Best Oscillating Multi Tool

The best oscillating multi tool is essential for every contractor’s arsenal. Whether you use it to get rid of some grout or make some drywall cuts, this tool stands up to most things. Nevertheless, this is also one of the most misunderstood tools out there.

There is an impressive range on the market, but with the confusion created by its name, how to choose the best one?

Here's a list of Best Oscillating Multi Tool

I know that picking the right tool for a workshop is hard, especially if you’re a hobbyist. That’s why in this guide I will show you which are the most promising oscillating multi tools you can get. But before that, let’s see what to look for when buying.

How to Choose an Oscillating Multi Tool

An oscillating multi tool is an essential addition to a contractor’s arsenal. It serves multiple purposes, from sanding to cutting drywall or tiles, removing grouts, and more. But what should you consider before hitting the market?


Like most power tools, oscillating multi tools are either corded or cordless. Their names are more than intuitive; corded machines draw energy from a standard wall outlet and typically run on 120 volts.

Cordless tools come with batteries, typically lithium-ion; their runtime is determined by the battery’s life, but you can use them anywhere even if there is no outlet around. Most cordless machines come with interchangeable batteries.

Power & Speed

Power and speed go hand in hand. Most corded machines come with motors between 3 and 3.8 amperes, while most cordless tools are equipped with batteries of at least 18 volts.

Regardless of your choice, make sure the tool outputs sufficient watts to allow for high speeds.

The speed is expressed in oscillations per minute, and you can usually choose between fixed speed and adjustable speed settings. The former only allows you to work at one preset speed. As for the latter, variable speeds usually vary from around 6,000 to 20,000 OPM.


Most people buy an oscillating tool either for sanding or for drywall cutting. But once you have it, chances are you’ll want to use it for more than one purpose. That’s why I recommend investing in a tool that comes with accessories and a carry case or bag.

This, however, isn’t the only thing you should pay attention to. Besides the actual accessories included in the box, you must also check the compatibility of the tool with the various accessories on the market.

The reason is simple. Sanding paper wears out. Blades wear out too. You’ll run out of consumables sooner or later, and when this happens, you’ll most likely appreciate having a tool that works with most blades and accessories.

Otherwise, you’ll have to look for specific accessories manufactured by the brand, and this is not always convenient.

With this in mind, let’s now see which are the best oscillating multi tools on the market.

Top 5 Best Oscillating Multi Tools

Dremel MM40-05


  • High-performance motor
  • Quick lock feature
  • Up-front on/off switch
  • Magnetic flange
  • Constant speed

Unrivaled Power

The Dremel MM40-05 is undoubtedly the best oscillating multi tool in its class, a unit equipped with a powerful 3.8-amp motor designed to tackle even the toughest applications. Besides the motor, the variable speed feature ensures optimal performance and control during all applications.

Separate On/Off Switch

One of the greatest features of this machine is separate on/off switch which allows you to retain all speed settings for ease of use. This means you won’t have to worry about setting the speed over and over again if you have to stop in the middle of the project and then reassume.

Overall Assessment

With a powerful motor, variable speeds, and a separate on/off switch, this oscillating multi tool is perfect for the contractor and experienced DIYer. You can even choose from several purchase options, from a bare tool to the tool with a blade or with blade and 24-grit. Regardless of your choice, the Dremel will certainly satisfy all your needs.

Dremel MM40 05 Video Review

Rockwell RK5132K


  • Four-degree blade oscillating angle
  • 3.5-amp motor
  • Universal fit system
  • Accessories included
  • Tool-free blade change system

Attractive Price

Designed with the contractor in mind, the Rockwell RK5132K comes with a wealth of accessories and at a price that won’t break the bank. With the tool also comes a convenient carry bag, ideal for easy transport and storage.

Easy to Adjust

This durable and heavy-duty machine is smooth and easy to adjust thanks to the rack and pinion fence rails and Site-Pro modular guarding system. The tool-free adjustments add versatility to this machine, making it appropriate for multiple applications.

Overall Assessment

Perfect for a wide range of applications and ideal for amateur and professional use, this portable table saw can be used anywhere on the job site and is easy to move from one place to another. A convenient stand adds further value, and undoubtedly this is one of the best portable table saws on the market.

Rockwell Oscillating Tool Video Review




  • Tool-free blade change system
  • High speed range
  • Accessories included
  • Carry bag
  • Long power cord

3 Position Handle

Perfectly balanced and easy to maneuver even by an inexperienced DIYer, the PORTER-CABLE PCE606K comes with a three-position handle designed to provide a reliable gripping area on the front, middle, and rear. This design not only reduces vibrations but also improves overall comfort.

Variable Speed

This oscillating tool also comes with a convenient variable speed dial which allows you to select the desired speed between 10,000 and 20,000 oscillations per minute. Just what it takes to adjust the speed to a wide range of applications.

Overall Assessment

With a tool-free changing system of the blades, adequate angle, and comfortable handle, the PORTER-CABLE tool withstands whatever the job site is throwing at it. It also has a great price and comes with accessories and a convenient carry bag; an ideal alternative to the units above.


4. Makita XMT03Z

Makita XMT03Z


  • Wide speed range
  • Adequate angle
  • Cordless operation
  • Lock-on button
  • Aggressive cutting and sanding


The Makita XMT03Z is perhaps the best oscillating multi tool in its class. This cordless machine is powered by a reliable 18V LTX lithium-ion battery that provides up to 20 minutes of continuous operation.

Speed Range

Undoubtedly one of the most reliable oscillating multi tools, the XMT03Z boasts a generous speed range that varies from 6,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute. Ideal for fine sanding and speed cutting through most materials.

Overall Assessment

Great to use for a wide range of applications, this oscillating multi tool comes with a wealth of accessories and serves a woodworker or contractor alike. You can use it for anything from sanding to cutting tiles, metals, and even masonry.

Makita 18V XMT03Z Video Review



  • Tool-free accessory change
  • Powerful motor
  • German technology
  • Accessories included
  • Carry case

Comfortable Operation

The FEIN FMM350QSL is one of the most comfortable to handle the oscillating tool. It’s perfect for sanding or cutting, while German technology improves maneuverability. The tool is lightweight and reliable.

Hand Carry Case

Another nice thing is the hard carry case that protects the tool and keeps the accessories organized. Bringing further value for money, the case is much more convenient than a soft carry bag.

Overall Assessment

This revolutionary tool outputs as many as 350 watts and comes with a motor with high copper content designed to withstand hours of dependable use. Slightly more expensive than the options above, this machine is a great alternative if you’re looking for top quality.

FEIN FMM350QSL Video Review


Finding the best oscillating multi tool may be trickier than it seems, but not impossible. There are plenty of options on the market, for all budgets and needs. Some of them include accessories for both sanding and cutting, while others may have no accessories but a universal fit. Regardless of your choice, at least you now know which some of your best options are.

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