN10K is powerful enough to support simultaneous loads. Like most portable generators, this unit also comes with multiple receptacles for different devices. In detail, it has:

  • Four 120V AC outlets
  • One 120V Twist Lock receptacle
  • One 120/240V Twist Lock receptacle
  • One 12V DC terminal for small appliances and batteries

The Sportsman GEN10K lacks an RV switch, but the unit was designed for domestic use rather than leisure. For its intended purpose, this generator is a real beast capable of handling multiple appliances or power tools at once.


Designed for the skilled homeowner looking to power up small worksites or shops, the Sportsman GEN10K boasts up to 8 hours of continuous operation at 50% load. This decent runtime makes the generator perfect to use in case of calamities or if you have to power your tools for prolonged activity.

The 8-gallon fuel tank is easy to replenish as needed thanks to its opening conveniently located on the top of the unit.

An electronic fuel gauge and hour meter located on the control panel displays the unit’s status, letting you know how much autonomy you have left and when to refuel.


If there is something the Sportsman GEN10K excels at, it has to be the build. This thing is robust and made to withstand prolonged use in adverse conditions. It has a sturdy metal frame which houses the motor and the intuitive control panel on one side.

Born as a standalone unit, the frame accommodates the components on a metal board used to keep the engine and mechanisms at a distance from the ground.

A mobility kit brings versatility, allowing you to transport the generator seamlessly. The kit comprises two sturdy 10-inch no-flat wheels and a foldable handle. Although some users have mixed feelings about the mobility kit coming disassembled I see it as a positive thing because not all homeowners want to move their generator around and in this case, the wheels only add bulk to the unit.

Regarding portability, the GEN10K has a balanced gravitational center and it is quite easy to move, provided the wheels and handle have been installed correctly. Nonetheless, don’t expect the GEN10K to be easy to move. With its 296lbs, this unit is anything but featherweight.


The Sportsman GEN10K may have fewer features than the competition, but this mid-range unit still comes packed with exciting add-ons. Here are some of its most acclaimed features:

  • Automatic low oil shutdown
  • Engine shut off switch
  • EPA approved design
  • Included spark plug
  • Keyed electric start
  • Recoil backup start

Noise Level

The noise level is one of the most important things to check in any portable generator. As trivial as it may seem, dealing with a loud unit is hardly a pleasure. Now, loud is hard to define. We are all different and some can tolerate louder sounds while others can’t.

For instance, I don’t mind the sound of a vacuum cleaner even if it runs for hours. But other people can barely stand the same level of noise for more than a couple of minutes.

Luckily, the Sportsman GEN10K isn’t a loud machine. The engine produces around 77dB, which is relatively quiet for a gasoline-powered generator; in fact, the generator is only slightly louder than a vacuum cleaner.

Consumer Reviews

The Sportsman GEN10K is popular among users mainly due to its reliability. While this is not the most potent or portable generator on the market, consumers reported having used it for days after the hurricane stroke, and none complained about issues.

Most users liked the unit’s output rates, which are perfect for most domestic needs. GEN10K is defined as perfect to use as an emergency power supply.

Pros & Cons


Finding a portable generator capable of running an entire house for days is rare, and the Sportsman GEN10K is a true workhorse in regard. It may produce fewer watts than other models in its class, but it can seamlessly keep powered your household in times of calamity.

Multiple receptacles allow connecting an array of devices, from kitchen appliances to power tools and even batteries.

The almost rudimentary control panel brings another advantage - it is ridiculously simple to operate. There are no complicated diagrams to follow, just switch on the unit, start the engine, plug in your devices and you’re good to go.

Another praised feature is the design. This generator boasts a durable, sturdy construction and an attractive military green finish that make it stand out.


 Like any other power generator, the Sportsman GEN10K comes with a few drawbacks too. Perhaps the most annoying feature is the lack of a battery for the electric start. The unit also has a recoil start, but it’s still frustrating having to make a further purchase to have a fully operating machine.

Another thing missing is an RV switch. This generator is indeed portable, but it’s not entirely suitable for camping.

Regarding portability, know that you’ll have to mount the mobility kit yourself. However, this might or mightn’t be a drawback though, depending on your circumstances. And despite these minor negatives, the Sportsman GEN10K is still a reliable unit coming at a more than affordable price.



Sportsman GEN10K


Buffalo Tools


420cc 15HP 4-stroke air cooled OHV

Fuel Type



Electric / Recoil

Output Rate

10,000 watts max

Supported Loads

120V AC; 240V AC; 12V DC


8 hours at 50% load


296 pounds


36.5L x 28.3W x 26.5H inches




EPA-approved, non-CARB compliant


Limited 1-year

Here is where you can buy your Sportsman GEN10K Portable Generator.

Sportsman GEN10K Portable Generator Video Review


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