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Best 10000 Watt Diesel Generator in 2020

Powering up your home or business in case of a power outage is easier with the best 10000 watt diesel generator. There aren’t too many alternatives on the market, but the options you have can certainly ensure you won’t run out of electricity when bad weather or calamities strike.

If you’re not yet familiar with the power generator types, you’re perhaps wondering why to invest in a diesel unit.

Generac 70311

Here's a list of Best 10000 Watt Diesel Generator in 2018

In fact, there are many great alternatives, and my purpose in this guide is to give you plenty of solutions to choose from.

Before seeing the most popular models, however, there are a few things you should learn.

Why Invest In a Diesel Generator? 

Perhaps the main question a newbie is asking. We are all accustomed to the portable gasoline units. They come with wheels, and you place them in your backyard or in a shed, letting them wait for the right moment when to power them up in case of an outage.

Diesel generators, on the other hand, are permanent solutions. They typically come without wheels, and they are not supposed to be moved from one location to another.

Their role is to provide a true backup plan for outages and start producing current automatically when the main power supply is interrupted. You won’t have to get out in the blizzard and start the machine, which is a huge advantage.

Most diesel machines are designed to start just seconds after the main power supply was interrupted, so you won’t even have to wait for too long.

Diesel generators are a great alternative to the mobile units for the home or business owners living in an area where outages are frequent. Their only downside is the cost since these units are typically expensive.

On the other hand, some diesel generators are built specifically for RVs, and many campers choose to invest in such a unit for their campsite power needs.

Diesel Generator Alternatives

Not all those looking for a diesel generator know there are gas-powered generators meant to do the same thing. A gasoline generator could be handy when you can’t find a diesel-powered model you truly like.

Sometimes, gasoline could also be easier to source, and many gasoline generators can be adapted to alternative use with natural gas or propane.

This boasts up the unit’s characteristics in terms of versatility, giving everyone the possibility to install a permanent backup unit.

Portable generators outputting a similar wattage are also a solution if you want to use the machine to power up a camping site or an RV when you don’t need the unit at home.

Top 5 Best 10000 Watt Diesel Generators in 2018

1. Cummins Onan 10HDKCA-11506

Cummins Onan 10HDKCA-11506


  • 4-cycle liquid-cooled engine
  • Ideal for RVs
  • 1,499 engine displacement
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Quiet operation

Specific for RV's

The Cummins Onan 10HDKCA-11506 is a powerful generator built specifically for the RVs. It outputs 10,000 watts thanks to the powerful 24.8 horsepower engine. It provides energy for both 120V and 240V appliances and devices and has an average fuel consumption of under a gallon per hour at full load.


Perfect to use on your vehicle; this power generator boasts a quiet operation that doesn’t reach the sound level requirements of the National Park Service. In fact, the generator has a sound level of only 15 decibels.

Overall Assessment

Perfect for the outdoorsy homeowners, this 10000 watts generator can easily handle all your camping requirements. It is powerful enough to run three rooftop air conditioners and comes with a digital voltage regulation settings. An hour meter will let you know just when to refuel, while the pure sine wave output helps prevent damage to appliances in case of current fluctuations. No doubt, a great unit for all your outdoor energy requirements.

Cummins Onan Video Review

2. DuroStar DS7000Q

DuroStar DS7000Q


  • 4-stroke engine
  • Remote and electric start
  • Portable
  • Noise muffler
  • Automatic voltage regulator

Mobility Kit

The DuroStar DS7000Q comes as an alternative to the RV generator above and is ideal for those looking to power more than a recreation vehicle. You can use it as power backup system for your home, or to power up a job site, and comes with all-terrain wheels and a handle for easy transport.

Ground Fault Interrupter

Designed with safety in mind, this diesel generator comes with fully protected outlets and a ground fault interrupter designed to switch off the unit in case of emergency. This feature also protects the engine in the long run.

Overall Assessment

While this generator produces less than 10,000 watts, it is still a great alternative if you’re looking for a diesel-powered unit to use for an average home, workshop, small job site, or outdoor activities. A great feature is the vibration isolation and alternator feet and base designed to reduce vibrations and noise and improve durability.

3. Generac 70311

Generac 70311


  • Smart controls
  • Fast start
  • Self-test mode
  • Various fuel possibilities
  • Pressure-lubricated engine

Quick Start

Generac is another excellent alternative to the best 10000 watt diesel generator. This unit outputs 10,000 running watts but runs on gasoline, natural gas, or propane. The natural gas alternative is ideal if you want to power your home continuously, without worrying about refueling the machine.

Smart Operation

This generator is WiFi enabled and connects to your mobile devices for a quick and easy control of the parameters. It engages automatically in case of an outage and is powerful enough to keep running all your appliances and devices. The smooth and sensitive operation has 5% less total harmonic distortion, preventing current fluctuations.

Overall Assessment

This purpose-built generator is ideal for a medium to large home or business and allows you to connect it to a natural gas pipe, for continuous operation. Easy to control via a mobile app and engaging in seconds after a blackout, this unit is ideal for all homes and especially useful for those whose lives depend on electronic devices.

4. DuroMax XP10000E

DuroMax XP10000E


  • Transportable
  • 18 horsepower engine
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable
  • Easy to refuel


The DuroMax XP10000E is a reliable generator capable of producing 10,000 watts surge power and ideal to use for your home, job site, RV, or camp site. It runs on gasoline and comes as a great alternative to the mobile diesel unit above.


This generator boasts a sturdy construction designed to withstand harsh weather and elements. The frame is made of steel and powder-coated with an anti-rust material. The engine is fixed in four points to reduce vibrations, while the intuitive control panel is easily accessible. Refueling the unit is also made easy thanks to the position of the tank.

Overall Assessment

DuroMax XP10000E is a great power generator to consider for most applications. Although not powered by diesel, gasoline is also easy to source and represents a great replacement. Moreover, this generator comes with a mobility kit which allows using it on a job site, at home, or to power up your outdoor activities.

DuroMax XP10000E Video Review

5. Gentron GG10020C

Gentron GG10020C


  • CARB compliant
  • Electric and recoil start
  • 15 horsepower engine
  • Low noise rating
  • All steel fuel tank

Heavy-duty Construction 

This power generator boasts a durable construction including a frame and fuel tank made of powder-coated steel. The frame protects the engine which is fixed in four points for major stability and reduced level of vibrations, while the control panel is intuitive and easy to use.


Ideal for a host of purposes and activities, this power generator comes with sufficient receptacles to power all your appliances. It has four standard outlets which are fully protected, a twist-and-lock outlet for 120V and a twist-and-lock outlet for 240V appliances. Furthermore, a 12V DC receptacle is ideal for your batteries.

Overall Assessment

Rugged, portable, and easy to operate, this power generator addresses most homeowners; you can use it for a multiple purposes, from backing up your home in case of the outage to powering up your camp site or outdoor activity. Sturdy all-terrain wheels and a folding handle make it easy to transport the unit from one place to another.

Gentron GG10020C Video Review


Finding the best 10000 watt diesel generator is sometimes more complicated than it seems, but there are also many valid alternatives you can consider. From diesel to gasoline to natural gas units, you now know which are some of your best options. All you have to do is assess your real needs and decide which generator is the best for you.  


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