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DuroStar DS10000E 16HP Portable Generator Review

The DuroStar DS10000E  produces sufficient power to meet all needs of most middle-class homes. It is thus a perfect power source for home use during power outages and for small worksites where there is no electricity.  This DuroStar generator is known for its durability and affordability that matches the efficiency that it provides.

Like all DuroStar generators, the DS10000E is designed to help you stay safe and secure during both expected and unexpected power outages. It serves as a backup power source but also as an alternative plant for professional or recreational use.

This generator is a useful tool for power needs in a workshop or for a farm that uses running machinery. For a generator that can deliver 8000 watts of continuous output, the Du­­roStar DS10000E 16HP generator is one of the most affordable options you can get.

Engine and Power

The DuroStar DS10000E gas powered portable generator features a 416cc 16 horsepower engine running at 3600 rotations per minute. Gasoline is the source of fuel for this generator. It is designed with a large tank that can hold a volume of up to 8.3 gallons of fuel and it also comes with an idle down feature that comes in handy when no load is required.

The idle switch acts as protection for the motor, lowering the fuel consumption and reducing noise when the generator is running with no loads.

The engine provides 10,000 watts of surge power and 8,000 watts of continuous power, which is very efficient as the power source for a home and for working with other machinery.

Supported Loads

The DuroStar DS10000E can handle heavy electronic loads and power multiple devices at a go.  These loads must, however, be connected appropriately to avoid damage of both the generator and the devices in use.

The generator allows the user to get maximum power from each of the 120-volt receptacles. This generator also allows the user to have a choice either operating the generator at both 120 V and 240 V simultaneously or at only 120v at full power. However, it is a manufacturer’s recommendation that the voltage selector switch should be at 120 V unless in a situation where the 240 volts is required.

The generator's receptacles are:

  • One 120V 30-Amp Twist Lock receptacle
  • One 120V/240V 30-Amp Twist Lock outlet
  • One 120V/240V 50-Amp RV receptacle
  • Two 120V 20-Amp 3-Prong Outlets
  • One 12V 10-Amp DC outlet

Receptacles apart, the generator is designed with two power circuits. The circuits can use supply up to 3900 watts which brings the total to 7800 watts.  The system has 20A circuit breakers placed at the 5-20R outlet while the 30A circuit breakers are placed at the L14 and the L5 receptacles.  At the times when the selector switch is set at the 120V position both the L14-50R  and the L14 twist lock.

When the selector switch is set at the 120V/240V position, one can employ all the receptacles; however, the use is limited to the individual limits provided by each particular circuit as well as the maximum limit of 8000 watts. The maximum load can be applied at the L14-50R receptacle.

The generator has a control panel with an RV switch, voltmeter and circuit breakers for easy access and usage. It also has six outlet options including 30-Amp and 50-Amp locking plugs and DC terminals.


This generator is capable of supplying 8,000 watts of continuous power and has an 8.3-gallon tank capacity at its disposal.  It is capable of running for 10 hours at 50% load capacity before it needs refueling. At this rate, this generator can run a vast number of home applications efficiently for a more extended period without the need to refuel.

This makes it very efficient for purposes such as home back up power when there is a power outage, as a small business source of power and as a source of power for small farm machinery. 


The generator has overall dimensions of 27.5 x 40 x 29 inches (H x L x W), and it weighs 260lbs to which users must add an extra 50 lbs for the fuel. This makes the generator a bit bulky and heavy.

Despite its weight, the heavy-duty frame with four-point isolated motor mounts provides not only stability but also a smoother and quieter operation. The unit also comes with a never flat tires wheel kit and folding handle, which improves mobility and handling for greater utility.

In addition to the above, the generator has a low oil shut off system that protects the engine.

To tackle its noise, the DuroStar DS10000E comes with a quiet noise muffler that improves user experience and lowers the risk of hearing damage.

The generator boasts a cast iron frame constructed to enable it to withstand mechanical damages and also improve its durability. The cast iron frame act as support for the whole power assembly.

Full EPA and CARB compliance allows for operation in all 50 states.


The generator besides boasting 10,000 watts of power provision it also comes along with some more features which make it user-friendly and improves efficiency. These features include:

  • Full power panel with oil warning light
  • Circuit breakers
  • Power outlets
  • Control panel with RV switch and voltmeter.
  • AC and DC regulators and spark arrestors.

Noise Level

The DuroStar DS 10000E produces 72 decibels of sound. Since it is an open engine design, there is a good deal for mechanical noise directly from the engine. These noise levels make the generator unideal for events or concession type of applications.

However, this generator comes with a noise muffler that assists to reduce the noise produced by the generator. Due to these levels of noise, the user is advised to be familiar with the area of operation to avoid being a nuisance to neighbors and co-workers.

Consumer Reviews

The DuroStar DS10000E gas-powered generator has been praised for performance, durability, and reliability combined with its efficiency.

It also received high praises among consumers for its budget-friendly price especially considering the kind of power it provides.

Most consumers did not find the noise annoying as much, and they were impressed by its easy use and electric start.

Pros & Cons


One of the most significant advantages of the DS10000W is its dual electric and recoil start system that allows for a smooth startup in any conditions. Running for up to 10 hours without refilling when operated at a 50% load capacity, the unit is also capable of keeping your household running for quite some time in case of power outage.

The unit’s lifespan is protected by the automatic low oil shut off which protects the engine from damage in case you forget to check the oil level.

Another significant pro is the compliance with both EPA and CARB regulations. The engine is approved in all states.


On a downside, the DS10000E is cumbersome and heavy. Despite its wheel kit, this isn’t the most portable power generator you can come around. Another nuisance is the noise. While 72 decibels aren’t too much for a portable generator, they can still annoy when running the unit for a long time.



DuroStar DS 10000E 




416cc 16-HP OHV air cooled

Fuel Type



Electric / Recoil

Output Rate

10,000 watts max

Supported Loa​ds

120V AC; 240V AC; 12V DC


10 hours at ½ capacity


265 pounds


40L x 29W x 27.5H inches


72 Decibels


Fully EPA and CARB approved


3-year residential / 1-year commercial

Here is where you can buy your DuroStar DS10000E 16HP Portable Generator.

DuroStar DS10000E 16HP Portable Generator Video Review


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