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Best Small Generators for Home Use

It proved to be very hard for me when I was buying a small generator that would serve as a backup source of power in case of power blackouts my home. I was prompted to seek for advice from numerous sources. Today, i am going to give you a quick review of some of the small generators that are best rated in the market. This research covers personal experiences and professional advice.

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Here is a list of the Best Small Generators for Home Use

Top Five Best Small Generators for Home Use

Westinghouse WH6500E

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Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

This is a model of generators that is highly rated by many consumers who have used it before. A friend of mine uses it and that is why I am going to recommend it to you. This is a small generator that is portable. It is designed with a lot of dexterity to ensure that you family enjoys a full time lighting in case of a blackout. It goes without saying that is a tremendous model of generators because the Westinghouse Company is among the oldest companies that have been manufacturing generators.

This generator uses a 420cc engine that is very efficient. The engine provides you with enough power (4 strokes per revolution). This engine is well covered making it very safe to use (there is minimal risks of injuries) the whole generator is well enclosed to ensure that are the connections are free from damage during a rainy day. The generator is also fitted with four outlets that give you the unique chance of connecting any electrical object at any time of the day.


I can also guarantee you that the generator is good for small homes because it has dimensional measurement of 27.2 inches by 20.5 inches by 22 inches. Its weight is about 194 pounds.

I would recommend you to purchase this generator because it is powerful and efficient. It can be used to power quite a number of appliances in your home. I have seen it power light bulbs, radios, freezers, microwaves and microwaves among others.


  • It is fuel efficient. Fuel is something that many people look for when purchasing generators. This model of generators has ensured that this is well taken care.
  • It starts quicker compared to other models of generators. Nobody would want to spend more than 10 minutes just to start a generator. The Westinghouse WH6500E is easy and quick to start.
  • It is a quiet generator. It uses a Pulse-Flo muffler that reduces the noise levels. You might have small kids in your household and if you purchase a generator that makes noise that is louder than you Home Theatre System; your kids will never sleep comfortably. I would recommend you to purchase this generator. For instance I had to ask my friend where the generator was located because there was a looming power blackout in town and his house was well lighted.
  • The Westinghouse WH6500E is a generator that is easy to set-up, uses and maintain. The model comes with a manual that is easy to read and understand. I suppose this is the generator that you have been searching for.
  • It is good for indoor and outdoor use. Many of us would want to go out camping and there is always a need for lighting. When I was in high school we went on a camping tour and the experiences were really affected because we did not have a good generator that would run all night.


  • The generator is very heavy because it is made of steel. However this is taken care because the generator has two wheels that make it portable.

What customers are saying about this model of generators?

Many people have loved and commended this generator. They think that it is best for the money. They love its performance levels. Some have also commended the low levels of noise that are produced by the Westinghouse WH6500E. Some people have conflicted to the fact that this generator is small enough for all homes- they have said that this generator cannot be used for very small homes like RVs. I also came across a customer who had given it a five star rating on he loved the fact that the generator was very efficient , he also commended the framework structure of the generator.


This is a generator that I would recommend to any person. My friend has never complained about its performance and features. I have not come across a customer who is against this generator and that is why I have made it my number one small generator.

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Champion Power Equipment 46539

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

This is a perfect generator that has served me for the last 20 months. I love its features that are very unique and efficient. This is a powerful generator that is able to give an output of about 3.5 KW. Its 196cc engine is very efficient making it very good for outdoor and indoor use. It is a generator that is environment- friendly: it complies with the EPA standards.

Its most unique feature is the wireless remote starter that can be used up to a distance of 80 feet. It has three outputs that make it easy to use any appliance.

Dimensions and weight

It weighs about 160 pound and its dimensional measurements are 29 inches by 21 inches by 21 inches. This makes it very portable. For instance I find it very easy to carry this generator from the house into my car.


  • It features an overload protection feature. This is a feature that ensures all my appliances are safe from surge current that is released buy generators when they bare started abruptly.
  • It is fuel efficient- it consumes 1/3 gallons of gas per hour. I have loved this feature because the last generator that I had bought blindly was a fuel guzzler. I would refill every now and then. This model just solved my worries. That is why am proud to bring it to you.
  • It Features a 20 second power delay. This is a unique feature that does not require you to unplug appliances when starting the Champion Power Equipment 46539 generator produces low levels of noise.
  • It is water resistance; in case of an accident. There is a day that my family was out for vacations. They carried this generator but there was a heavy downpour and it took quite some time before they were able to move it back into the car. The next day the generator worked perfectly.


  • It does not feature a 240-Volt outlet. This generator features 120- Volts outlets. This is something that can create some inconveniences.
  • It is quite expensive. It costs not less than $500.

Customer reviews

I could give it an overall rating of 9/10 because of its performance levels. Many people have also commenced its size and dimensions. They believe it is a good generator for outdoor functions like camping. I have also seen a customer commend the aesthetic nature of the generator’s framework.


In conclusion we can say that this is a perfect generator that can be used by any person without any difficulties. The Champion Power Equipment 46539 generator can be used indoors and also outdoors without any hustles of space and portability.

