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chicago electric power tools

Regardless of what power tools you might need, Chicago Electric Power Tools might not be the first name that comes to mind. At least not to my mind. I’ve tested dozens of tools over time, but have recently noticed a certain general interest in this brand. 

Chicago Electric Power Tools is often compared with the biggest players on the market, so I had to find out what’s going on with the hype.

Not only I decided to dig into the matter, but I actually discovered quite a few interesting things about this brand. If you’d like to know whether or not it’s worth your money, read my Chicago Power Tools review to find it out.

Here is our favorite Chicago Electric Power

Who is Chicago Electric Power Tools

Chicago Electric Power Tools is a brand owned by Harbor Freight Tools. Yes, you’re right. The renowned power tools store we’ve all visited at least once in the lifetime. My biggest surprise was that Harbor Freight doesn’t own Chicago Electric only. It also owns other names including Bauer, Drill Master, and Earthquake.

What makes Harbor Freight’s tools different is not their quality, but their price. The company buys the power tools from renowned manufacturers who produce the tools under the desired brand name.

This is basically the strategy used by the store to keep its prices low. In fact, Harbor Factories doesn’t resell famous brands only. The tools manufactured under their own brands are cheaper, mainly because the store spends less to have them.

With the economic crisis striking, it’s easy to understand that both amateurs and professionals are looking to invest as little as possible in tools as reliable as possible.

And this is where Chicago Electric Power Tools come into play. Produced by Harbor Freight at a fraction of the cost of a high-end brand, these tools appeal to most users. But do they live up to the expectations? And what are your options? Find it out below.

Tool Range

Chicago Electric Power Tools is a brand name that covers a wide range of tools and accessories. Most of them are dedicated to contractors, beginners, and amateurs. Among the most popular, we can mention:

  • Compound miter saws;
  • Circular saws
  • Table saws;
  • Concrete vibrators;
  • Reciprocating saws;
  • Oscillating tools;
  • Planers;
  • Rotary tools;
  • Routers;
  • Sanders;
  • Tile saws;
  • Accessories

Obviously, the tool range is broader than this, and you can find almost any tool or accessory needed for construction or woodworking tasks under this brand name.

Tool Quality

Now, getting to the part that is perhaps the most interesting, you’re probably wondering if these tools are worth your money. And you’ll be pleased to know that Chicago Electric produces reliable entry-level and mid-range tools.

Their quality is comparable with the quality of most cheaper brands, such as Ryobi, Craftsman, and SKIL. 

These brands are also renowned for the reliability of their mid-range tools, and all brands produce tools of more or less the same quality.

What makes the difference between Chicago Electric and all others is the lower price of the former, guaranteed by the fact that it’s produced directly for the retailer. Whereas, all other brands cost slightly more.

It’s easy to understand you won’t get the same quality you’d expect from a Makita by buying a cheaper tool. However, Chicago Electric is still reliable enough to satisfy most users.

The brand addresses homeowners and amateurs majorly; moreover, their saws and oscillating tools are perfect for constructors who don’t need extreme precision in their work. Obviously, if you’re a professional framer, investing in an expensive but high-quality tool will pay off. In all other cases, a Chicago Electric Power Tool will do just fine.

Average Prices

Another thing you might want to know is how exactly Chicago Electric compares to the other brands in its class in terms of price.

We already told you that Chicago Electric power tools are cheap, but to understand their value, know that they are cheaper than other entry-level brands including RIDGID, DOIT, Ryobi, TACKLIFE, and SKIL.

You’ll be able to save at least a couple of dozens of bucks on your purchase while getting your hands on a product of the same quality.

Consumer Reviews

It is hard to judge a brand without consulting other consumer reviews. What amazed me is the overall positive feel people have about this brand. Chicago Electric is defined as a reliable brand, and most tools enjoy overall positive feedback from the users.

Obviously, you’ll have to account for the tools’ limitations. Chicago Electric is not a high-end brand comparable with Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, and the like.

However, it stands out among the entry-level and mid-range tools. Comparative testing has shown that Chicago Electric performs as well as more established brands like SKIL and RIDGID. In some cases, it even outperformed the more popular brands.

The general opinion is clear. If you’re mostly doing construction-style working that doesn’t require utmost precision, a Chicago Electric tool is an excellent investment. If you need precision, go for a high-end brand, not for a mid-range or entry-level one.

Overall, users declared they would invest their money in Chicago Electric power tools without overthinking it unless the nature of their job truly requires a high-end alternative.


  • It is hard to argue that Chicago Electric’s main benefit is the low cost of their tools. It doesn’t matter what tool you need; if it’s produced under the brand’s name, chances are it will cost you way less than any other tool on the market.
  • Another great advantage is the overall quality of the tools. Perhaps they won’t be your forever tools and will fail after a number of years. Yet, you’ll definitely get great quality for the money.
  • In terms of durability, if maintained correctly, the Chicago Electric power tools will last as long as most entry-level tools. You’ll get to enjoy them for quite some time but don’t expect utmost precision from them.


  • We can’t say Chicago Electric tools have many drawbacks. They are great tools considering their price tag and category. Obviously, if you’re a professional looking for a high-end tool, you’re going to find a thousand flaws in a Chicago Electric tool.
  • If you’re a beginner or an amateur who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on their equipment, then these tools are just right for you.

Final Verdict

Chicago Electric Power Tools are undoubtedly surprising. These entry-level and mid-range tools can satisfy the needs of most novice contractors and find their place in an amateur’s arsenal. They offer reliability and dependability at more than affordable prices, all packed under Harbor Freight’s warranty.

Coming from the manufacturers of most power tool brands, Chicago Electric can easily satisfy the less demanding requirements.

So, if you’re a novice looking for their first power tools, an avid amateur, or just a homeowner who feels he could use a saw, electric drill, or oscillating tool every now and then, the Chicago Electric Power Tools are undoubtedly excellent products to consider.


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