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Top 5 Product Review Articles for Drill Press Machines

drill press machine

Who said that woodworking only relies on the driller’s keenness and accuracy? Different wood works require different drill bits. For instance, some wood needs a delicate driller while on others, you have to force things in place for perfect drilling. In both of the cases, one requires a quality and durable drill. 

Here's a list of Top 5 Drill Press Machines

Are you unsure of where find an honest review on the best wen drill press? Then I would recommend you to have a look at this piece as it is the best resource for your kick-off research. Go through my brief top 5 product reviews on the same.


1.  Grizzly G7945 5-Speed Bench-Top Redial Drill Press

Grizzly G7945 5-Speed Bench-Top Redial Drill Press

My top 5 list would be incomplete if I fall to put this on my list. It has a 160-inch drill chuck which makes it possible for you to maximally swing it to 34 inches during drilling. It also takes care of your sanding needs as it is convertible from being a drill machine to the sander. It is affordable hence cheap for beginners in the drilling industry to procure. 


  • Perfect for small to medium workstations
  • Offer users with 5 speeds for working. 
  • Has a shaft that acts as an axis to assemble the whole thing.

My final verdict is that since drill presses are becoming an inevitable tool in construction, you are called upon to get the best drills. The above 5 will definitely work out perfectly for your needs.   

Grizzly Drill Press Video Review

2.  DEWALT DWE1622k


I would be very biased if I literally left out this in my best wen drill press review list. It’s powered by a 10-ampere motor giving it unparalleled performance. It comes with two-speed setters. The essence of these to speed setters is to enable you to multitask hence you can simultaneously do woodworking, DIY projects and metal drilling. In addition, it comes with an over voltage and power surge protection which serves to give you a guaranteed protection on its strong motor and other delicate internal components. 

When you continuously drill for a long time (like half a day), the drill press can heat up. This occurs in many ordinary drill presses. In such occasions, users are always forced to let it rest through the course of their working to allow it to cool off. Well, this is not the case with this drill! It is in a position of auto-cooling itself as it comes with an inbuilt cooling mechanism as one of its outstanding features. Its spindle also can drill up to a depth of 4 inches. This, therefore, allows you to drill thick woods and very hard plastics with ease.  It comes with the above advantages; 

  • It is easy to handle as it comes with a case to protect itself. 
  • Users can make even deeper holes in woods and metals as it has a 4-inch drill spindle. 
  • It can auto-cool itself as it has a magnetic cooling system.

I’ll literally avoid the cons because they are not meant for commercial drills. Having used several drills, I must say that this is the most reliable one. 

Dewalt DWE1622k Magnetic Drill Video Review

3.  WEN 4214 12-Inch Benchtop Drill Press

WEN 4214 12-Inch Benchtop Drill Press

When discussing the best Benchtop drill press candidate for this year then you will be guilty of bias if you fail to name this as being a part and parcel of your list. I find it to be cheaper than some common brands. You will get enough power for even the most demanding tasks from its 0.67HP motor. With this, you can do a wide variety of things which may include: making holes on metal sheets and hard plastics, all drilling. 

Its slowest speed is approximately 580 RPM hence am guaranteed to be right when I say it’s not as slow as similar models. On the extreme end, it can manage up to a speed of 3200 RPM which is far much better than what is offered by most benchtop drill presses. Some may be asking, “Is it workable?” The answer is yes! The drill will carry out any task with a guaranteed comfort. I find the above to be some of the advantages of  WEN 4212-12 inch;

  • Perfect speed ranges (580 RPM-3200 PRM) 
  • Users enjoy a guaranteed working stability as its table dimensions are spacious. 
  • You are able to gauge your speed level as it comes with a display. 
  • It has a work light for dim conditions
  • It is eligible for woodworking, hard plastic drilling and metal sheets.  

Wen 4214 12 inch Benchtop Drill Press  Video Review

4.  SKIL 3320 (10inch variant)

SKIL 3320 (10inch variant)

First, it will fit in any small work table. It is a 5-speed drill (570RPM through 3000RPMS). At times drilling hard metals may be challenging without the drill overheating. Are you aware that its possible to work at whatever angles you prefer? 

When using this drill, it’s possible to make fine turns on holes with your drill machine. Some specialized bits also make it possible for the craftsman to polish them too It comes with the above PROS

  • With 5 levels of speed, it can serve you different purposes.
  • It comes with a work table lighting that makes it workable in dim surroundings. 
  • Users have an assured drilling accuracy as it has a guiding laser. 
  • Users can work with comfort as it can tilt at any degree position.  

SKIL 3320 (10inch variant)​ Video Review

5.  Craftsman (12-inch variant)

Craftsman (12-inch variant)

Based on the virtue of swivel knob, you can turn it to serve the direction of your liking. Itd LED, in addition, is adjustable when users can improve their visibility at their comfort. It does something that is not done by most of the machines which are providing its users with a rack and pinion for accurate measurement of heights and adjustable fence with a stop for repetitive works.  

You just require to be careful in setting it up and tightening the screws. After this, I guarantee you the best working and smooth performance.  It comes with the above PROS:

  • Best drill for beginners.
  • Users are provided with 12 speeds to operate with and switching the speeds is quite easy.
  • This thing is easy to operate and its operation is smooth

Craftsman Drill Press - 12 inch variant Video Review


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