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Generac 6866 IQ2000

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Rating: 3.8 / 5.0

Generac 6866 IQ2000 is another generator that is highly recommended for small scale uses. It features a heavy duty framework that keeps the electrical components well protected. The steel framework is also fitted with a handle that allows you to transport it from place to another with ease. It features a very efficient engine that is air-cooled. The generator can be used for 8 hours continuously while producing very low amounts of noise.


  • Strong and study. There is nothing better than having an electrical appliance that is strong and sturdy. I would recommend any person to buy this model because it overall framework is quite different from other models.
  • Easy to use and maintain. I also love the fact that this model is quite easy to install and use. It has an easy-to-understand manual that will allow you use it perfectly.
  • The engine is also easy/quick to start. I also love the start-up system because it is quite fast t and easy to use.
  • Safe to use. I am able to observe that this generator is quite safe to use because all the electrical are well housed. This lowers the risk of injuries to the users.


  • It is somehow heavy and t lacks wheels to make it easy to move a generator from one location to another. I find this generator quite heavy.

Generac 6866 IQ2000 Portable Inverter Generator Video Review

Customer reviews

Many people have also recommended this 4-star generator for home use. They believe that its features are good for the cost. Most of them hate the fact that it doesn’t feature a set of wheels which prompts them to buy an extra set of wheels.


We can also conclude that this is a good generator that can serve your small home efficiently. The generator is available in online stores and other stores that are located in your town. I recommended my local church to purchase this model and they love it-as they wait for the power company to give them a power connection.

DuroMax XP4850EH

[easyazon_link identifier="B00J7V5ENG" locale="US" nw="y" nf="y" tag="thepophome-20" cart="n"]DuroMax XP4850EH Portable Generator[/easyazon_link]

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

This is a small generator that features a 210 cc. I would recommend you to purchase this model if you are fuel conscious. The generator is bi-fuel- the generator can either use propane or gas. It is very efficient and its size is quite commendable..


  • DuroMax XP4850EH comes with a manual and an electric starter. I loved this generator’s manual because it proves to be very easy to use.
  • Its engine is air cooled. This is a feature that is not observed in other models. An engineered told me that air-cooled engines are more efficient.
  • Features a good power output that can be manually controlled by the user because it comes with a control panel. I was able to see that the control panel is easy to use. There is also a special gauge that will allow you observe the power usage.
  • It can run for more than 5 hour when connected to a 50% load when using gas and 20 hours when using propane. I have seen this generator run for 10 hours in a certain outdoor event that was far from an electrical line. Many people were amazed because nobody was seen refueling it.


  • The generator produces a lot of noise when connected to a heavy appliance. Noise something that would turn off many customers. For instance this generator requires you not to use heavy electrical appliances like fridges when your children are asleep.
  • It is somehow expensive compared to other generators that are more efficient.

DuroMax XP4850EH Portable Generator Video Review

Customer reviews

Many people would only commend the bi-fuel feature. Some have also loved the efficiency of the features but there are always complains regarding the noise and the initial cost of the generator.

However, if you have fuel concerns and running time, this is a perfect generator for you. I find it good for people who need generators for outdoor events like weddings and outdoor parties.

Yamaha EF5500DE

[easyazon_link identifier="B00M1SK5W2" locale="US" nw="y" nf="y" tag="thepophome-20" cart="n"]Yamaha EF5500DE Portable Generator[/easyazon_link]

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

This is an amazing generator that is also highly loved by many people. A research on its features shows that it is good for small homes and other outdoor activities. It features an auto-choke start and an electric starter. Its inner electrical connections are well protected by its sturdy and rugged framework.

Dimensions and weight

It has a dimensional measurement of 29.1 inches by 28.4 inches by 31.5 inches and its weight is about 234 pounds. It is quite heavy but you are provided with a good set of wheels and tremendous handles. I recommend that.


  • It runs quietly. Noise is always a big concern from many household owners. I have heard many people complain that their generators are very noisy but the Yamaha EF5500De is there to rescue you out.
  • Its OHV engine is very efficient. An efficient engine is the backbone of any good generator. I love this OHV engine and I commend the manufacturers.
  • Good handles and wheel that make it easy to move it from one place to another. I love the handles and the efficiency of the wheels. They are made of quality materials that are long-lasting and durable.
  • The Yamaha EF5500DE is also able to give an outlet of 120/240 Volts. I am able to observe that this generator can power any electrical appliance that is in my home. It can power microwaves, fridges, bulbs music systems and many more.


  • It proves tough to insert an electric plug for the first time. This setback cannot stop me from buying it.

Customer reviews

Customers who have bought the Yamaha EF5500DE have loved it because it is easy to assemble and start. Some have also thought that its cost is quite good for the features.


I would recommend the Yamaha EF5500DE if you want a better source of power in case of a blackout in your home. It can be purchased from online stores (e.g. or from the stores that are located in your town. The Yamaha EF5500DE is normally used at my office as a backup source of power. Its efficiency is very high and the noise levels are minimal.

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We can conclude by saying that this top-five review of small generators will give you a good recap that will help you buy a good generator that will serve you best. Nobody plans for disasters and that is why I would request you to purchase at least one of these generators because you wouldn’t know when the next power blackout is going to hit your home. We put together a guide to how to buy home generators  or Best Generator under 500 for 2019 to help with your research. 


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